Overhead work


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Overhead work a general term in manufactories for countershafting and gearing, when overhead.
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In literature:

She went up again to her room overhead and heated some water over her oil stove; then, re-descending, set to work vigorously.
"McTeague" by Frank Norris
Perhaps I have been at work for half an hour when I hear movements overhead.
"Margaret Ogilvy by her son" by J. M. Barrie
One or two men suffice for the overhead work; their station is in the trestle trees.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 3" by Various
Once more, dawn poked gray fingers through the overhead grill-work of the great cell beneath Sephar's amphitheater.
"Warrior of the Dawn" by Howard Carleton Browne
They were working in scattered groups, some on the ground, some on the roadway overhead.
"Careers of Danger and Daring" by Cleveland Moffett
Is that a working flag-staff overhead?
"A Thief in the Night" by E. W. Hornung
By the time the sun was directly overhead, her work was done.
"By Right of Conquest" by Arthur Hornblow
Overhead it is covered in with richly ornamented Gothic work.
"Cathedral Cities of England" by George Gilbert
And it is pleasant work when the weather is dry overhead.
"Rural Rides" by William Cobbett
Two others watched the work from a balcony overhead.
"Ghost Beyond the Gate" by Mildred A. Wirt
Long 45-90 bullets struck the breast-work with sharp splintering sounds, or ripped overhead, humming shrilly.
"Paradise Bend" by William Patterson White
Overhead was visible the timber work of the roof.
"A Gentleman Player" by Robert Neilson Stephens
Meanwhile the work overhead was being completed.
"The Golden Triangle" by Maurice Leblanc
Fir and hemlock of a century's growth met overhead, and formed an evergreen archway, radiant with frost-work.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine" by Various
Then at night he walks the boards overhead fit to work on anybody's nerves.
"A Life For a Love" by L. T. Meade
The work of man, however, was seen in the planks overhead, which, resting on wooden supports, held the roof in place.
"Fritz to the Front" by Edward L. Wheeler
The antenna for long-distance work consists of a network of overhead wires.
"The Story of Great Inventions" by Elmer Ellsworth Burns
Fir and hemlock of a century's growth met overhead, and formed an evergreen archway, radiant with frost-work.
"Forest Life and Forest Trees: comprising winter camp-life among the loggers, and wild-wood adventure." by John S. Springer
Mackintosh coats are also provided for outdoor work in shipyards, or for trucking and lorrying, or for overhead crane-work within the factory.
"The Woman's Part" by L. K. Yates
All the time he was working the monkey watched every movement from a branch overhead.
"With Drake on the Spanish Main" by Herbert Strang

In poetry:

"Ah," she said in her sleep,
"Is my work not done with and done?
Is there corn for my sickle to reap?
And strange is the pathway, and steep,
And sharp overhead is the sun.
"Perinde AC Cadaver" by Algernon Charles Swinburne

In news:

'Low overhead, high talent' is how he sums up his approach to visual production work.
Work core and grip strength with the Single-Arm Overhead Swing.
Discover how your income, compensation, overhead and work hours compare to that of your radiology peers.
A head cover is also recommended, especially when working with material overhead.
Abanaki Corp.'s new TubeTastic HC oil skimmers work in places where other skimmers can't go, particularly on coolant sumps with little or no overhead access.
Traffic on I-490 eastbound , between South Avenue and Goodman Street, will be reduced to a single lane Monday night as part of ongoing work to replace overhead signs.
A fire in the duct work from a heat-treating machine was reported as well as smoke coming from the roof and overhead door.
For much of the time they worked in darkness as the flames burned overhead electrical cables, knocking out electricity in the neighborhood, which is near the Andover border.
The Overhead Press Pulse exercise works your shoulders and upper back.
The Jet-Edge mid-rail gantry waterjet system features an 8 ft. Work envelope with an exposed tank that accommodates overhead loading.
Transmission and Torque ConverterWill fit 01,02,03 Ford Tarus and Mercury Sable with 3.0 Overhead Valve Engine48,000 milesGreat working ConditionStrap more.
There are two sets of rules for work in proximity of overhead high voltage lines: The rules for qualified persons and the rules for unqualified persons.
While picking cotton, she observed a plane fly overhead one day and told her siblings she would someday fly and work on an airplane.
They'll continue to work throughout the day, closing one lane at a time as they repair overhead signs .
Matt Maltvie works at the overhead in Joe Gillespies class, outlining ways students can raise money for the skateboard park.

In science:

This work was supported in part by the BK21 program at Seoul National University, by the SNU foundation & Overhead Research fund and by Korea Research Foundation (KRF) through grant KRF-2002-003-C00033.
Perturbative improvement of staggered fermions using fat links
This may look artificial; the reason for that is to ensure persistency, when working with ROOT. 2That costs factor 2 overhead in the memory consumption.
Upgrade of the Cellular General Purpose Monte Carlo Tool FOAM to version 2.06
Thus, we disregard programs which are not aggregate-stratified, leaving their introduction in DLV to future work.14 In addition, we observe that unstratified aggregates may cau se a computational overhead.
Design and Implementation of Aggregate Functions in the DLV System
For reasons of conceptual simplicity, the syntactic overhead which is necessary for working with this representation will not be made explicit in the remainder of this section.
Capturing Polynomial Time on Interval Graphs
Thus, as there is more communication work compared to local compute work, the method incurs larger communication overhead.
High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods by GPU Metaprogramming
To limit the overhead, we work in native integers wherever possible but test for overflow on all arithmetical operations, and only switch to exact arithmetic when necessary.
A fast branching algorithm for unknot recognition with experimental polynomial-time behaviour
As the runtimes show, there is also some work to be done to further optimize the parallel version, especially to insure that modules with only few terms will not cause a slowdown by unnecessary communication overhead.
Parallelizing the Symbolic Manipulation Program FORM
Load balancer selects servers from the server pool, maintains the state of concurrent connections and forwards packets, and all the work is performed inside the kernel, so that the handling overhead of the load balancer is low.
Cluster Computing White Paper
In this work, the bus encryption engine is evaluated separately, therefore the given cost overhead information in terms of performance and silicon area are more detailed.
Hardware Engines for Bus Encryption: A Survey of Existing Techniques
Performance analysis concludes that a substantial reduction in communication overhead results in a 2 –4 fold performance bene fit across common work flow patterns, essential when dealing with the data sizes involved in DGEMap scenarios.
An e-Infrastructure for Collaborative Research in Human Embryo Development
Future work is needed to reduce the coordination messages and consequently, reducing the overhead.
Testing MapReduce-Based Systems
In order to eliminate the overhead due to TCP/IP we are working on a new, more efficient driver.
Better than $1/Mflops sustained: a scalable PC-based parallel computer for lattice QCD
Presently, we work on a better driver to increase the communication bandwidth (in this way we expect to half the communication overhead).
Better than $1/Mflops sustained: a scalable PC-based parallel computer for lattice QCD
In this work, we evaluate the area overhead due to analog test wrappers as follows.
Test Planning for Mixed-Signal SOCs with Wrapped Analog Cores
In this work, we have not considered the overhead of testing the ADC and DAC in the wrapper.
Test Planning for Mixed-Signal SOCs with Wrapped Analog Cores