Platinum metals


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Platinum metals (Chem) the group of metallic elements which in their chemical and physical properties resemble platinum. These consist of the light platinum group, viz., rhodium, ruthenium, and palladium, whose specific gravities are about 12; and the heavy platinum group, viz., osmium, iridium, and platinum, whose specific gravities are over 21.
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In literature:

A few simple tests were enough to show me that this other metal was platinum.
"The Doings Of Raffles Haw" by Arthur Conan Doyle
This separation presents considerable difficulty, because the metal is not precipitated as a compact mass on the platinum.
"Scientific American Supplement No. 299" by Various
Berthelot decidedly prefers a simple can of platinum, very thin, with a light cover of the same metal, to be fastened on by a bayonet hitch.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 358, November 11, 1882" by Various
The steel rails gleamed like platinum, the tree tops seemed to have white, molten metal poured on them.
"The Sky Line of Spruce" by Edison Marshall
They are of three metals, gold, platinum, and silver.
"Là-bas" by J. K. Huysmans
A similar effect is noticeable when we substitute other metals, such as silver or iron, for platinum.
"Lectures on Popular and Scientific Subjects" by John Sutherland Sinclair, Earl of Caithness
The platinum wire can be used except where reduction to the metallic state is required.
"A System of Instruction in the Practical Use of the Blowpipe" by Anonymous
Platinum is really a "rare metal," not merely an unfamiliar one.
"Creative Chemistry" by Edwin E. Slosson
The only metals which can be used alone are aluminum, zinc, iron, tin, copper, lead, mercury, silver, gold and platinum.
"The Wonder Island Boys: The Mysteries of the Caverns" by Roger Thompson Finlay
And monetary metals, gold and platinum.
"Space Viking" by Henry Beam Piper

In news:

Throughout the centuries, alchemists tried in vain to transform common metals like iron and lead into precious ones like gold or platinum.
The second offering in the brand's Privilege Collection, the Hennessy Privilege NyX Collector bottle is recast in translucent platinum clad with metallic purple trim inspired by a starry night.
The iron-based complexes promise to replace catalysts containing ruthenium and other platinum-group metals.
The company aims to be the first to harness potentially trillions of dollars of minerals including platinum group metals by using robotic technology to mine asteroids .
The Seattle-based company aims to be the first to harness potentially trillions of dollars of minerals, including platinum group metals, by using robotic technology to mine asteroids .
"People have typically used catalysts made from platinum and other expensive metals," Holland says.
"Nu-metal" band Disturbed filmed concert segments for a video of its song "Remember" at Los Angeles' Grand Olympic Auditorium on September 17, the release date of Believe, the follow-up to the band's multi-platinum debut album, The Sickness.
Non-precious-metal material performs almost as well as platinum.
JOHANNESBURG – The last of a crippling wave of illegal strikes that have swept South Africa's mining sector ended on Thursday after workers accepted an offer from Anglo American Platinum, the world's top producer of the precious metal.
Until this work, attempts to create metal -oxo species with elements such as gold, platinum, silver, iridium and rhodium have been unsuccessful.
Millennium Precious Metals of Dallas is a full-service metals refinery focusing on recovering precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.
Metal (gold, silver, platinum, etc.

In science:

To establish a zero of energy, the sample is connected electrically to a reference metal, for example platinum, and the photoelectron energies from the reference metal are compared to those of the sample under study.
The pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors: an experimental survey
Upper left: LISA Pathnder test mass made of a metallic mixture of 75 % gold and 25 % platinum, coated with gold.
LISA technology and instrumentation