Point of concurrence


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Point of concurrence (Geom) a point common to two lines, but not a point of tangency or of intersection, as, for instance, that in which a cycloid meets its base.
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In literature:

Fouche pointed out the mischief, in his official reports to Napoleon, and requested his concurrence in taking measures of repression.
"Memoirs To Illustrate The History Of My Time" by François Pierre Guillaume Guizot
On one more important point there is a very general concurrence of opinion.
"Vegetable Diet: As Sanctioned by Medical Men, and by Experience in All Ages" by William Andrus Alcott

In science:

The main source of nondeterminism in Concurrent METATEM is due to nondeterministime in the future ”, which do tic temporal operators such as “sometime in the past”, “some not identify a specific point in time, but may be verified in a ra nge of time points.
Logic-Based Specification Languages for Intelligent Software Agents
Normal stars are shown as small points, and the concurrently discovered ob jects of Lodieu et al. (2007) are shown for comparison (black points with light error bars).
Four Faint T Dwarfs from the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) Southern Stripe
The point is that the average purity (concurrence) agrees with the purity (concurrence) of the average density matrix in the limit of a large environment (N → ∞).
A random matrix theory of decoherence
In R a Delaunay tessellation is an intervalization (i.e., partitioning of R by intervals), provided that no two points in Ym are concurrent.
The Distribution of the Domination Number of a Family of Random Interval Catch Digraphs
Our results show that this is an inherent price to pay for providing progressive concurrency: every committed transaction in a progressive and disjointaccess-paral lel 2 STM implementation must, at some point of its execution, protect every ob ject in its write set.
On the Cost of Concurrency in Transactional Memory
Also the implementation can support a dynamic number of nodes, as the interaction between nodes is only limited to the points where concurrency is created and synchronized.
Extending and Implementing the Self-adaptive Virtual Processor for Distributed Memory Architectures
Positron identification efficiency is measured directly as a function of momentum and LKr impact point using pure samples of electrons and positrons obtained by kinematic selection of K + → π0 e+ν decays collected concurrently with the Ke2 sample, and K 0 L → π±e∓ ν decays from a special K 0 L run of 15 hours duration.
A Lepton Universality Test at CERN NA62 Experiment
From the classical concurrency theory point of view on behavioural equivalences, the first choice clearly mimicks must testing equivalence, while the second mimicks fair testing equivalence [35, 3].
Innocent strategies as presheaves and interactive equivalences for CCS (expanded version)
It should be pointed out that the actual implementation of step 2.3 would be running the Schwartz-Zippel algorithm concurrently for all fj , 1 ≤ j ≤ 2k , utilizing the circuit C ′ .
Towards Randomized Testing of $q$-Monomials in Multivariate Polynomials
We use this alternative definition because it naturally generalises to a quantity which is different to the squared-concurrence for pairs of qudits. The equality of the tangle and the squared-concurrence was pointed out by Michael Nielsen. P.
Entanglement for rank-2 mixed states
Thus, the concurrence takes its extreme value at the point of ∆ = 1 for the ground state.
Analytical results for entanglement in the five-qubit anisotropic Heisenberg model
From the above analytical expressions, it is straightforward to check that the concurrence takes its maximum and the linear entropy takes its minimum at the point of ∆ = 1, which is exactly the same feature as that in the five-qubit model.
Analytical results for entanglement in the five-qubit anisotropic Heisenberg model
There are also (r + 1)r2 + 1 rational points at infinity since the intersection of the surface with each of its tangent planes at an Fr2 -rational point is the union of r + 1 concurrent lines in that plane.
Algebraic geometry codes from higher dimensional varieties
For some special configurations of points pi , however, the corresponding cubic surface will have Eckardt points where there is a plane section consisting of three concurrent lines.
Algebraic geometry codes from higher dimensional varieties
We cannot have three concurrent lines, as then f would admit a totally invariant line l such that the restriction of f to l would have three totally invariant points.
Algebraic webs invariant under endomorphisms