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    • adjs Paradoxic of the nature of a paradox: inclined to paradoxes, said of persons
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  • James Baldwin
    “The paradox of education is precisely this -- that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.”
  • George Eliot
    “But human experience is usually paradoxical, that means incongruous with the phrases of current talk or even current philosophy.”
  • Friedrich Schlegel
    “Irony is the form of paradox. Paradox is what is good and great at the same time.”
  • Vaclav Havel
    “The attempt to devote oneself to literature alone is a most deceptive thing, and often, paradoxically, it is literature that suffers for it.”
  • Mother Teresa
    “I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.”
  • George Eliot
    “Play not with paradoxes. That caustic which you handle in order to scorch others may happen to sear your own fingers and make them dead to the quality of things.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Through Fr. and L., from Gr. paradoxonpara, contrary to, doxa, an opinion.


In literature:

They can only answer the great paradox by repeating the truism.
"All Things Considered" by G. K. Chesterton
Moral truisms have been so much disputed that they have begun to sparkle like so many brilliant paradoxes.
"The Defendant" by G.K. Chesterton
An element of paradox runs through the whole of existence itself.
"Twelve Types" by G.K. Chesterton
This is a paradox, but it takes a paradox to tell the greatest truths!
"Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living" by H.W. Long
Assuredly it must show us more than that; and it is an interesting paradox that in order to show us more it has to show us less.
"The Theory of the Theatre" by Clayton Hamilton
The 20 and 16-bore Paradox guns weigh from 6-1/2 lbs.
"Gold, Sport, And Coffee Planting In Mysore" by Robert H. Elliot
What a paradox was she living in!
"Lady Rose's Daughter" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
Here is an anomaly, a paradox; progress made in spite of its rejection; and, recently, a total volte-face.
"Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic" by Sidney L. Gulick
Mr. Cobban opens badly by describing my letter, setting Mr. Whibley right on a matter of fact, as an 'impudent paradox.
"Miscellanies" by Oscar Wilde
An element of paradox runs through the whole of existence itself.
"Varied Types" by G. K. Chesterton
Paradoxes are always charming, but judgments such as these are not paradoxical; they are merely provincial.
"Reviews" by Oscar Wilde
There is the chief paradox of that age.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
All three of us were mute before this paradox of Nature.
"Atlantida" by Pierre Benoit
A paradoxical relation between religion and morality has always interested observers of custom and history.
"The Approach to Philosophy" by Ralph Barton Perry
We must here endeavour to remove what may at first sight appear to be a paradox.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
Forgive the paradox, O my ordinary reader!
"Émile" by Jean Jacques Rousseau
What a magnificent paradox!
"General Bramble" by André Maurois
There is much incoherency in their philosophy; it abounds in paradoxes.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
The whole thing was a bewildering paradox.
"The Long Day" by Dorothy Richardson
It is a perpetual paradox and innovation.
"Hazlitt on English Literature" by Jacob Zeitlin

In poetry:

For such a tempering task,
heat furnace of paradox
in an artifice of ice;
make love and logic mix,
and remember, if tedious risk
seems to jeopardize this:
"Notes To A Neophyte" by Sylvia Plath
III A Paradox To tryst Love blindfold goes, for fear
He should not see, and eyeless night
He chooses still for breathing near
Beauty, that lives but in the sight.
"The Angel In The House. Book II. Canto III." by Coventry Patmore
All sentiment he safely locks
Within; and jokes unnerve him;
No soap or any other box
As pedestal would serve him.
He'd analyse a paradox;
And jibes can never swerve him.
"'Jack'" by C J Dennis
Ag. Now, me thinks, I could confute a Colledge of Divines,
A Synod of Doctors, a Lycaeum of Philosophers;
Yet me thinkes my braines are not right,
And somewhat too weake to maintaine a paradox.
"Rhodon And Iris. Act II" by Ralph Knevet
For thence,—a paradox
Which comforts while it mocks,—
Shall life succeed in that it seems to fail:
What I aspired to be,
And was not, comforts me:
A brute I might have been, but would not sink i' the scale.
"Rabbi Ben Ezra" by Robert Browning
It's strange, dear Author, yet it true is,
That down from Pharamond to Louis
All covet life, yet call it pain,
And feel the ill, yet shun the cure:
Can sense this paradox endure?
Resolve me, Cambray, or Fontaine.
"Written In The Beginning Of Mezeray's History Of France" by Matthew Prior

In news:

Clues To A Perplexing Paradox.
A Paradox for the West's Plumbing System : Flood on the Top, Drought on the Bottom.
The Paradox of Cause and Other Essays by John William Miller Norton, 192 pp.
Ras and the FAK Paradox.
Self-discipline strategist Rory Vaden describes this concept as The Paradox Principle of Sacrifice.
RIBERA DEL DUERO is a paradoxical region, ancient yet thoroughly modern.
The 'Obesity Paradox,' Wherein Being Overweight Appears to Help.
Airborne Wi-Fi is something of a paradox.
They have all woken up, paradoxically, after being given a commonly used sleeping pill.
One of the paradoxical things about dining in restaurants is that the experience is not always about the food.
A paradox is a terrible thing to waste.
Credit Flickr photo/ Paradox 56.
It's a frustrating little paradox.
The Paradox Players provide a well-executed staging of the 1960 election drama.
On the paradoxes of personality.

In science:

Finally, let us comment on the black hole information paradox and see how the holographic principle resolves it.
String Theory: A Theory of Unification
The paradox can be posed in the following terms.
String Theory: A Theory of Unification
This paradox is solved by the holographic principle since the full dynamics of the gravitational theory is now described by a standard, though complex, quantum system with unitary evolution.
String Theory: A Theory of Unification
There is therefore nothing remarkable (certainly no ‘paradox’) in the fact that non-commuting observables can be ‘known’ more accurately than allowed by the Uncertainty Relation if information about state preparation is also included, as is the case for the EPR gedanken experiment.
On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Proof of the `Incompleteness' of Quantum Mechanics
Delocalization would imply the paradoxical situation that no bound state exists, although the potential increases forever as one goes further away from the target node.
Localization Transition of Biased Random Walks on Random Networks
But this is hardly surprising, being just a manifestation of Lindley’s well-known ‘paradox’ ; as summarized in Appendix A of Ref. (see Figure A1), in general frequentist significance tests do not agree with Bayesian model selection, since the former ignore the information gained through the data.
Comment on `Tainted evidence: cosmological model selection versus fitting', by Eric V. Linder and Ramon Miquel (astro-ph/0702542v2)
Parrondo’s paradox rests in the fact that some sequences of strategies can nevertheless be winning.
Quantum Parrondo's game with random strategies
Specifically, in Ref. the authors discussed how the paradox arises when coin tosses depend on the states of the coins at the previous steps.
Quantum Parrondo's game with random strategies
In this case we have to address the “Polchinski paradox”.
Quantum Mechanics and Closed Timelike Curves
Only if the billiard ball pieces stay together are all paradoxes avoided.
Quantum Mechanics and Closed Timelike Curves
Klein paradox are still no clear solution, even in quantum electrodynamics.
New exact solution of Dirac-Coulomb equation with exact boundary condition
It explains all paradoxes of quantum physics.
This is the game based on the three-box paradox .
Quantum advantages in classically defined tasks
Another paradoxical consequence of cooling is that it increases the temperature of the hot X –ray emitting gas at the centre of clusters.
Thermodynamical properties of the ICM from hydrodynamical simulations
Attack: With a constant probability, Bob finds at least one collision with Alice’s set of queries due to the birthday paradox, and therefore, the given protocol is an example of (√n, √n, ε)-keyagreement protocol for some constant ε < 1.
Breaking One-Round Key-Agreement Protocols in the Random Oracle Model