• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Placet A vote of assent, as of the governing body of a university, of an ecclesiastical council, etc.
    • Placet The assent of the civil power to the promulgation of an ecclesiastical ordinance. "The king . . . annulled the royal placet ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n placet An expressed sanction: permission given by one in authority; specifically, sanction granted to the promulgation and execution of an ecclesiastical ordinance, and particularly such sanction granted by a sovereign to papal bulls, briefs, and other edicts.
    • n placet A vote of assent in a council; a vote of the governing body in a university.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Placet plā′set a vote of assent in a governing body: permission given, esp. by a sovereign, to publish and carry out an ecclesiastical order, as a papal bull or edict.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. placet, it pleases
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L., 'it pleases,' 3d sing. pres. indic. of placēre, to please.


In literature:

And as Dictator make or warre or peace, Whilste I cry placet like a Senator.
"Massacre at Paris" by Christopher Marlowe
Blanche du Placet, du Placet!
"The Gambler" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Cur aliéna placet tibi, quæ tua non placet uxor?
"The Essays of Montaigne, Complete" by Michel de Montaigne
Placet igitur eos dimitti et augere exercitum Catilinae?
"De Bello Catilinario et Jugurthino" by Caius Sallustii Crispi (Sallustius)
Dummodo sit dives barbarus, ille placet.
"The Anatomy of Melancholy" by Democritus Junior
Earum, si placet, causarum quanta quamque sit iusta una quaeque videamus.
"Cato Maior de Senectute" by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Cognatus noster de Marchia se interponit, ut sibi placet.
"Henry the Sixth" by John Blacman
Eccere autem capite nutat; non placet quod repperit.
"The Roman Poets of the Republic" by W. Y. Sellar
Modo ponitur ad firmam dum domina placet ad 6 solidos, 8 d.,' etc.
"Villainage in England" by Paul Vinogradoff
Preferer faire une visite qu'un poeme, Rediger des placets, se faire-presenter?
"Paris and the Social Revolution" by Alvan Francis Sanborn

In science:

To quantify this latter source of polarisation loss, a realistic simulation of depolarisation and spin precession in the BDS is presented. A realistic bunch train is generated by using PLACET to track bunches through a misaligned linac in which a 1:1 correction and dispersion free steering is made.
Precision Polarimetry at the ILC: Concepts, Simulations and experiments
Figure 1 illustrates the luminosity degradation due to collimation wakefield effects for both the ILC and CLIC, based on simulations using the codes PLACET and GUINEAPIG , and assuming nominal parameters.
Proposal for Single-Bunch Collimator Wakefield Measurements at SLAC ESTB
For the particular collimator geometry considered in this section, the geometric kick factor as a function of the collimator half gap is shown in Fig. 15 (bottom), comparing the PLACET simulation results with the analytical calculation for the diffractive regime.
Proposal for Single-Bunch Collimator Wakefield Measurements at SLAC ESTB
These results have been obtained from beam tracking simulations using the code PLACET.
Proposal for Single-Bunch Collimator Wakefield Measurements at SLAC ESTB
Bottom: Emittance growth for a = 0.5 mm, comparing analytical results (from Eq. (7)) with PLACET simulation results.
Proposal for Single-Bunch Collimator Wakefield Measurements at SLAC ESTB