• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Mohr (Zoöl) A West African gazelle (Gazella mohr), having horns on which are eleven or twelve very prominent rings. It is one of the species which produce bezoar.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n mohr An African antelope or gazel, Gazella mohr. The horns are annulated with ten or twelve complete rings. It is much sought after by the Arabs, on account of producing the bezoar-stones so highly valued in Eastern medicine, commonly called in Morocco mohr's eggs. A related species, Gazella sœmmeringi, is known as Sömmering's mohr. Also mohor and mhorr.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Mohr mōr a small African gazelle.
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In literature:

The names of these three Germans are Mohr, Mayer, and Helmholtz.
"A History of Science, Volume 3(of 5)" by Henry Smith Williams
In his novel, "Catriona," the character of James Mohr Macgregor is wonderfully divined.
"Adventures among Books" by Andrew Lang
MOHR, Philip, Hamburg, 17th century.
"The Violin" by George Hart
Mohr had grasped in 1837 some deep-lying truth.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall
The conduct of the eldest son of John Mohr MacIntosh is worthy of mention.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
What was it that Heinrich Mohr in 'The Children of the World' was always saying?
"The First Violin" by Jessie Fothergill
The one other senior officer, Captain Mohr, did not count.
"'Jena' or 'Sedan'?" by Franz Beyerlein
Mohr's only answer was a shrug of the shoulders.
"The Children of the World" by Paul Heyse
The author, Joseph Mohr, was born at Salzburg, Austria, December 11, 1792.
"The Story of Our Hymns" by Ernest Edwin Ryden
Wilt thou not let me free, good Master Mohr?
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland" by Various
Did you ever hear of Barrington and Lot Rammadahn Mohr against the India Company?
"Barrington Volume I (of II)" by Charles James Lever
He selected Mr. Donald Mohr McNaughton as his first victim.
"The Last Laird of MacNab" by Various
Zough ze dress be Mohr, ze voice is English.
"King of the Air" by Herbert Strang
MOHR, PHILIP, Hamburg, 1650.
"Violins and Violin Makers" by Joseph Pearce
Penot's method and Mohr's modification of that method gave results which were 0.6 per cent lower than those obtained by Bunsen's method.
"Chlorination of Water" by Joseph Race
Mr. Paul F. Mohr has measured a parsnip four feet long and eight inches across the top.
"A Report on Washington Territory" by William Henry Ruffner

In news:

Kara & Chris Mohr 's Video Blogs.
Kara I Mohr , PhD, FACSM is an international weight loss expert.
If you watch only one video this Fashion Week, let it be this, a mind-boggling video diary shot by male runway model Cole Mohr .
Comedian Jay Mohr stars as a recently divorced painting contractor in CBS' new Wednesday night comedy Gary Unmarried.
LOS ANGELES — Funny how you feel as if you've seen Jay Mohr somewhere before.
Vivaty, a start-up focused on 3D chat rooms, has raised funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers and Mohr Davidow, according to the NYT.
Mohr , age 57, of New Germany, died Wednesday, Jan 9, 2008.
The son of Marvin T and Beatrice M (DesLauries) Mohr .
Ted Mohr 's last day is on Dec 1.
Rick Mohr Joins Indala as North American Western Regional Sales Manager.
Ventura coming to Mohr farm near Glencoe.
Glenmark Genetics, owned by John and Bonnie Mohr , will be celebrating June Dairy Month in a different way this year.
A memorial service for Charles Mohr , a correspondent for The New York Times who died last Friday, will be held at 11 am Saturday in the main lounge of the National Press Club, 5298 14th Street, N.W.
Mr Mohr , who died of a heart attack, was 60 years old.
Charles Mohr , a prize-winning correspondent who covered the wars in Vietnam and the Middle East as well as political and military affairs for The New York Times for 25 years, died of heart failure at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md.

In science:

Substituting these results in eq. (14), and using the Mohr-Coulomb condition (eq. 4) yields eq. (9) with Γ = ωx and βm ≈ β .
Surface Granular flows: Two Related Examples
Radio activity of galaxies is enhanced in clusters and the distribution of cluster radio AGN is highly concentrated (e.g., Lin & Mohr 2007; Best et al. 2007).
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
With the SDSS C4 cluster sample, Best et al. (2007) found that BCGs are more likely to host a radio AGN than other galaxies of the same stellar or BH mass (see also Lin & Mohr 2007).
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
Lin & Mohr (2007) derived the radio active fractions of BCGs for 573 groups and clusters selected from the NORAS and REFLEX cluster catalogs.
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
This threshold was also used in the statistical studies by Lin & Mohr (2007) and von der Linden et al. (2007).
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
A common constitutive assumption is that the material is Mohr-Coulomb, at incipient yield.
Forces on Bins - The Effect of Random Friction
The Mohr-Coulomb condition can be viewed as a nonlinear relation for, say, σyy in terms of σxx and σxy .
Forces on Bins - The Effect of Random Friction
For comparison, the nonlinear equilibrium equations for a Mohr-Coulomb material with random friction are solved numerically.
Forces on Bins - The Effect of Random Friction
The notion of hyper-arc consistency was introduced by Mohr and Masini .
The alldifferent Constraint: A Survey
With regards to topics discussed in this thesis, I acknowledge useful discussions and/or collaborative work with Jordi Miralda-Escud´e, Gil Holder, Dragan Huterer, Joe Mohr, Ryan Scranton, Roman Scoccimarro, Uros Seljak, Ravi Sheth, Max Tegmark and Matias Zaldarriaga.
Applications of Halo Approach to Non-Linear Large Scale Structure Clustering
Bialek, J. J., Evrard, A. E., & Mohr, J. J. Effects of preheating on X-ray scaling relations in galaxy clusters.
Regulation of the X-ray luminosity of clusters of galaxies by cooling and supernova feedback
The modern all-order calculation of the leading one-loop selfenergy was developed by Mohr in and significantly improved recently using convergence acceleration techniques which led to a highly accurate evaluation of the fully relativistic Green function .
Two-Loop Bethe Logarithms
The resulting effect on the evolution of the cluster mass function makes it an interesting probe of dark energy (e.g., Wang & Steinhardt 1998; Haiman, Mohr, & Holder 2001; Levine, Schulz, & White 2002; Munshi, Porciani, & Wang 2004; Henry 2004; Ma jumdar & Mohr 2004).
The Cluster Mass Function from Weak Gravitational Lensing
When these stars explode as supernovae (mainly type Ia) they can enrich the ICM very efficiently because there is no ISM pressure around them to confine the metals (Domainko et al. 2004; Zaritzsky et al. 2004; Lin & Mohr 2004).
Metal Enrichment in the Intra-Cluster Medium
Z ne (r)nH (r)Λ(T )dl, where in the bremsstrahlung limit, Λ(T ) ∝ T 1/2 , and in a fixed X-ray band is more weakly dependent on temperature (Mohr et al. 1999).
The Beta-Model Problem: The Incompatibility of X-ray and Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Model Fitting for Galaxy Clusters