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    • n Mendelism the theory of inheritance based on Mendel's laws
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  • Interesting fact: The works of Gregor Mendel, father of the science of genetics, went undiscovered for sixteen years after his death.
    • n Mendelism The theory of hybridity and heredity proposed by Gregor Johann Mendel (1822–84) and revived in later years by De Vries, Bateson, and others. See ancestral inheritance.
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In literature:

The truth of these general considerations was becoming gradually clear to many of us when in 1900 Mendel's work was rediscovered.
"Darwin and Modern Science" by A.C. Seward and Others
Finally a Bohemian priest named Mendel discovered the law.
"Three Acres and Liberty" by Bolton Hall
LAFAYETTE B. MENDEL, Professor of Physiological Chemistry, Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University.
"How to Live" by Irving Fisher and Eugene Fisk
By G. H. Mendell, Captain of Engineers.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 80, June, 1864" by Various
Now Mendelism is certainly this, but I believe that it is vastly more.
"Woman and Womanhood" by C. W. Saleeby
Such authorities as Mendel and Grove accord her a rank with the very greatest of her time.
"Woman's Work in Music" by Arthur Elson
Rivers, L. Mendel, 550, 605.
"Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965" by Morris J. MacGregor Jr.
Sister, let me take Mendel with me.
"Rabbi and Priest" by Milton Goldsmith
My helping hand was extended also to my smaller cousins, Mendele and Perele.
"The Promised Land" by Mary Antin
In the name of Mendel, of Galton, of Havelock Ellis and of David Starr Jordan.
"A Book of Burlesques" by H. L. Mencken
The truth of these general considerations was becoming gradually clear to many of us when in 1900 Mendel's work was rediscovered.
"Evolution in Modern Thought" by Ernst Haeckel
Translated by S. MENDEL.
"The Jacobite Rebellions (1689-1746)" by James Pringle Thomson
Mendel's facts were hidden in a somewhat obscure journal; they lay dormant, much to his annoyance, during his lifetime.
"Science and Morals and Other Essays" by Bertram Coghill Alan Windle
Rabbi Mendel, who occupied a like position in the German community.
"Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore, Volume I" by Sir Moses Montefiore
Translated by S. Mendel.
"A Classified Catalogue of Selected Works Published by George Bell and Sons" by Anonymous
And Mendele with downcast eyes tells them that in the morning, during the Reading of the Law, the Scroll fell from the desk.
"Stories and Pictures" by Isaac Loeb Peretz
There were lecturers (really good ones) who discoursed on a wide range of topics, from Mendelism to Mesopotamia.
"Caught by the Turks" by Francis Yeats-Brown
The lay reader need not perplex himself with the problems and phenomena of Mendelism.
"Feminism and Sex-Extinction" by Arabella Kenealy
I will not have Mendel Jacobs.
"The King of Schnorrers" by Israel Zangwill
PETERSON, MENDEL L. American Army epaulets, 1841-1872.
"American Military Insignia 1800-1851" by J. Duncan Campbell

In news:

Sherri Mendell's first-born son was viciously murdered near their home on May 8, 2001.
Contributed by Janet Mendel .
These juicy, meaty lamb chops sizzled in extra-virgin olive oil with plenty of garlic cloves are Janet Mendel 's homage to the village.
Robert L Mendel Jr, 57, of Logan, passed away Tuesday, November 6, 2012, at the Cancer Treatment Centre of America in Philadelphia, Pa.
The groom is the son of Joseph and Diana Mendel of Wellsburg.
Marisa Mendel , Joshua Abraham.
Marisa Rory Mendel , the daughter of Ilene S Mendel and Dr Herbert E Mendel of Fayetteville, N.Y.
Michelle Pfeiffer to Host Pink Awards with Fashions From Barbara Bui, J Mendel , Stella McCartney.
Mendel 's Gilles Mendel Reveals How He Dressed 6 Actresses for the Emmys.
Gilles Mendel came to L.A.
Mendel and Chopard Jewelry.
Mendel finds luxury in Japan garden.
Mendel always has fur.
Mendel Spring 2013 show.
Then pick up Anne Mendel 's Etiquette for an Apocalypse.

In science:

StackSlide and Hough Search SNR and Statistics, Mendell G and Landry M, LIGO technical document LIGO-T050003 (2005), available in
On blind searches for noise dominated signals: a loosely coherent approach
Random mating for a population of M diploid individuals, along with Mendel’s laws for the offspring of two diploid individuals, can be statistically approximated by random sampling with replacement of N = 2M haploid individuals to form the next generation.
A time-dependent Poisson random field model for polymorphism within and between two related biological species
Note however that these authors employed the Balmer absorption line indices as age indicators and it is well known that this method can give very uncertain absolute ages, even larger than the age of the Universe (Vazdekis et al. 2001; Schiavon et al. 2002; Mendel, Proctor, & Forbes 2007; Poole et al. 2010).
MIUSCAT: extended MILES spectral coverage. II. Constraints from optical photometry
The first step towards the science of genetics was made by Darwin’s contemporary Mendel who discovered that parental traits do not blend in their offspring, but are preserved as distinct units under the laws of inheritance.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
Mendel, Fermion and weak boson masses in a composite model, Phys.
Spontaneous symmetry breaking in strong and electroweak interactions
Boundary layer physics will be crucial (Kinney & Mendell, 2003), as will the elastic properties at the base of the crust (Pethick & Potekhin, 1998).
Neutron star oscillations and QPOs during magnetar flares
It was Lindblom & Mendell (2000) who first examined the damping effects of mutual friction in the core on the r-mode instability, and concluded that the mutual friction could not be strong enough to damp out the instability in most of the parameter domains which we are interested in.
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
Lindblom & Mendell (2000) considered the former family of the r-modes, which are less strongly affected by the mutual friction than the latter.
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
We also assume perfect charge neutrality between the protons and electrons because the plasma frequency is much higher than the oscillation frequencies considered in this paper (see, e.g., Mendell 1991a).
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
The basic hydrodynamic equations employed in this paper for the neutron and proton superfluids in rotating neutron stars are essentially the same as those given in Mendell (1991a) and Lindblom & Mendell (1994).
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
Since we have assumed perfect charge neutrality between the electrons and protons, we consider scattering between the normal electrons and vortices of the neutron superfluid (Mendell 1991b, see also Alpar etal 1984).
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
Following Lindblom & Mendell (2000), we employ a polytropic model of index N = 1 with the mass M = 1.4M⊙ and the radius R = 12.57km as a background model for modal analysis.
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
Figure 12 illustrates the dependence of −τ 0 M F on the entrainment parameter η for the l ′ = m = 2 ro -mode, and we find that −τ 0 M F has prominent and deep minimums at η ≈ 0.230 and 0.484., which is consistent with the result by Lindblom & Mendell (2000).
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
These minor dips were not found by Lindblom & Mendell (2000).
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core
We guess that the r-modes calculated by Lindblom & Mendell (2000) are less strongly affected by inertial modes associated with large l0 − |m| having short radial wavelengths since they ignored terms higher than Ω4 in their perturbative method.
R-modes of neutron stars with the superfluid core