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    • Pocket-pistol a pistol carried in the pocket: a small travelling flask for liquor
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. pochette, dim. of poche, pouch.


In literature:

He took the pistol from the bag, loaded it, and put it into his pocket.
"Freaks of Fortune" by Oliver Optic
Then, when he had transferred the pistol from his pocket to the scabbard, he assisted the girl.
"The Wreck of the Titan" by Morgan Robertson
The discharged pistol was found beside him, and its companion was taken, loaded and primed, from his pocket.
"Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 441" by Various
He was now totally unarmed, even his sabre, extra pistol, and pocket knife having been taken from him.
"An Undivided Union" by Oliver Optic
I will thank you, sir, to keep your pistol in your pocket.
"The Secret Witness" by George Gibbs
In a flash his hand went to his pocket and reappeared with a pistol.
"Little Lost Sister" by Virginia Brooks
He was about to mention the loaded pistol in his pocket; then thought better of it.
"Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence" by Alice B. Emerson
Even Sanders stepped back and dropped his hand to the automatic pistol he carried in his hip pocket.
"The Keepers of the King's Peace" by Edgar Wallace
Git the feller's pistol out of his pocket, if yer kin, while he's asleep.
"The Young Lieutenant" by Oliver Optic
He screamed his rage at the unimpressed being before him and pulled a pistol from his pocket.
"Gold Out of Celebes" by Aylward Edward Dingle
Bob went to the shack, put his own pistol in his pocket, and rode off to Calexico.
"The Desert Fiddler" by William H. Hamby
Pocketing his pistol, he swung the bar with both hands in mighty circles that took terrible toll of the Llotta.
"The Copper-Clad World" by Harl Vincent
As he pushed back his coat to holster his pistol, he felt Pierre's spectacle case in his pocket.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
How do you know I haven't a pistol in my pocket, if it was any use turning ugly?
"Thurston of Orchard Valley" by Harold Bindloss
For answer, Doctor Alwyn drew from his capacious coat pocket a huge, old-fashioned pistol, and held it out to Blaine.
"The Crevice" by William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander
The huntsman seized his rifle, the student his pistol, the journeymen their canes, while the wagoner drew a large knife from his pocket.
"Tales of the Caravan, Inn, and Palace." by William Hauff
He indulged in the wildest gesticulations, and then, as if in despair, drew a pistol from his pocket.
"The Scrap Book. Volume 1, No. 2" by Various
Parker backed him against the wall, took the second pistol from his pocket, his own gun.
"Sinister Paradise" by Robert Moore Williams
Oswald slipped the pistol and a few cartridges into his pocket.
"The Wouldbegoods" by E. Nesbit
Meanwhile Megret had drawn a pistol from his pocket, cocked it, and presented its muzzle to Mac Donalbain.
"Tales from the German. Volume I." by Carl Franz van der Velde

In news:

Beretta has introduced the Nano 9mm pocket pistol shipping in October.
LA's gun buyback: rocket launcher , pocket pistols turned into LAPD.
"Hedy Jane" Pocket Pistol Finished in I-Phone White.
An all-white pocket pistol for the discriminating buyer.
The DoubleTap pocket pistol from Heizer Defense arrives in.45 ACP or 9mm, as a concealed carry gun for officers and civilian end users.
LA's gun buyback: rocket launch er , pocket pistols turned into LAPD.
A chilling security camera photo shows a gunman approaching a Los Angeles man from behind on a midtown Manhattan block and reaching into his pocket for a pistol moments before he shot the man in the back of the head, police said Tuesday.
As the neighbor complained , Bourdon reached into his pocket, pulled out a.25 pistol, and allegedly relieved the weapon of several bullets into the neighbor's apartment building.
An affidavit states, Joseph James Hamilton escorted prisoners into the courtroom with a loaded pistol in his front pocket.
Beretta has introduced the Nano 9mm pocket pistol shipping in October.
I call them "slim nines" — semiautomatic pistols chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge, with single-stack magazines, and short enough and thin enough to fit inside a trouser pocket .
The Latest 9mm Pocket Pistol From Beretta Has Some Unique Features.
What I've come to call " slim -9s," subcompact 9mm Parabellum auto pistols of pocket-size dimensions, are the new rage for concealed carry.
A sport pistol is a.22 — more than a pocket pistol, but not quite a target pistol.