• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Palmed Having or bearing a palm or palms.
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So he ran quickly to a palm-tree So he ran quickly to a palm-tree
Palm Tree Palm Tree
Doum Palm Doum Palm

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The palms of your hands and the soles of your feet cannot tan, or grow hair
    • palmed Having palmate antlers, as a deer: chiefly a poetical expression, with reference to the European stag. This animal does not acquire the crown or terminal palmation of the antlers until he is full-grown.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Central African raffia palm is known to have the longest leaves. The leaves can measure up to 82.5 feet long.
    • Palmed having palms
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  • Charles Dickens
    “It was a good thing to have a couple of thousand people all rigid and frozen together, in the palm of one's hand.”
  • Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    “My valor is certainly going, it is sneaking off! I feel it oozing out as it were, at the palms of my hands!”
  • Sir Philip Sidney
    “It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened.”
  • William Blake
    “To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “Let me tell you, Cassius, you yourself are much condemned to have an itching palm.”
  • John Greenleaf Whittier
    “On leaf of palm, on sedge-wrought roll; on plastic clay and leather scroll, man wrote his thoughts; the ages passed, and lo! the Press was found at last!”


Grease someone's palm - If you grease someone's palm, you bribe them to do something.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. paume—L. palma, the palm of the hand; Gr. palamē.


In literature:

He seized all the women and children and shut them up in a huge temple built of palm-trees and roofed with broad leaves.
"Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader" by R.M. Ballantyne
The date palm is essentially a plant of the desert, or, rather, of the oasis.
"Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania" by Jewett Castello Gilson
Lay your palm in my palm.
"The Thing from the Lake" by Eleanor M. Ingram
If there was anything in foreign lands I had longed particularly to behold, it was a forest of palm-trees.
"Ran Away to Sea" by Mayne Reid
I sat down under the shade of a palm and fell into a profound sleep.
"The World's Greatest Books, Volume 19" by Various
On the summit grew enormous trees mostly of the palm species, such as I have before described.
"In the Wilds of Florida" by W.H.G. Kingston
The leaves of different kinds of palms are used for thatching the Indian huts, the curua palm among others.
"The Western World" by W.H.G. Kingston
He put up his hands and pressed his face into the palms.
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
The first species of palms that attracted the observation of Don Pablo and his party, was that known as the "patawa" palm.
"The Forest Exiles" by Mayne Reid
It has its pleasant side when it paints water and palms where there is no water nor any palms.
"In Mesopotamia" by Martin Swayne
The Katanga is, with the exception of certain palm fruit areas, the bulwark of British interests in the Congo.
"An African Adventure" by Isaac F. Marcosson
The first species of palms that attracted the observation of Don Pablo and his party, was that known as the "patawa" palm.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
To my great joy I counted as many as six palm-leaf huts.
"Adventures of a Young Naturalist" by Lucien Biart
Zircon introduced himself and the boys, and the four retired to the shade of a royal palm to talk.
"The Pirates of Shan" by Harold Leland Goodwin
The village itself stands in a wood of palm-trees.
"What We Saw in Egypt" by Anonymous
The cocoa-nut palms thrive best on the water's edge.
"The English in the West Indies" by James Anthony Froude
The palm and rubber trees grow like the forest trees in our own land.
"My Trip Around the World" by Eleonora Hunt
Finally the story, like most stories, explains the origin of an animal peculiarity, why tortoises live under prickly tie-tie palms.
"Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria, West Africa" by Elphinstone Dayrell
In passing through the wood, I remarked a smaller sort of palm, which, among its grand companions, I had not previously noticed.
"The Swiss Family Robinson" by Jean Rudolph Wyss
The round chin was made for the palm of a man's hand.
"The Rider of Golden Bar" by William Patterson White

In poetry:

See there thy throne! see there thy crown!
Thy palm weav'd wreath! thy white array!
(Which Jesus bought and made thy own)
Above in the bright realms of day.
"A Comfortable Conference Between A Pious Sick Man And His Soul, Against The Fear Of Death" by Rees Prichard
"When sleep was in the summer air,
And stars looked down on Paradise,
And palms and cedars answered fair
The visionary night-wind's sighs,
And murmuring prayer:
"Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Oh, for a cup of balm
From a kind and heavenly palm,
To soothe the aching pain
That racks this tired brain
With never-ending thought
Of the battle that must be fought!
"Charmion's Lament" by Eloise Alberta Bibb
"Cast it away, and give thy palm to mine:
Perchance some unobliterated spark
Of memory shall warm this dismal Dark.
Perchance--Vain! vain! love could not light such gloom."
"The Dead Gods" by Cale Young Rice
No ebb! no flow!
No sound! no stir in the wide, wondrous calm;
In the sunset's glow
The shore shelved low
And snow-white, from far ridges screened with shade
Of drooping palm.
"Rhyme" by Abram Joseph Ryan
Not yours, because, in this the nation's need,
You stoop to bend her losses to your gain,
And do not feel the meanness of your deed;
I touch no palm defiled with such a stain!
"A Loyal Woman's No" by Lucy Larcom

In news:

MOTORISTS in West Palm Beach, Fla.
Palm's Pre Sells Briskly at Launch.
The rabble have invaded Palm Beach.
350 S County Road Palm Beach, FL 33480.
Almost from the minute it opened in January, Clay Conley's Buccan was the hottest dining ticket in Palm Beach.
Live coverage of the Presidential Debate, beginning at 8:15 p.m. Randy Sorenson, Vero Palm Estates.
Vero Palm Estates Tornado Damage.
Five hundred varieties of palms grow on Hull's acre.
The Mayor has chosen Keith Lovett, the most recent Operations Director of the Palm Beach Florida Zoo where he served for the past 13 years.
I just wanted to share a couple of pics of Snake Palm.
Cabana Palms Dayspa offers emailed newsletter.
Every year, Palm seemed to mirror the latest BlackBerry phone, except Palm 's would have a stylus, touch screen and color operating system.
Despite its palm -like appearance and common name, ponytail palm is not a true palm .
Local Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach news, events, music, movies, restaurants, and reviews from New Times Broward- Palm Beach .
Palm Beach Suits Ad Palm-Beach -Suits.

In science:

This strengthens Remark 5.2 by showing that idcx ordering of Palm versions is the best one can obtain in full generality.
Directionally Convex Ordering of Random Measures, Shot Noise Fields and Some Applications to Wireless Communications
Indeed, the implications of a ferrofluid network as an analogue device can be seen in the recent simulations by the Korenivski group (Ban and Korenivski 2006; Palm and Korenivski 2009).
Magnetism, FeS colloids, and Origins of Life
Palm R, Korenivski V (2009) A ferrofluid based neural network: design of an analogue associative memory.
Magnetism, FeS colloids, and Origins of Life
It is not hard to check that all the results we state for PPP hold for any of these processes as well for the associated Palm distributions (see for a discussion on the Palm distribution and its relation to Mott variable–range hopping).
Recurrence and transience for long-range reversible random walks on a random point process
Hence ES is closely linked to the Palm measure.
Random Dirac operators with time-reversal symmetry
For this, we consider Φ under the two-fold Palm probability PX,Y .
Optimal Paths on the Space-Time SINR Random Graph
Slivnyak’s Theorem) the following version of the Palm probability of the Poisson p.p.
Optimal Paths on the Space-Time SINR Random Graph
We describe recent developments in Palm theory where these ideas play a central role.
What is typical?
Keywords: random measure; typical location; Poisson process; point-stationarity; massstationarity; Palm measure; allocation; invariant transport.
What is typical?
We then outline recent developments in Palm theory of stationary random measures where these concepts play a central role.
What is typical?
Now recall (see e.g. for the case G = Rd and for the general case) that a pair (X, ξ ) is called a Palm version of a stationary pair (Y , η ) if for all nonnegative measurable functions f and all compact A ∈ G with λ(A) > 0, E[f (X, ξ )] = Eh ZA f (cid:0)t−1(Y , η )(cid:1)η (dt)i.λ(A).
What is typical?
The following equivalence of mass-stationarity and Palm versions was established in in the Abelian case and extended to the non-Abelian case in .
What is typical?
Then (X, ξ ) is mass-stationary (that is, the origin is a typical location for X in the mass of ξ ) if and only if (X, ξ ) is the Palm version of a stationary (Y , η ).
What is typical?
An important ingredient in the proof of this theorem is the intrinsic characterization of Palm measures derived in .
What is typical?
It is well known that on the line the typicality property (5.1) characterizes Palm versions ξ of stationary simple point processes η (but it is only in the Poisson case that the Palm version is of the form η + δ0 ).
What is typical?