• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Mislabel mis-lā′bel to mark with a wrong descriptive label, &c.
    • ***


In literature:

Such cases of compulsory mislabeling are not rare.
"Creative Chemistry" by Edwin E. Slosson

In news:

State sues Moroun's Ambassador Bridge company over mislabeled gasoline.
Many shelter dogs mislabeled 'pit bulls.
Mislabeled salmon, endangered tuna.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says a judge has awarded the state $14,000 in his lawsuit against an Albany shop for selling mislabeled or unlabeled synthetic drugs.
Back when I wore a size 14 petite, I had a pair of black pants that were mislabeled as a size 12 petite.
A national campaign to end mislabeling finds a lot of local support.
An Archdale man who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute counterfeit and mislabeled prescription drugs will serve a prison stretch for his crimes.
Supplement company admits in federal court to mislabeling synthetic steroids.
Among the 142 samples collected, tuna and snapper were the most commonly mislabeled fishes , the Oceana study said.
Instances of mislabeling were found in samples from all 16 sushi restaurants from which tested fish was obtained.
Nearly three in five New York City grocery stores and restaurants that sell seafood have mislabeled part of their stock, substituting varieties that could cause health problems, according to a new study.
Taking a break from "The Office," the actress headed to the Hill to speak out about the issue of mislabeled fish.
Task force discovers 74 percent of seafood surveyed is mislabeled.
Continued Studies Find that Restaurants, Stores Often Serve Mislabeled Fish.
Massachusetts is the latest state to receive attention for mislabeled fish in its restaurants and stores.

In science:

In a typical random Boolean network, the number of nodes that are mislabeled in this sense is negligible .
Exhaustive percolation on random networks
This suggests a low incidence of false negatives (mislabeling a TN SN as a CC SN), although this should not be taken too far, as one would expect that the sub-sample selected for spectroscopic follow-up includes the most easily identified TN SN candidates.
Revised Supernova Rates from the IfA Deep Survey
Martinez (1997)). The interest of this procedure con­ egory concerns mislabeled figure).
Combining Feature and Prototype Pruning by Uncertainty Minimization
A closer look at the instances where the false nega t ive s occu r ind ica te s tha t the c la s s i f ie r mislabeled instances of class work as instances of class none . To correct this error, we created a list of 5516 work specific words hoping that this would set a clearer boundary between the two classes.
Multi-document Biography Summarization
They can be caused, for example,by electronics noise or mislabeling.
Basics of Feature Selection and Statistical Learning for High Energy Physics
Mislabelling The usage of inappropriate codes must be avoided; e.g., the code ml [ISO-639-1], sometimes used to label multilingual files, is reserved for Malayalam, a language spoken by 36 millions people.
Open architecture for multilingual parallel texts
It's mislabelings do not have any e(cid:11)ect on the work presented here.
The Acquisition of a Lexicon from Paired Phoneme Sequences and Semantic Representations