• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Moe A wry face or mouth; a mow.
    • a., adv., & n Moe More. See Mo. "Sing no more ditties, sing no moe ."
    • v. i Moe To make faces; to mow.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp.)
    • moe See mo.
    • moe An obsolete form of mow.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj., adv Moe (Shak.) . See Mo.
    • n Moe (Shak.) a wry mouth, grimace
    • v.i Moe to make grimaces.—Better Mow (q.v.)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. , See More


In literature:

Soon after that, Lars Moe died, as some said, from grief and chagrin; though the physician affirmed that it was of rheumatism of the heart.
"Boyhood in Norway" by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
Several of them waded out into the sea and embraced little Tersi and Moe.
"Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And in Borneo and the Philippines" by H. Wilfrid Walker
XXXIV, "The Lad Who Went to the North Wind" = Asbjoernsen og Moe, 1868, No.
"Filipino Popular Tales" by Dean S. Fansler
Whose hopes butt darkenns moe the mydnyghtt of despayre?
"The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction" by Various
Moe bore me boy twins.
"The Call Of The South" by Louis Becke
No, sir, there are moe with him.
"The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare
A Dog likewise increaseth three, stanns three at least, end in as many (or rather moe) decayes.
"A New Orchard And Garden" by William Lawson
This exquisite bit of humor, recited by Mr. Moe at the United's 1913 convention, is a sketch of rare quality.
"Writings in the United Amateur, 1915-1922" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Swiche lovers als thei Never schal be moe.
"Legends & Romances of Brittany" by Lewis Spence
Founded by David Moe and other pioneers, about the year 1800.
"The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History" by Various
Nad oes wedd na moes, masw ynyd yw'n gwlad, Nad oes mad eithr gwad a gwyd.
"Some Specimens of the Poetry of the Ancient Welsh Bards" by Evan Evans
If Moe's not brave, I got two yearlin's you can have for free.
"Thy Rocks and Rills" by Robert Ernest Gilbert
Asbjornsen and Moe had the advantage of an admirable style in narrative prose.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 7" by Various
I men not to com to my mastar any moe, but wil return unto my contry from whens I cam.
"What was the Gunpowder Plot?" by John Gerard
And virtues hath she many moe, Than I with pen have skill to show.
"The Romance of Biography (Vol 1 of 2)" by Anna Jameson
We were talking over cups of hot chocolate at Moe's.
"Four and Twenty Beds" by Nancy Vogel
Moe, dressed in clerical black, with the white ruff round his throat, greeted us delicately.
"Aspects and Impressions" by Edmund Gosse
Anders, zegt moe, hij kan niet blijven.
"The Further Adventures of O'Neill in Holland" by J. Irwin Brown
Wally Moes, of Amsterdam, a painter of portraits and peasant subjects.
"Women Painters of the World"
The origin is probably found in Moes.
"An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language" by John Jamieson

In poetry:

I kenne Syr Roger from afar,
Tryppynge over the Lea,
Ich ask whie the loverds son
Is moe than mee.
"Eclogue The Third" by Thomas Chatterton
'Tis now a thousand years and moe
Since heav'n receiv'd him, yet I know,
When he ascended up on high,
To mount the throne, ev'n so did I.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
On everych Seynctes his daie,
Wythe the mynstrelle am I seen, All a footeynge it awaie,
Wythe maydens on the greene
But oh! I wyshe to be moe greate,
In rennome, tenure and estate.
"Eclogue The Third" by Thomas Chatterton
Howe harde ys mie dome to wurch!
Moke is mie woe:
Dame Agnes whoe lies ynne the Chyrche,
With birlette golde;
Wythe gelten aumeres stronge ontolde,
What was shee moe than me, to be soe?
"Eclogue The Third" by Thomas Chatterton
All-a-Boon Syr Priest, all-a-boon,
Bye yer preesteschype nowe saye unto mee:
Sir Gaufryd the knyghte, who lyveth harde bie,
Whie should hee, than me
Bee moe greate,
Inne honnoure, knyghtehoode and estate?
"Eclogue The Third" by Thomas Chatterton
Yet what is Love, good shepherd, show?
A thing that creeps, it cannot go,
A prize that passeth to and fro,
A thing for one, a thing for moe,
And he that proves shall find it so;
And shepherd, this is Love, I trow.
"Now What Is Love" by Sir Walter Raleigh

In news:

But MU receivers coach Andy Hill says the statistical downturn hasn't affected Moe 's demeanor.
Moe 's receiving numbers are down this season, but he's still Missouri's most productive third-down target.
Newest Moe 's location officially opens this Thursday.
Moe 's Southwest Grill expands into Russia.
Playhouse brings Five Guys Named Moe to senior center.
Maurice P " Moe " Shea, 58, of Attica, N.Y.
Instead of riffing on the TV's longest running sitcom, though, Moe 's uses other hits from the past few decades as fonts of inspiration.
Contributed photo Kyshona Armstrong will perform Saturday during the Java Jam event at Moe Joe's in Clemson.
Moe 's Corporate Run set for Oct 4.
NAPLES — Moe 's and the Gulf Coast Runners will be hosts of the fifth annual Corporate Run on Thursday, Oct 4.
The 3-mile run/walk will begin at 6:15 pm at the Moe 's on the corner of Immokalee Road and US 41.
It goes through the Creekside area to the east of Moe 's.
Moe ready for a change under center.
Moe 's Southwest Grill annual Free Queso Day on Sept 20.
Moe 's Original Bar B Que opening in Breckenridge.

In science:

The amplitude of the ac magnetic field was, in this case, hac = 1 mOe.
Molecular prototypes for spin-based CNOT quantum gates
Here, Smin (·) is the minimal output entropy (MOE).
Towards a state minimizing the output entropy of a tensor product of random quantum channels
Paul Benioff wys daarop dat die omkeerbaarheid van kwantumevolusie (dit is nou, voor die metingsingryping) impliseer dat rekentoestelle wat op kwantummeganiese beginsels gebaseer is ook omkeerbaar sou moes word.
Quantum computing (Kwantumberekening)
This number has a complex origin explained in full in Moe & De Marco (2006), but to justify it here, suffice it to say that if the Galaxy had a much larger PN population than this, it would be very peculiar compared to other galaxies in the Local Group.
The Origin and Shaping of Planetary Nebulae: Putting the Binary Hypothesis to the Test
Moe & De Marco (2006) there should be ∼6 times as many naked central stars as central stars with a PN.
The Origin and Shaping of Planetary Nebulae: Putting the Binary Hypothesis to the Test
M∼1.2 M⊙ with solar metallicty, because they form the bulk of today’s CSPN population (Moe & De Marco 2006).
The Origin and Shaping of Planetary Nebulae: Putting the Binary Hypothesis to the Test
However, most PNe, even in the younger Galactic thin disk, derive on average from a progenitor less massive than that (Moe & De Marco 2006).
The Origin and Shaping of Planetary Nebulae: Putting the Binary Hypothesis to the Test
Se in the direct counter experiment with a time pro jection chamber by the research group led by Moe in 1987 .
Double Beta Decay: Historical Review of 75 Years of Research
The author is supported in part by NSFC under pro ject 10775058 and MOE of China under pro ject IRT0624.
Strange hadron elliptic flow from 200 GeV Cu+Cu collisions
Moe & De Marco (2006) and Moe & De Marco (2010) argued, based on population synthesis, that only ∼20% of intermediate mass stars make a PN, with the remainder transiting between the AGB and white dwarf (WD) phases with invisible, or under-luminous nebulae.
New results on planetary nebula shaping and stellar binarity
Moe) we show the detectability of companions in the I and J bands.
New results on planetary nebula shaping and stellar binarity
Based on the morphological considerations of Soker (1997) and Soker & Subag (2005) and the population study of Moe & De Marco (2006), as well as from the most recent planetary statistics De Marco & Soker (2010) argued that the fraction of PN that have been shaped by planets is of the order of 20%.
New results on planetary nebula shaping and stellar binarity
Money is often characterized as a being a means of exchange (MOE) and constituting a store of value (SOV).
Dialectical Roots for Interest Prohibition Theory
In abstract data type theory an initial algebra exclusively satisfies the equations constituting it specification. I(MOE+SOV) may represent an “initial” design of money specified by MOE plus SOV.
Dialectical Roots for Interest Prohibition Theory
The virtual omnipresence of the interest mechanism suggests that either a financial system compliant with the specification the name I(MOE+SOV) does not exist, or it exists and in addition it provides for interest payments.
Dialectical Roots for Interest Prohibition Theory