• WordNet 3.6
    • adj Panamanian of or relating to or characteristic of Panama or its people "Panamanian economy"
    • n Panamanian a native or inhabitant of Panama
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Panamanian Of or pert. to Panama.
    • ***


In literature:

It was almost sure to return again, however, at the question whether they were Panamanians.
"Zone Policeman 88" by Harry A. Franck
Her husband, who entered Panama without a Panamanian visa on his passport, is a reserve officer in the Japanese Navy.
"Secret Armies" by John L. Spivak
Later she chided herself for being so bold, so un-Panamanian; but she was proud to know that she could long for the pressure of a baby's lips.
"The Job" by Sinclair Lewis
To the north along the shore were Polynesians, Maoris, Panamanians and Dutchmen.
"A World Called Crimson" by Darius John Granger
U. S., British, Dutch, Venezuelan, Colombian, and Panamanian.
"The Flaming Mountain" by Harold Leland Goodwin
In Panamanian specimens the average snout-vent length is 23.6 mm.
"The Systematics of the Frogs of the Hyla Rubra Group in Middle America" by Juan R. León
The people of Panama are Panamans, not Panamanians, just as we are Americans, not Americanians.
"The Style Book of The Detroit News" by The Detroit News
Then Dr. Amador called at the office of a Panamanian friend and sympathizer, Joshua Lindo, and asked for counsel in his difficulties.
"The Panama Canal" by J. Saxon Mills
One significant point must be mentioned with reference to the Panamanian revolution.
"The Panama Canal and its Makers" by Vaughan Cornish
In matter of graceful and apparently comfortable costumes the Panamanian girls need apologize to none of their northern sisters.
"Prowling about Panama" by George A. Miller

In news:

Panamanian rain forest detail, shot with NIKON 1 and a micro NIKKOR 105, f/2.8 lens.
Norfolk-based Navy ship aids Panamanian vessel.
Another leaked cable indicates that Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli was pressuring the DEA to use its wiretaps in Panama against Martinelli's political opponents.
The only Panamanian restaurant in town is Afro- Panamanian : Kelso Diner slings food influenced by Jamaican, African, and Latin cuisines.
Report on performance by noted Panamanian singer/songwriter at NewJersey Performing Arts Center on Friday November 4th, 2011.
Panamanian singer Ruben Blades is a beautiful artist who brings soul and incredible musicality to the forefront when on stage.
Authorities in Spain arrest Panamanian tourist.
The director of Panama's border agency tells local media that no Panamanian police were injured in the confrontation.
Little Falls missionary Alyssa Thompson, left, shared her faith with a room full of Panamanian teens.
Tom Wicker's column about Presidential popularity and the Panamanian invasion ("Beyond the Jackpot," Jan 22) might have looked into what makes us different from other generations of Americans.
Panamanian actor and musician Ruben Blades is back on-screen.
A Panamanian ship docked safely at Calcutta on Friday, a day after it was hijacked near the port by an armed group, officials said.
The Panamanian-flagged freighter ran aground while approaching the channel entrance early in the morning Sept 18.
The freight forwarder and logistics company Damco has set up a partnership with Panamanian logistics company Exclusive Brands Logistics Corp. (EBL) to develop a hub in Panama's Colon Free Zone (CFZ).
A Panamanian woman was arrested at the Barcelona airport yesterday with three pounds of cocaine hidden in her breast implants.