• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Overdevelop (Photog) To develop excessively;
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • overdevelop To develop to excess; in photography, to develop too long or with too strong developer. See overdevelopment.
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In literature:

His sense of humor is intense, but not of the hothouse, overdeveloped variety.
"Edison, His Life and Inventions" by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
An overdeveloped child is likely to be an underdeveloped man.
"Outwitting Our Nerves" by Josephine A. Jackson and Helen M. Salisbury
Much of this instability was due to the fact that Florentine, like Athenian, intelligence was overdeveloped.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7)" by John Addington Symonds
Besides being overdeveloped, he was temperamental.
"Football Days" by William H. Edwards
Jim showed his overdevelopment of the faculty, while the abused Thumper modestly sat still and grew.
"Red Saunders' Pets and Other Critters" by Henry Wallace Phillips
The first thing for which a boy should be operated upon is an overdeveloped bump of self-conceit.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
I fear I considered Bob's sense of humor somewhat overdeveloped.
"Torchy, Private Sec." by Sewell Ford
Anna was a towering, rather overdeveloped female.
"Anderson Crow, Detective" by George Barr McCutcheon
Self-reliance overdeveloped leads them to distrust any initiative but their own.
"The Challenge of the Country" by George Walter Fiske
But the process of overdevelopment continued in the industry.
"The Coming of Coal" by Robert W. Bruere

In news:

There has been some debate, usually centering on the availability of prison weight rooms, that overdeveloped physiques might constitute a serious threat to the rest of us, with stockpiled biceps compared to street-legal weapons and so on.
The Naka Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Thailand Thailand's most famous island, Phuket, is gorgeous but a bit overdeveloped.
North and south unite on overdevelopment threat.
Don't overdevelop us, Bensonhurst tells Marty.
A luxury infrastructure has grown up in the area, but compared with Mexican resort towns like CancĂșn or Cabo San Lucas, it still doesn't feel overdeveloped.
Upcountry is overdeveloped for the water and the roads.
Asia pays watery price for overdevelopment.
Floods are nothing new for the monsoon-swept continent, but overdevelopment and climate change have turned once bearable events into national crises.
Organized baseball recently initiated an anti-steroid policy that will slap the overdeveloped wrists of violators.
Aim to develop, but not overdevelop, Manitoba Mountain.
A joint city and county task force tackles the bumpy issue of protecting scenic hillsides from overdevelopment.
Watching all the crap coming out of the County Council Chambers regarding the disregard for overdevelopment of West Maui, it is time for everyone to get to the polling places and vote.
The large internal rotators that move shoulders forward and in, such as the lats and teres major, become overdeveloped and tight.
The first time Israeli art historian Tami Katz-Freiman came to Miami, she was captivated by the city's unique relationship with nature: trapped between the beauty of the Everglades and the Atlantic, yet huge, urban, and overdeveloped.