Meles meles


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Meles meles a variety of badger native to Europe and Asia
    • ***


In literature:

Marjorie and John Anderson lost each other for the first time in the melee which ensued.
"The Loyalist" by James Francis Barrett
The Rhymester afterwards made a great boast that he had not taken any part in the melee.
"The Wallypug in London" by G. E. Farrow
Out of the melee he staggered, a pair of arms locked tightly round his thighs.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
In the melee the fight grew sharp.
"The Brass Bell" by Eugène Sue
Good lad, I did not see you in the melee, but I have no doubt you acquitted yourself well.
"With Haig on the Somme" by D. H. Parry
He had received some terrific bruises in the late melee, but was prepared to fight till he died.
"The Dodge Club" by James De Mille
We may suppose these two coward justices to have rushed on in one of the many melees.
"The Works of Aphra Behn" by Aphra Behn
Once during the melee my foot slipped, and I was brought to my knees.
"My Sword's My Fortune" by Herbert Hayens
Dennison rushed them, and the melee began.
"The Pagan Madonna" by Harold MacGrath
The marshal had involuntarily watched the young officer throughout the melee, recognizing him by his uniform.
"The Conspirators" by Alexandre Dumas (Pere)
He soon found it lying against the wall, whither it had rolled or been kicked during the melee.
"The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton" by Wardon Allan Curtis
She was nursing a scraped elbow, which she had received in the melee.
"Marjorie Dean" by Pauline Lester
Four of the craft had been jammed in the melee and were leaking badly.
"El Diablo" by Brayton Norton
The little group of newcomers immediately became the center of a melee of dangerous proportions.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930" by Various
But now they were swinging into this grand and unexpected melee.
"Aces Up" by Covington Clarke
The strife accordingly increased, and all was soon mixed up in the confusion of the melee.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume I" by Various
For five minutes a furious melee raged.
"A Gallant Grenadier" by F.S. Brereton
In one instant after, a general melee commenced.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. 9" by Various
It was a terrible melee.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
One boat, larger than the rest, slowly detached itself from the general melee, pulling with measured stroke toward the breakwater.
"Through the Postern Gate" by Florence L. Barclay

In news:

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in January, 2011.
A still image from a video posted to YouTube shows the melee that erupted at the Society… (VIDEO COURTESY OF MAX SCHULTZ ).
Melee at the Beach The first weekend of the month was a busy one for Escambia County deputies on Pensacola Beach's Portofino Boardwalk.
Die Young, DJ Bruno, Baltimoroder, Soul Clap , DJ Knife, Ms Thang, Melee at Good Life.
Cincinnati, Xavier were marred by December melee.
After Patterson Park 'melee,' resident pushes for documentation .
(AP) — Officials say a worker lost a thumb in a melee that resulted in the escape of three juveniles from a state youth detention center near Montgomery.
It stems from last year's melee the day after Christmas, when police say as many as 200 young people were involved and at least nine were arrested.
Ethiopia surprises itself with peaceful transition after Meles.
Ethiopia gives Meles Zenawi state funeral.
Ethiopia mourns Meles Zenawi.
In Ethiopia , a nation comes to bury Meles – and to praise him.
Man shot during melee on Arkadelphia's Main Street .
Four people were taken to the hospital after a melee broke out in Portland Monday afternoon.
A second suspect was arrested Monday in connection with a melee on Nov 10 at the Sikh temple in Tierra Buena.

In science:

Semikoz and Gunter Sigl hep-ph/0309328 Fargion, D., Khlopov, M., Konoplich, R., De Sanctis Lucentini, P. G., De Santis, M., and Mele, B., 2003, Recent Res.
Test results of a prototype designed to detect horizontal cosmic ray flux
Comparatively, we also discuss the Kondo necklace and the Kane-Mele-Kondo (KMK) lattice models on the same lattice.
Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice
In addition, the ground-state phase diagram of the Kondo necklace and the Kane-Mele-Kondo lattice models are also discussed.
Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice
HKM is the standard Kane-Mele Hamiltonian defined on the honeycomb lattice.
Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice
Order parameters md , mc and V in the mean-field solution for the Kane-Mele-Kondo lattice model with t′ = 0.1.
Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice
Furthermore, for comparison, the Kondo necklace model and Kane-Mele-Kondo lattice model are discussed as well.
Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice
For example, Mele (2011) considers a sequential model and then shows that it becomes effectively equivalent to a certain ERGM. 8Clearly, there are other settings with interdependencies, such as time series and spatial settings.
Tractable and Consistent Random Graph Models
As shown by Mele (2011) this leads to an ERGM specification that includes “two stars,” or links Another is that agents might value bridging separate groups.
Tractable and Consistent Random Graph Models
Such a formulation can be viewed as an ERGM, as shown by Mele (2011).
Tractable and Consistent Random Graph Models
The Mele result shows that the potential function associated with the game essentially defines the corresponding ERGM. 48For an alternative specification in terms of a Bayesian equilibrium, see Leung (2012).
Tractable and Consistent Random Graph Models
Quantum Hall effect. (World Scientific, 1992). 5. Kane, C. L. & Mele, E. J.
Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators
These additional elements are determined either by a self-consistency or by a variational principle. More specifically, Yu et al. have studied the question within the Kane-Mele model, which reduces to Model (1) in the special case λ = 0.
Absence of spin liquid in non-frustrated correlated systems
The first point was addressed by Mele and Nason in a paper w hich deeply changed the field of heavy quark fragmentation, and essentially propelled it into the modern era.
Heavy Quarks: Summary Report
Mele, “Self consistent effective mass theory for intralayer screening in graphite intercalation compounds”, Phys.
Graphene tests of Klein phenomena
Mele reviewed the phenomenology of the Standard Model Higgs boson at the mass of 126.
Theoretical Summary Lecture for Higgs Hunting 2012