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    • Neo- A prefix meaning new recent late; and in chemistry designating specifically that variety of metameric hydrocarbons which, when the name was applied, had been recently classified, and in which at least one carbon atom is connected directly with four other carbon atoms; -- contrasted with normal and iso-; as, neopentane; the neoparaffins. Also used adjectively.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. ne`os youthful, new. See New


In literature:

Milton was a Puritan, Keats a neo-pagan.
"Platform Monologues" by T. G. Tucker
Gregory of Nyssa has given us the life of St. Gregory of Neo-Caesarea, of the 3rd century, and of St.
"The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional" by Father Chiniquy
Neo-Platonism, Hypatia on, x, 270; New Thought compared with, x, 283.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 14" by Elbert Hubbard
The Neo-babylonian Period 239 XV.
"The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria" by Morris Jastrow
Instead, there was a heavy, sultry air, warm as a mid-summer Earth night, warmer even than the Neo-time of Venus.
"Wandl the Invader" by Raymond King Cummings
But he was an innovator in things more alluring to modern minds than theology; he was partly what we should call a Neo-Pagan.
"A Short History of England" by G. K. Chesterton
The entire neo-Platonist school used the names of those venerable masters, but it cannot be determined how much it really owes to them.
"The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism" by Franz Cumont
P-CAF was neo-drive-in classical, a style once in vogue throughout the Universe.
"Mezzerow Loves Company" by Floyd L. Wallace
This is not saying that the theory of the neo-Darwinians must be altogether rejected, any more than that of the neo-Lamarckians.
"Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson
While crossing the Neo (Tsambo) River one of Mr. Landor's yaks went under.
"An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet" by A. Henry Savage Landor
Silent the licentious wit of the neo-Pagan.
"Ghetto Comedies" by Israel Zangwill
There is a school of biologists, headed by Weissman, who have come to be known as Neo-Darwinians.
"The Meaning of Evolution" by Samuel Christian Schmucker
Neo-malthusianists of this kind only deal with quantity and do not concern themselves with quality.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
His chastity was positively ferocious, and he was for ever denouncing the impurities of neo-paganism in language of alarming obscenity.
"The Revolt of the Angels" by Anatole France
Buddhism, which at first apparently was confused with Taoism, seems to have come into fashion after the Neo-Taoists ran out of creative steam.
"The Zen Experience" by Thomas Hoover
Wittu Irmin-Got, quad Hiltibraht, obana ab havane, Dat du neo danahalt mit sus sippan man dinc in gileitos!
"The English Language" by Robert Gordon Latham
They present the natural material of neo-pagan Latin verse without its imitative form.
"Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature" by John Addington Symonds
This was the school of neo-Platonists.
"God and the State" by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin
Russia would feed our Buddha, but on a condition: Neo-Buddhism must sponsor communism.
"The Image and the Likeness" by John Scott Campbell
If Plutarch was not the founder of Neo-Platonism, he was one of its precursors and he showed the path.
"The Conflict of Religions in the Early Roman Empire" by T. R. Glover

In poetry:

Said the Neo Conservative skeleton
Homeless off the street!
Said the Free Market skeleton
Use 'em up for meat
"Ballad Of The Skeletons" by Allen Ginsberg
I gazed on the neo-classical statuary
in the Mal Strana cemetery.
The statues were still grieving over their dead
from whom they’d had to part.
Leaving, they walked slowly
with the smile of their ancient beauty.
"The Plague Colemn" by Jaroslav Seifert

In news:

After more than a century without a substantial renovation, Old Suffolk County Courthouse, designed in Neo-Classical style by Boston's first city architect, George Clough, was overdue for a facelift.
HERZOGENAURACH, GERMANY — adidas NEO Label has appointed global phenomenon and POP/R&B superstar Justin Bieber as its style icon.
Stephen Donaldson is obviously not familiar with the Anti-Defamation League's work in fighting the neo-Nazi skinhead menace (letter, April 19).
The city seeks restitution of the $3.2 million it paid to the Oliva family company, NEO Consulting Inc./Affordable Housing Solutions Group, during Nelson Oliva 's tenure as city manager.
First-Take Restaurant Review: Neo Pizza Napoletana by Olivella 's.
If you love neo folk, chamber orchestra pop or simply appreciate full-sounding bands with classically trained players, you don't want to pass up this show.
Keanu's Neo-Classical Cool Lightens Overloaded Matrix.
Well, this announcement was a surprise SNK Playmore is bringing the Neo Geo gaming system back for the 20th anniversary of its release with the Neo Geo X Gold.
The "Awkward" star's guide to getting a neo-retro beauty look.
Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall was killed by his 12-year-old son last year.
She was employed as a sales representative for NEO Federal Credit Union in Miami, Okla. She was formerly of Attala County.
New Era New England Patriots 2012 AFC East Division Champions Neo 39THIRTY Machine Flex Hat.
Judges guided by 'hatred' of neo-Nazi.
World's Untold Stories showcases a documentary about a Neo-Nazi couple who find out they have Jewish heritage.
New age, neo-soul star Jill Scott lit up the top of the charts this week.

In science:

For example, their calculation of the evolution of a 10M⊙ star ends in the production of a 1.26M⊙ NeO white dwarf.
New Praesepe white dwarfs and the initial mass-final mass relation
However, a 1.37M⊙ degenerate NeO core produced in a similar computation for a more massive star collapses, resulting in a type II supernova explosion.
New Praesepe white dwarfs and the initial mass-final mass relation
Using these simple elements we prove generator theorems for the fundamental representations of the remaining neo-classical groups and most of their symmetric spaces.
Generators for Rational Loop Groups and Geometric Applications
Together with Uhlenbeck’s work this establishes generating theorems for the fundamental representations of all of the neo-classical groups.
Generators for Rational Loop Groups and Geometric Applications
The (neo)classical quantum groups of Drinfel’d, Jimbo and Lusztig have the group of grouplike equal to the direct sum of cyclic subgroups generated by the grouplike associated to the ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ half of skew primitive generators.
Representations of pointed Hopf algebras and their Drinfel'd quantum doubles
Figure 1: Cross-section of a unit block made of any generalized neo-Hookean material, sub jected to an increasing shear stress of the form S (e1 ⊗ e2 + e2 ⊗ e1 ), where the ei are aligned with the coordinate axes.
Simple shear is not so simple
For the special case of incompressible generalized neo-Hookean materials, a one-parameter isochoric deformation is obtained.
Simple shear is not so simple
Figure 2a was kindly provided by Neo Martinez and Richard Williams and Fig. 8 by James Moody.
The structure and function of complex networks
Picture courtesy of Neo Martinez and Richard Williams. (b) The network of collaborations between scientists at a private research institution [171]. (c) A network of sexual contacts between individuals in the study by Potterat et al. [342].
The structure and function of complex networks
Topos Theory and “Neo-realist” Quantum Theory, in: Quantum Field Theory, Competitive Models, eds.
Non-Commutative Geometry, Categories and Quantum Physics
Consequently, the ”collapse postulate” is simply an expression of our peculiar knowledge of the world of quantum objects; this is the group of Copenhagen and neo-Copenhagen interpretations.
Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: a critical survey
NEO functions on operating systems which include Linux and Microsoft Windows.
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah
This observation is based upon over eight years of experience of using NEO on this project (McGuire et al. 2004a-b,2005; Bartolo et al. 2007, and the current work) and on the predecessor GRAVIS project (McGuire et al. 2002; Ritter et al. 2002).
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah
Sta nda rd iza t io n is easy in the s e nse tha t it ca n be accomp lished b y us ing the s ame suite o f ins trume nts o n eac h s ite. This was do ne for a ll inst rume nts w ith the excep t io n o f Sodars a nd IRMA whic h we d id n’t ha ve in e no ugh q ua nt ity to pop ula te a ll s ites s imulta neo us ly.
Lessons learned from the TMT site testing campaign
This possibility warrants further study in order to obtain a more concrete picture of the thermal evolution of neo-neutron stars.
Fundamental physics from black holes, neutron stars and gamma-ray bursts