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    • ns Paulinism the teaching or theology of Paul
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In literature:

I have given Caroline to Murat, and Pauline to Le Clerc.
"Hortense, Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
As for Pauline, she was hopelessly devoid of social ambitions and she did not in the least mind the Morgan Knowles' remote attitude.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Tell Pauline to care for her, and that I shall be there, immediately.
"The Last Woman" by Ross Beeckman
Pauline is the next quickest packer in our room.
"Working With the Working Woman" by Cornelia Stratton Parker
He and Pauline Spencer were the closest corporation in college.
"At Good Old Siwash" by George Fitch
My figure was moulded like the Venus they copied in the colder marble from Pauline.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol 3 No 3, March 1863" by Various
In 1890 a daughter was born and named Paula or Pauline.
"The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl
MISS PAULINE FROST, L. M., 30; Niagara Sq., Peoples, 2.46.
"The American Missionary - Volume 52, No. 1, March, 1898" by Various
She then turned, hoping that Pauline would speak to her; but Pauline had gone into her room and locked the door.
"Girls of the Forest" by L. T. Meade
At five precisely, Pauline was to bring her a cup of tea.
"Vixen, Volume I." by M. E. Braddon
What a child I was, Pauline, knowing nothing of the world.
"Vixen, Volume II." by M. E. Braddon
It was nearly four o'clock in the afternoon when Pauline came to Violet's room with a message from Mrs. Winstanley.
"Vixen, Volume III." by M. E. Braddon
They will not have you, Pauline.
"Northern Lights" by Gilbert Parker
Pauline followed; he called for breakfast, and asked endless questions.
"The Serapion Brethren," by Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann
What say you to the pretty Mademoiselle Pauline?
"Tom Burke Of "Ours", Volume II (of II)" by Charles James Lever
There is more evidence of Pauline ideas than of Pauline letters.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5" by Various
Fasten it fat we say Aunt Pauline.
"Geography and Plays" by Gertrude Stein
Such is the Pauline doctrine of His immutability.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus" by G. A. Chadwick
V. MARIE PAULINE (1780-1825), the gayest and most beautiful member of the family, was born at Ajaccio on the 20th October 1780.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 2" by Various
Not the least of these was Pauline, who made repeated voyages to Italy, and returned again as mysteriously.
"Military Career of Napoleon the Great" by Montgomery B. Gibbs

In poetry:

Drugs made Pauline vague.
She sat one day at the breakfast table
Fingering in a baffled way
The fronds of the maidenhair plant.
"Drugs Made Pauline Vague" by Stevie Smith
Chuff chuff Pauline what's the matter?
Said the Brigadier to his wife
Who did not even notice
What a handsome couple they made.
"Drugs Made Pauline Vague" by Stevie Smith
How many a month I strove to suit
These stubborn fingers to the lute!
To-day I venture all I know.
She will not hear my music? So!
Break the string; fold music's wing:
Suppose Pauline had bade me sing!
"One Way Of Love" by Robert Browning
All June I bound the rose in sheaves. Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves
And strew them where Pauline may pass.
She will not turn aside? Alas!
Let them lie. Suppose they die?
The chance was they might take her eye.
"One Way Of Love" by Robert Browning

In news:

Pauline Marois will have to carefully navigate her minority government.
PAULINE ARRILLAGA AP National Writer Published: October 17, 2012 2:01PM.
He was born in Todd County Feb 18, 1940, a son of the late Hickman Hightower and Gertie Pauline Boyd Ranburger.
Pauline Kylie Lucas worked as a student producer for "KPBS Midday Edition" and "KPBS Evening Edition".
75 year old Pauline Mason of Smithville died Sunday of an extended illness at DeKalb Hospital.
A collection of news and information related to Pauline Parmentier published by this site and its partners.
Pauline Hunt, 90, passed away Oct 27, 2012, surrounded by family in Weatherford.
Recent news and coverage of Pauline Hoarau.
Pauline Eklund, 89, passed away Saturday, Nov 3, 2012, at the Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center following a short illness.
Pauline has lived in the Brush community since 2001.
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Pauline L Steele, 78, of Hooksett, N.H.
Pauline Halcyon DeCoite Jan 3, 1921-Jan 23, 2012 Pleasanton, California.
Pauline , of Pleasanton, was born in San Jose to Paul and Halcyon Hansen.
Her mother, Mary Pauline (Dick) Carpenter of Portage.

In science:

Paulin, F. (1988) Topologie de Gromov ´equivariante, structures hyperboliques et arbres r´eels.
Scaling limits of bipartite planar maps are homeomorphic to the 2-sphere
Jean-Fran¸cois Le Gall and Fr´ed´eric Paulin.
A bijection for rooted maps on orientable surfaces
We give a new proof of a theorem by Le Gall & Paulin, showing that scaling limits of random planar quadrangulations are homeomorphic to the 2-sphere.
On the sphericity of scaling limits of random planar quadrangulations
The aim of this note is to give an alternative proof of Le Gall & Paulin’s result.
On the sphericity of scaling limits of random planar quadrangulations
More precisely, if Γ is hyperbolic, and Hom(G; Γ) is infinite modulo conjugacy, then Bestvina-Paulin argument provides an action of G on an R-tree T .
No-splitting property and boundaries of random groups
Paulin, Pseudogroups of isometries of R and Rips’ theorem on free actions on R-trees, Israel J.
No-splitting property and boundaries of random groups
The second author is indebted to Fr´ed´eric Paulin for suggesting the study of recursive triangulations of the disk.
Random recursive triangulations of the disk via fragmentation theory
Acknowledgments : We are grateful to Pierre Pansu, Frederic Paulin and Damien Gaboriau for many stimulating discussions on measured equivalence relations.
Ergodic Theory on Stationary Random Graphs
Paulin, Scaling limits of bipartite planar maps are homeomorphic to the 2-sphere, Geom.
On the Riemann surface type of Random Planar Maps
Equation 12 is consistent with the analytical predictions and numerical simulations (Paulin-Henriksson et al. 2008; Réfrégier et al. 2012) in previous studies.
Spurious Shear in Weak Lensing with LSST
Pau96] Fr´ed´eric Paulin, Un groupe hyperbolique est d´etermin´e par son bord, J.
Ideal bicombings for hyperbolic groups and applications
One of the most important applications of asymptotic cones is the following observation due to Bestvina and Paulin: if a group Γ has infinitely many pairwise non-conjugate in a group G homomorphisms φ : Γ → G, then Γ acts non-trivially by isometries on an asymptotic cone of G.
Some group theory problems
Using the result of Bestvina and Paulin, and the Rips theory of groups acting on trees (developed further by Bestvina, Feighn, Levitt, Sela, Guirardel and others), we found [DS3 ] many properties of subgroups of relatively hyperbolic groups that are similar to properties of subgroups of hyperbolic groups.
Some group theory problems
Finally, we show that our protocol is consistent with the unified model of QEC developed by Kribs, Laflamme and Paulin in .
Unitary application of the quantum error correction codes
With respect to automorphisms, the widest generalization is to hyperbolic groups and is due to Paulin .
Fixed points of endomorphisms of graph groups