Numbering machine


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Numbering machine a machine for printing consecutive numbers, as on railway tickets, bank bills, etc.
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In literature:

A number of machines are now in use for sharpening drills.
"Principles of Mining" by Herbert C. Hoover
At first, taking his turn with a number of other pupils, he could only get a few minutes at a time in a machine.
"Learning to Fly" by Claude Grahame-White
A number of machines have been constructed on the principle of a reservoir which is fed by a constantly flowing stream.
"Outlines of Dairy Bacteriology, 8th edition" by H. L. Russell
It is only the figures which show numbers of machines that really give a basis for judging actual differences.
"The American Empire" by Scott Nearing
Great numbers will be herded and voted by organizations as well as by machines.
"The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit" by Ralph Waldo Trine
The British had no such number of machine guns.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII)" by Various
A number of machine guns were also lost, and the ammunition dump was destroyed.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
The tools and machines will have to be few in number but very costly and perfect.
"Essentials of Economic Theory" by John Bates Clark
However, since six machines are detailed for the job, I console myself with the old tag about safety in numbers.
"Cavalry of the Clouds" by Alan Bott
Large numbers of newspapers will in future be sold from "penny-in-the-slot" machines.
"Twentieth Century Inventions" by George Sutherland
The makers of the first machines, having sold immense numbers at high prices, had acquired vast fortunes.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 94, August, 1865" by Various
Also your brain wave number in file, but I getting first on Sun Ray machine.
"The Telenizer" by Don Thompson
Generally, in the earlier machines, the difference in the two numbers will not affect the dating of a machine by more than one year.
"The Invention of the Sewing Machine" by Grace Rogers Cooper
Quite likely the per capita number of machines is greater in our great agricultural states than in the cities.
"The Challenge of the Country" by George Walter Fiske
The library became a great machine, into which a number was dropped, and out of which a book was dropped like corn from the hopper.
"The Library and Society" by Various
This left number Six, the Prescott machine, Numbers Two, Four and Five still in the air.
"The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship" by Margaret Burnham
Power machine-stamps are in use in the provinces in towns in which approximately a quarter of the total number of postal packets is posted.
"The Development of Rates of Postage" by A. D. Smith
The French completely cleaned out the German defenses, capturing 178 men and officers and numbers of machine guns and trench mortars.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of VIII)" by Various
At present the number of effective war machines is small.
"Jane's All the World's Aircraft" by Various
His own machine was number eight.
"The Long Lane's Turning" by Hallie Erminie Rives

In news:

The machine, delivered to Herrington Harbor North Marina in late 2011, brings the facility's total number of Marine Travelift mobile boat hoists to four.
The affected machines were sold under the following makes and model numbers.
The city of Minneapolis says voting machines in a small number of its precincts are experiencing mechanical issues.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The city of Minneapolis says voting machines in a small number of its precincts are experiencing mechanical issues.
Number of voting machines an issue at Florence Precinct 9.
Texas Arai measures its productivity gains in terms of the number of machines it no longer needs.
I've had a number of questions about a strange problem occurring on Windows 7 machines: The hard drive would mysteriously fill up, with no known cause.
There will be a number of new makes on the market, and all will have their pros and cons, but they will all be good machines.
The pins were holding a race number to an inside-out cross-country jersey that had gone through both the washing machine and dryer.
As of October, 189 back-scatter units and 152 mmw scanners were operational, and the TSA is looking to push the total number of machines to more than 1000, with the goal to scan two out of every three air travelers by 2011.
The Sycuan Indian tribe is dropping plans to expand the number off slot machines at its suburban San Diego casino and build a second casino off its reservation.
An ever growing number of virtual machines on servers that lowers their efficiency.
Companies are redefining the future of CNC machinery by providing the market with a host of smaller, easier-to-use machines, giving woodworkers a number of new options.
The federal rules ban companies from using machines that automatically dial numbers and play pre-recorded marketing calls without written permission from the recipient.
The Token /Coupon Key allows the vending location to give each employee a limited number of free vends in selected machines without having to deliver tokens or coupons.

In science:

In the N-th section the machine D tests the number N.
Three beliefs that lend illusory legitimacy to Cantor's diagonal argument
When the number that is the output of the counter machine is encountered, the relation F contains all points of the result, up to the transformation stored in Type(Ast ,At ) (because the query is (Ast , At )−generic).
First-order Complete and Computationally Complete Query Languages for Spatio-Temporal Databases
Later, Hartmanis and Stearns proposed to emphasize the quantitative aspect of this notion, and to take into account the number T (n) of operations needed by a (multitape) Turing machine to produce the first n terms of the sequence.
On the complexity of algebraic numbers II. Continued fractions
Turing machines to produce the continued fraction expansion of algebraic numbers that are neither rationals nor quadratics.
On the complexity of algebraic numbers II. Continued fractions
As described earlier, this is equal to the number of chips on x after running the linear machine for t time-steps.
Deterministic Random Walks on the Integers
Let E (x, t1 , t2 ) be the expected number of chips at location x and time t2 if a simple random walk were performed beginning from the Propp machine’s configuration at time t1 .
Deterministic Random Walks on the Integers
Following , we consider a uniform random number generator as a finite state machine (F , g , s, P ) with an internal state set S and output set Ω.
Design Flaws in the Implementation of the Ziggurat and Monty Python methods (and some remarks on Matlab randn)
For example, we show that the zeta number of a universal tuatara machine is c.e. and random. A new type of partial randomness, asymptotic randomness, is introduced.
Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions
Definition 7 (Zeta number of a Turing machine).
Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions
We define the domain of the tuatara machine V to be dom(V ) = [p∈dom(C ) where X (p) is the set {p} ∪ {p0i |pi = 1} and pi is the ith bit of p, numbering from the left and starting with i = 1.
Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions
In this spirit we present a complexity-theoretic proof of the randomness of the zeta number of a universal tuatara machine.
Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions
Omega number of this machine is complicated.
Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions
Thus with numbers of length O(log N ), we can carry out the necessary arithmetic on the internal memory tapes of our (2, O(log N ), 1)-bounded Turing machine.
Randomized Computations on Large Data Sets: Tight Lower Bounds
The represented numbers cannot be arbitrary large of small, and there are gaps between them. A quantity which is frequently used in numerical analysis is ǫmachine which is half of the distance from 1 to the nearest represented number. A fundamental result in numerical analysis asserts that if one denotes by ˜x the ∗T.
The condition number of a randomly perturbed matrix
Especially if the number of machines is bounded by some constant, Angel, Bampis and Kononov gave an FPTAS[ABK01].
An Improved Randomized Truthful Mechanism for Scheduling Unrelated Machines