• WordNet 3.6
    • n Potomac term sometimes used to refer to Washington, D.C.
    • n Potomac a river in the east central United States; rises in West Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains and flows eastward, forming the boundary between Maryland and Virginia, to the Chesapeake Bay
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  • Ethel Lynn Beers
    Ethel Lynn Beers
    “All quiet along the Potomac to-night, no sound save the rush of the river, while soft falls the dew on the face of the dead, the picket's off duty forever.”
  • Patrick Buchanan
    Patrick Buchanan
    “Just as there's garbage that pollutes the Potomac river, there is garbage polluting our culture. We need an Environmental Protection Agency to clean it up.”
  • Abraham Lincoln
    “I could as easily bail out the Potomac River with a teaspoon as attend to all the details of the army.”


In literature:

Transfer of the Army of the Potomac, 1863.
"The New England Magazine, Volume 1, No. 2, February, 1886." by Various
Also, the grant was definite in bounds, from the Potomac to 40 deg.
"Journal of Jasper Danckaerts, 1679-1680" by Jasper Danckaerts
This little city was to me one of the most attractive spots I visited south of the Potomac.
"Impressions of America" by Tyrone Power
The Potomac, below me, was dotted with steamers and shipping.
"Campaigns of a Non-Combatant," by George Alfred Townsend
But you get bass fishing in the historic Potomac, and small trout in the hill country of Maryland and Virginia.
"Lines in Pleasant Places" by William Senior
It would appear so from many movements in the history of the Army of the Potomac.
"Red-Tape and Pigeon-Hole Generals" by William H. Armstrong
He had served as a volunteer soldier in the War of Eighteen Hundred Twelve, and done patrol duty on the banks of the Potomac.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 11 (of 14)" by Elbert Hubbard
I found one on my father's range in New Jersey and also one on the Potomac.
"Northern Nut Growers Association, Report of the Proceedings at the Third Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
Army of Potomac Organized.
"History of the United States, Volume 3 (of 6)" by E. Benjamin Andrews
The sail down the Potomac was delightful.
"A Little Girl of Long Ago" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Meade, General, in command of Army of the Potomac, IV.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)" by E. Benjamin Andrews
As little as Lincoln could he command any considerable support south of the Potomac.
"A History of the United States" by Cecil Chesterton
Born at Boston, February 24, 1836; accompanied Army of Potomac in its campaigns, 1861-62; National Academician, 1865.
"American Men of Mind" by Burton E. Stevenson
We counted her as ours, for the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay united as well as divided.
"The Creed of the Old South 1865-1915" by Basil L. Gildersleeve
We heard today that the enemy had driven our army across the Potomac and that there was great excitement throughout the North.
"The Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion" by George P. Bissell
Had he been brought up south of the Potomac, they would have been different.
"Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism" by F. V. N. Painter
His songs were the delight of many camps of the Army of the Potomac in the first dark year of the war.
"In The Boyhood of Lincoln" by Hezekiah Butterworth
After the battle commenced the movement of the Army of the Potomac down the river to Harrison's Landing.
"The Young Lieutenant" by Oliver Optic
He realized it to be the Potomac, whose very name is history.
"A Spoil of Office" by Hamlin Garland
Commodore Downs, with the frigate "Potomac," was ordered to Sumatra.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson

In poetry:

Perfume this book of mine, O blood-red roses!
Lave subtly with your waters every line, Potomac!
Give me of you, O spring, before I close, to put between its
"By Broad Potomac's Shore" by Walt Whitman
Baronial were his acres where
Potomac's waters run;
High his lineage, and his blazon
Was by cunning heralds done;
But better still he might have said
Of his "works" he was the "son."
"The Lee Memorial Ode" by James Barron Hope
Potomac's wave shall placid flow,
And sing his requiem soft and low,
His terrace grave be sweet with clover,
And daisies star his bed,
For Sheridan's last ride is over--
The General is dead!
"Sheridan's Last Ride" by Hattie Howard
I stood in the rain, far from home at nightfall
By the Potomac, the great Dome lit the water,
The city my blood had built I knew no more
While the screech-owl whistled his new delight
Consecutively dark.
"Aeneas At Washington" by Allen Tate

In news:

7, 2012 edition of the Potomac Almanac .
Potomac River's health ebbs and flows.
C&O Canal towpath reopened near Angler 's in Potomac.
Organic farm in Potomac may be replaced with something other than soccer fields.
The 17-year-old who was shot to death in Temple Hills on Monday night has been identified as Justin Anthony Isaacs, a Potomac High School student.
Charlotte Nelsen, Director of Admissions at The Potomac School.
A lot has changed at The Potomac School in McLean, Va.
The Art Gallery of Potomac will offer several small paintings, originals, prints, and giclees for gift giving.
For more information about the Potomac Yard Development project, visit www.alexandriava.gov/PotomacYard.
Supporters of Democrat John Delaney in Potomac.
It's a nice little rivalry in our town on the Potomac between bestselling authors David Maraniss and Bob Woodward .
Brickyard property, deer population hot topics at Potomac town hall.
In 2002, his company, Washington, D.C.-based Potomac Electric Power Co.
Potomac — If only it were as easy to actually live it as it is to write it.
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