Palatine bones


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Palatine bones (Anat) a pair of bones (often united in the adult) in the root of the mouth, back of and between the maxillaries.
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In literature:

The palatine bones are a little more curved upwards at their posterior ends.
"The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Vol. I." by Charles Darwin
The void area medial to the palatine and anterior to the pterygoid does not fit any bone which we can recognize as the parasphenoid.
"A New Order of Fishlike Amphibia From the Pennsylvanian of Kansas" by Theodore H. Eaton
Frontal bones distinct from parietals; palatines fused with maxillaries.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 4" by Various
The maxillary process of the left palatine bone is united to the maxillary by a highly sinuous suture.
"A New Species of Heteromyid Rodent from the Middle Oligocene of Northeast Colorado with Remarks on the Skull" by Edwin C. Galbreath
The nasal bones which, together with the vomer, form the nose, are likewise dermal bones, and so are the pterygoids and palatines.
"Degeneracy" by Eugene S. Talbot
The palatine teeth are set in shallow sockets on the ventral edge of the bone.
"A Revision of Snakes of the Genus Conophis (Family Colubridae, from Middle America)" by John Wellman
The shape of the posterior margin of the palatine bones changes from a V-shape to a U-shape.
"A Population Study of the Prairie Vole (Microtus ochrogaster) in Northeastern Kansas" by Edwin P. Martin