• WordNet 3.6
    • n Platyrrhini New World monkeys: capuchin; douroucouli; howler monkey; saki; spider monkey; squirrel monkey; titi; uakari; woolly monkey; marmoset; tamarin
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • platyrrhini A division of Quadrumana, contrasted with Catarrhini and Strepsirrhini, including all the American or New World members of the order Primates and families Cebidæ and Hapalidæ or Mididæ; the platyrrhine monkeys. There is no bony external auditory meatus, the tympanic bone being annular; the premolars are three above and below on each side; the nasal septum is usually broad and fiat, and the nostrils are proportionately far apart, presenting forward or laterally and not downward; the thumb, when present, is scarcely or not apposable; there are no cheek-pouches nor ischial callosities; and the tail is generally long and prehensile or bushy. Also written Platyrrhina, Platyrrhinæ, and in all forms with single or double r. See cuts under Cebinæ and Hapalidæ.
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