• Monsieur Lacombe and the organ
    Monsieur Lacombe and the organ
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Organity Organism.
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The auditory organ of a locust The auditory organ of a locust
The Organs of Digestion The Organs of Digestion
The Organs of Circulation The Organs of Circulation
Organs of the Chest Organs of the Chest

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: True spiders always have organs for spinning silk known as spinnerets
    • n organity The quality or condition of possessing organs; organization.
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  • William James
    “If any organism fails to fulfill its potentialities, it becomes sick.”
  • Woodrow T. Wilson
    “There must be, not a balance of power, but a community of power; not organized rivalries, but an organized peace.”
  • David Broder
    David Broder
    “Anybody who wants the presidency so much that he'll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office.”
  • Thomas J. Watson
    “Once an organization loses its spirit of pioneering and rests on its early work, its progress stops.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “Property is organized robbery.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “Public Opinion... an attempt to organize the ignorance of the community, and to elevate it to the dignity of physical force.”


Speak to the organ grinder not the monkey - Talk to the boss not the subordinate


In literature:

An animal having an organ highly developed is far less likely to pair with one having a lower development of the same organ.
"The Whence and the Whither of Man" by John Mason Tyler
The term muscle signifies every organ of the human body which, by contraction, produces the movements of the organism.
"Valere Aude" by Louis Dechmann
It is as the organs receive appropriate stimulations that attention is riveted on definite sensations.
"The Life of Reason" by George Santayana
He was strictly orthodox where Ali was rather a scoffer, and an organizer where Ali was a warrior.
"The Negro" by W.E.B. Du Bois
Also if we weigh a sample before and after burning we can tell roughly the amount of organic matter in the soil.
"The First Book of Farming" by Charles L. Goodrich
In all the leading industries of the country labor was organized into trade unions and federated in a national organization.
"History of the United States" by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
Does the very notion of organization imply an organizer?
"Anthropology" by Robert Marett
Organization and evaluation of knowledge.
"Principles of Teaching" by Adam S. Bennion
The body has many different parts, called organs, each of which has some particular work to do.
"First Book in Physiology and Hygiene" by J.H. Kellogg
This being so, it is possible for errors of perception to arise through peculiarities of the nervous organization itself.
"Illusions" by James Sully
Mrs. Fleming and her husband helped me organize a Congregational Church which, when organized, was a means of support.
"From the Bottom Up" by Alexander Irvine
In organized matter there is something that organizes.
"The Breath of Life" by John Burroughs
Its organs well filled, it re-ascends.
"Social Life in the Insect World" by J. H. Fabre
The earliest and simplest forms of primitive life suggest a time when the family constituted the only type of social organization.
"Ontario Normal School Manuals: Science of Education" by Ontario Ministry of Education
This year, John Jacob Astor, of New York, organized the Pacific Fur Company, in connection with Wilson Price Hunt, of New Jersey.
"A History of Oregon, 1792-1849" by William Henry Gray
This first revolution took place before the creation of any organized beings.
"Omphalos" by Philip Henry Gosse
Usually living organisms are composed of several groups of different kinds of cells.
"A Civic Biology" by George William Hunter
Between the lungs and the organs of voice, there is much the same relation as between the bellows of an organ and its pipes.
"Illustrations of Universal Progress" by Herbert Spencer
The movement is not confined to growing organs, but is also exhibited by organs which are fully grown and even by rigid trees.
"Life Movements in Plants, Volume II, 1919" by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose
They are means only when they enter into organization with things which independently accomplish definite results.
"Human Nature and Conduct" by John Dewey

In poetry:

No matter; He shall be defied;
White Aphrodite is on our side:
What though his threat
To organize us grow more critical?
Zeus willing, we, the unpolitical,
Shall beat him yet.
"Under Which Lyre" by W H Auden
And so you may talk o' your Steinways and Strads,
Your wonderful organs and brasses sae braw;
But oot in the trenches jist gie me, ma lads,
Yon wee penny whistle o' Sandy McGraw.
"The Whistle Of Sandy McGraw" by Robert W Service
Sweet peace had dwelt their bowers among
And holy love their praise had sung;
They ne'er had heard the angry wail
Of nature warring with the gale,
Nor lions roar, the panther's yell,
Had on their listening organs fell.
"Banishment Of Man From The Garden Of The Lord" by James Madison Bell
There are two tall trees above you, by the high east window growing,
Underneath them, slumber sweetly, lapt in silence deep, serene;
Save, when pealing in the distance, organ notes towards you flowing
Echo—with a pause between!
"Poems - Written On The Deaths Of Three Lovely Children" by Jean Ingelow
Loud let the Easter anthem strain
Mark time in soul-rejoicing measure!
Sweet let the organ weave a chain
Of chords harmonious, linked at pleasure!
For Christ our Lord has risen from the tomb,
And Nature greets Him flushed in vernal bloom.
"Easter Offering" by George Hannibal Temple
Then the quaint old parlor organ with the quaver in its tongue,
Seemed to tremble in its fervor as the sacred songs were sung,
As we sang the homely anthems, sang the glad revival hymns
Of the glory of the story and the light no sorrow dims.
"Sunday Afternoons" by Joseph C Lincoln

In news:

South Jersey Health System, Inc, the parent of the South Jersey Healthcare organization, and Underwood-Memorial Health Systems, Inc, the parent of Underwood-Memorial Hospital and its affiliated organizations, have merged.
This annual tech event, which is organized by a media organization e27, was started in 2008 and has grown in stature since.
In today's volatile economic times it is more important than ever for organizations to find ways to drive savings to their bottom-line and increase process efficiencies across the entire organization.
LONDON — Tasting stands, organic apples stacked ceiling high, yoga and an organic pub -- supermarket shopping in Britain is about to become a lot less mundane.
The organization calling itself Search and Rescue Charities telephones local residents asking for a donation to support search and rescue organizations.
Gayle King speaks with registered dietitian Samantha Heller about a new study that says organically grown food is not more nutritious than non-organic foods.
Grow Organic, Cook Organic, by Ysanne Spevack (Lorenz Books, November 2006) $24.99.
Because it is so important to an organization's quality system, I'm still amazed there are so many organizations that don't manage it adequately.
Government use of mobile health technologies is experiencing a rush of activity with 83 percent of the countries in the World Health Organization offering at least one type of mHealth service, according to a survey from the organization.
My mission is taking ACC to a whole other level by helping the organization advance its strategic plan ACC is doing so many great things as the go-to organization for the in-house bar.
A year later she helped with the first multiple organ donation and since then, there have been approximately 200 organ donors and hundreds of tissue donors from Stormont-Vail.
A panel discusses what is involved in growing plants organically , the standards behind organic food practices, and the booming industry.
Organic producers affected by the worsening drought were notified this week that the USDA National Organic Program is preparing to offer temporary variances on a number of NOP controls.
The Organizational Management Primer is a comprehensive document describing the process of planning, organizing, leading, coordinating, and controlling the efforts of organization members and resources to achieve stated organization goals.
As an organization grows in size, managing passwords within the organization becomes increasingly more difficult.

In science:

First of all it has to be stressed that there is not a covering company responsible for organizing the city transport.
The statistical properties of the city transport in Cuernavaca (Mexico) and Random matrix ensembles
The organization of this manuscript is following.
Scaling Law and Aging Phenomena in the Random Energy Model
The rest of the notes is organized as follows.
Determinantal random point fields
The genome of each organism is represented by two computer words.
Random deaths in a computational model for age-structured populations
In Nature, at least in the case of higher diploid organisms, whose populations are simulated by the Penna model, random deaths play no significant role, and computational models that want to capture the essence of evolution must take this into account.
Random deaths in a computational model for age-structured populations
This is made explicit by the statement by CFS “that a useful role for statistical complexity measures is to capture the structure – patterns, organization, regularities, symmetries – intrinsic to a process”.
Response to Comments on "Simple Measure for Complexity"
Shiner, in Self-organization of Complex Structures: From Individual to Col lective Dynamics, edited by F.
Response to Comments on "Simple Measure for Complexity"
I would like to thank the organizers of the school for the occasion to give a talk for so young and active audience.
Dyon-Oscillator Duality
For a round tube with radius (a) the critical value of R is about 1000. A turbulent type of flow is accompanied by rapid irregular pulsations of liquid velocity and pressure, representing a kind of self-organization.
Hierarchic Models of Turbulence, Superfluidity and Superconductivity
Superfluidity, as a hierarchical self-organization process Let us consider now the consequence of the phenomena observed in 4He in the course of temperature decline to explain Fig. 1 in the framework of hierarchic model: 1.
Hierarchic Models of Turbulence, Superfluidity and Superconductivity
Such process can be considered as self-organization on macroscopic scale.
Hierarchic Models of Turbulence, Superfluidity and Superconductivity
Stabilization of (a) states in superclusters could be resulted from macroscopic self-organization of matter, turning mesoscopic Bose condensation to macroscopic one.
Hierarchic Models of Turbulence, Superfluidity and Superconductivity
The logical requirements guiding the organization of the paper may not have resulted in optimal organization for the purposes of comprehension.
Comparing the uniformity invariants of null sets for different measures
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank the Organizers of Hadron05 for the perfect organization, the very enjoable atmosphere and the wonderful location.
QCD Effective Field Theories for Heavy Quarkonium
IV A) has been investigated intensively as a model for organic conductors such as BDET-TTF(ET) molecules[33, 34, 35] The model for organic conductors is well known as the Hubbard model with anisotropic next-nearest neighbor transfer t′ (which is sometimes called the anisotropic triangular lattice).
Phase diagram of the t-U^2 Hamiltonian of the weak coupling Hubbard model