Milton Friedman


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Milton Friedman United States economist noted as a proponent of monetarism and for his opposition to government intervention in the economy (born in 1912)
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In news:

Here Is The Best Longread I've Seen On Milton Friedman 's Legacy.
My friend and the best French econoblogger Alexandre Delaigue wrote this about Milton Friedman after his death.
Today would be Milton Friedman 's 100th birthday.
Today would have been Milton Friedman 's 100th birthday.
We're In Milton Friedman 's World.
The web is awash in well-deserved tributes to Milton Friedman on what would have been his one hundredth birthday.
I've been reading Two Lucky People, the memoirs of Milton Friedman and his wife, Rose.
What GOP Economists Don't Understand About Milton Friedman .
In light of the Occupy Wall Street protests, it is worth listening to what Milton Friedman had to say when asked about the need for wealth redistribution (HT to Mark Perry).
On Chicago Campus, Milton Friedman 's Legacy of Controversy Continues.
The University of Chicago is naming a research institute after the economist Milton Friedman , above at the university in 1971.
Milton Friedman 's Afterlife.
Milton Friedman , who died last week at 94, was the patron saint of small-government conservatism.
Why Milton Friedman Opposed Right-To-Work.
Now the Liberals Covet the Corpses of Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan.

In science:

As another indication of the galaxy of people who have thought about this problem, it is interesting that Wallis is “indebted to Milton Friedman for collaborating in the investigations” of one section of the paper and for “many stimulating discussions”.
Annotated Bibliography of Some Papers on Combining Significances or p-values