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    • n Moralizer One who moralizes.
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  • Interesting fact: The way that prostitutes got the nickname "Hooker" was because of a general of the Civil War. General Hooker would keep a number of prostitutes to follow has army and keep his men's moral up. The prostitutes were referred to as "Hookers brigade."
    • n moralizer One who moralizes or makes moral reflections; an instructor in morals.
    • n moralizer One who has a habit of finding an allegory or hidden meaning in passages.
    • n moralizer Also spelled moraliser.
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  • Terry Hands
    Terry Hands
    “We may pretend that we're basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise.”
  • William Hazlitt
    “Every man, in his own opinion, forms an exception to the ordinary rules of morality.”
  • Karl Kraus
    “Morality is a venereal disease. Its primary stage is called virtue; its secondary stage, boredom; its tertiary stage, syphilis.”
  • Walter Lippmann
    “There is nothing so bad but it can masquerade as moral.”
  • John Locke
    “To give a man full knowledge of morality, I would send him to no other book than the New Testament.”
  • H. L. Mencken
    “Morality is the theory that every human act must be either right or wrong, and that 99 % of them are wrong.”


Moral fibre - Moral fibre is the inner strength to do what you believe to be right in difficult situations Example: He lacked the moral fibre to be leader (In American English the correct spelling is 'fiber'.)
Moral high ground - If people have/take/claim/seize, etc, the moral high ground, they claim that their arguments, beliefs, etc, are morally superior to those being put forward by other people.


In literature:

This may be traced, not only in some of the great moral teachers of old, but also in men and women of our own day.
"Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 (of 6)" by Havelock Ellis
There is clearly an intimate relationship between theoretical morals and practical morals or morality proper.
"Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 (of 6)" by Havelock Ellis
It is not a moral virtue, but the moral virtues accord with it.
"The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII." by Various
Moreover, what offends common morality is conformed to transcendent morality.
"New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1" by Various
Courage became more a moral than a physical quality.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7)" by John Addington Symonds
This is the eternal morality; and I by no means wish to forsake the Kshatriya morality.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1"
Do thou remember the precept of morality, viz., that persons should take delight only in their wedded wives.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"
They are unconscious empirics, and their morality is empirical.
"The Basis of Morality" by Annie Besant
A good moral character can be accompanied by affluent circumstances.
"T. De Witt Talmage" by T. De Witt Talmage
There came a great revolution in public opinion upon all matters of morals.
"Edward Caldwell Moore" by Edward Moore
Unless we take them into due account, we cannot see the whole problem of education in sexual hygiene and morals.
"The Social Emergency" by Various
The high oval crown of his head confessed high moral qualities; here the moral organs were in wonderful development.
"The Memories of Fifty Years" by William H. Sparks
He was intellectually and morally awake before he saw things in their true relations.
"The Ascent of the Soul" by Amory H. Bradford
Torquemada tortured people physically for the sake of moral truth.
"Orthodoxy" by G. K. Chesterton
The life of Christ is worth its example, its moral force, its heroism of benevolence.
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 6 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Discussions" by Robert G. Ingersoll
As moral evil distressed His spirit, so moral innocence delighted it.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Pastoral Epistles" by Alfred Plummer
The moral duty, the moral result are always to be the main elements of decision.
"Judges and Ruth" by Robert A. Watson
In society there prevailed a want of moral insight and of moral courage.
"The Book of Isaiah, Volume I (of 2)" by George Adam Smith
The leaders of moral reforms must be themselves morally clean.
"Expositor's Bible: Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther" by Walter Adeney
Such a morals would not automatically solve moral problems, nor resolve perplexities.
"Human Nature and Conduct" by John Dewey

In poetry:

Perhaps the tale a moral bears,
(All tales in time to this must come,)
The story of two hundred years
Writ on the parchment of a drum.
"The Chronicle Of The Drum" by William Makepeace Thackeray
There is a moral to my rhyme—
A moral to the dirge I sing—
That when you do go in for crime
You mustn’t overdoo the thing.
"The Squatter, Three Cornstalks, and the Well" by Henry Lawson
And I found that while it was social,
Some other things they'd review;
There was moral's tie and culture's trend.
They ever had in view.
"Ajax' Bashfulness" by Frank Barbour Coffin
When of such stuff
We've had enough,
Why, there be other friends to greet us;
We'll moralize
In solemn wise
With Plato or with Epictetus.
"De Amicitiis" by Eugene Field
Lord, on our souls Thy Spirit pour;
The moral waste within restore;
O let Thy love our springtide be,
And make us all bear fruit to Thee.
"Praise For Thee, Lord, in Zion Waits" by Henry Francis Lyte
The moral of my ode is this:
beauty is twice beauty
and what is good is doubly good
when it is a matter of two socks
made of wool in winter.
"Ode to My Socks" by Pablo Neruda

In news:

There Is a Moral Void in the Oval Office.
Brown was a deeply religious man for whom abolition , even by violent means, was a moral imperative.
Leave it to the Vatican to place itself on the wrong side of yet another great moral divide.
Kendrys Morales hits a run-scoring double against Oakland on April 16.
Each fable contains a cautionary, ageless moral.
Wells, Crichton likes to moralize in his novels.
In this slight, enjoyable thriller, the moral is the superficiality of TV, especially of its simplistic news coverage.
Gere gambles on another morally ambivalent character.
The long-running Northwest punk outfit Moral Crux do an awesome live performance over the KEXP airwaves during "Sonic Reducer.".
Moral codes and ethics give us tools but also raise questions to be answered: How should we live.
What is morally good and bad, right and wrong.
I have read and reread Ramesh Ponnuru's article "Chief Justice Robert and the Morality of Law," and it seems to me that he gives us as much reason to defend Chief Justice Roberts' opinion in the NFIB case as to criticize it.
Gardening fraught with moral dilemmas, those who do it need to be strong.
Why free enterprise is about morals, not materialism.
PRAGUE — Declaring the future of mankind at stake, President Barack Obama said Sunday all nations must strive to rid the world of nuclear arms and that the US had a "moral responsibility" to lead as the only country ever to use one.

In science:

The principal moral derived from the extensive use of Schwarzschild’s method is that the importance of a good library of orbital templates cannot be overemphasized.
Nonuniqueness and Structural Stability of Self-Consistent Models of Elliptical Galaxies
Morally speaking, it is similar to restrictions on operators in large N field theory which stem from the fact that the traces, tr M k , of an N × N matrix are not all independent.
TASI Lectures on Matrix Theory
The moral here seems to be this: since the assumption of minimal genus is difficult to make use of, one should pass to a larger class of Heegaard splittings, which is still restrictive enough that one can prove non-trivial theorems.
Critical Heegaard Surfaces and Index 2 Minimal Surfaces
In my interactions with Allen I quickly understood that he is a person of great knowledge and high moral. I value his desire to get to the roots of any problem, be it physics related or not.
Search for Gamma Ray Emission from Galactic Plane with Milagro
Right: Gas extent relative to the dark matter extent expressed as the ratio of gas mass fractions at large radius and small radius (small points represent the distant cluster sample from Schindler 1999 and the larger symbols, the nearby cluster sample by Castillo-Morales & Schindler in prep.).
Clusters of Galaxies in X-rays: Dark Matter
Note : Although there is no way to induce an affine representation, WΓ is morally equal H W .
a-T-menability of groups acting on trees
The moral rights of the author have been asserted.
Weather forecasts, Weather derivatives, Black-Scholes, Feynmann-Kac and Fokker-Planck
Morales and Tsung discussed supersonic plumes moving through magnetized plasmas.
Summary Talk of the X Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics
The moral rights of the author have been asserted.
Probabilistic temperature forecasting: a summary of our recent research results
Why “morally”? To define T H H (R) we need R to be a strictly associative spectrum.
On the Multiplicative Structure of Topological Hochschild Homology
The corresponding unitary semi-infinite five-diagonal matrices were first introduced by Cantero, Moral, and Vel´azquez (CMV) in .
A Borg-Type Theorem Associated with Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
After a suitable change of basis introduced by Cantero, Moral, and Vel´azquez , the transfer matrix S (ζ , k) turns into T (ζ , k) as defined in (B.14).
A Borg-Type Theorem Associated with Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
The half-lattice (i.e., semi-infinite) version of U was first introduced by Cantero, Moral, and Vel´azquez .
A Borg-Type Theorem Associated with Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
We will call the operator U on ℓ2 (Z) the CMV operator since (B.4)–(B.8) in the context of the semi-infinite (i.e., half-lattice) case were first obtained by Cantero, Moral, and Vel´azquez in .
A Borg-Type Theorem Associated with Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
Webb et al. (1999) and Morales-Rueda (2000) argued that during outbursts the disc of IP Peg is flared with a n opening angle α . 15◦ .
HST/FOS Time-resolved spectral mapping of IP Pegasi at the end of an outburst