Natural religion


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Natural religion a religion based upon the evidences of a God and his qualities, which is supplied by natural phenomena. See Natural theology, under Natural.
    • Natural religion that part of theological science which treats of those evidences of the existence and attributes of the Supreme Being which are exhibited in nature; -- distinguished from revealed religion.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Natural religion the body of theological truths discoverable by reason without revelation
    • Natural religion that religion which is derived from nature and not revelation
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  • Camille Paglia
    “Modern bodybuilding is ritual, religion, sport, art, and science, awash in Western chemistry and mathematics. Defying nature, it surpasses it.”
  • James A. Froude
    “The secret of a person's nature lies in their religion and what they really believes about the world and their place in it.”
  • Francis Herbert Hedge
    Francis Herbert Hedge
    “Sympathy with nature is part of a good person's religion.”
  • Ambrose Bierce
    “Religion. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.”
  • Mark Putzke
    Mark Putzke
    “Nature recycles itself. History repeats itself. Religion has faith in itself. Technology creates itself. Humanity loves itself.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. religio, -onisre-, back, ligāre, to bind.


In literature:

Such was the spirit of the religion of the Tartars, whatever was the nature of its tenets in detail.
"Historical Sketches, Volume I (of 3)" by John Henry Newman
Aurelian, by nature a savage, is doubly one through the influence of his religion and the priesthood.
"Aurelian" by William Ware
It is natural for you to trust and lean upon religion, because you have such a humble opinion of your own judgment and powers.
"The Carved Cupboard" by Amy Le Feuvre
But human depravity did not permit the natural religion of primitive life to continue.
"The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915" by Various
We have seen enough, I hope, to give us a fair idea of the nature and value of that religion in general.
"Hindu Gods And Heroes" by Lionel D. Barnett
Suffice it that nature sometimes asserted her rights, while religion kept us from open despair.
"Yr Ynys Unyg" by Julia de Winton
We have not affirmed that there is no Natural Religion.
"Natural Law in the Spiritual World" by Henry Drummond
He looked at this religion, as was natural to him, from the point of view of law; in religion as such he had no particular interest.
"The Religious Experience of the Roman People" by W. Warde Fowler
ELEMENTS, THE, of Social Science; or, Physical, Sexual, and Natural Religion.
"The Samuel Butler Collection at Saint John's College Cambridge" by Henry Festing Jones
Of art, letters, practical civilisation, even religion, even, in a degree, nature herself, they are alike architects and judges.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
What is this religion of yours, that places visions before natural duties?
"Romola" by George Eliot
Why did Mr. Wollaston add the same word to his Religion of Nature?
"The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. in Nine Volumes" by Samuel Johnson
It was religion, not nature, made them act as they did.
"The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid
Religion, in fact, varies with the nature upon which it falls.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall
Talking of religion brings us naturally to Sunday, which at Oldport was really required as a day of rest.
"The International Monthly, Volume 2, No. 4, March, 1851" by Various
Originally all religion is in the nature of an inference from observed or experienced facts.
"Theism or Atheism" by Chapman Cohen
Religions are conclusions for which the facts of nature supply no major premises.
"The Shadow On The Dial, and Other Essays" by Ambrose Bierce
And all of this comes as a natural consequence from the different concepts which the two religions have of God Himself.
"India, Its Life and Thought" by John P. Jones
Driven from it, you must abandon the contest, or, repudiating REVELATION, rush into the horrors of NATURAL RELIGION.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
Besides he and the Doctor were opposed in politics and religion, and they would naturally hardly agree about the war.
"In Orchard Glen" by Marian Keith

In poetry:

Religion taught me to sustain
What Nature bade me feel;
And Piety relieved the pain
Which Time can never heal."
"Sir Eldred Of The Bower : A Legendary Tale: In Two Parts" by Hannah More
Yes! she will lead me to thy mazy bow'r,
And point where early cropt lies many a flow'r!
She bids me fair religion's steps pursue,
And dauntless yield, when nature claims her due.
"Ode on Death" by Emma Lyon

In news:

Religion reporting by nature means covering topics that come around each year.
Gina Rose Halpern's paintings are colorful, often exuberant works that incorporate references to many spiritual traditions, from Christianity to Buddhism to the nature religions of the world's indigenous people.
" According to the Pagan Federation it is "a follower of a polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion.
Parsing the appropriate place of religion in politics is complex, for a simple reason: Catholic principles, such as opposition to abortion and the death penalty, are often political by their very nature.
Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not.
A natural in front of the cameras, Robert Griffin III has frequently joked that there are only three things he won't talk about – race, religion and politics.
"Religious fundamentalists may deny that evolution exists, but in the natural world it is religion that does not exist.".
Religion, war, art, youth, sex, morality, nature, critics, death and everyone's favorite these days, politics.
Religions , Natural Hazards, and Disasters.
Are Sex And Religion Natural Enemies.
In the eighteenth century there was lively interest in Natural Theology: The essential arguments were brilliantly stated by David Hume in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.