Meet with


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Meet with to come to or upon, esp. unexpectedly:
    • Meet with (Bacon) to obviate (as an objection)
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Love, disguised as Ascanius, meets with Dido Love, disguised as Ascanius, meets with Dido
Apollion's Meeting with Belzebub and Belial Apollion's Meeting with Belzebub and Belial


  • J. F. Boyse
    J. F. Boyse
    “The tendency of old age to the body, say the physiologists, is to form bone. It is as rare as it is pleasant to meet with an old man whose opinions are not ossified.”
  • Francois De La Rochefoucauld
    “Our desires always disappoint us; for though we meet with something that gives us satisfaction, yet it never thoroughly answers our expectation.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.”
  • Homer
    “A decent boldness ever meets with friends.”
  • William Hazlitt
    “We are very much what others think of us. The reception our observations meet with gives us courage to proceed, or damps our efforts.”
  • Jose Ortega Y Gasset
    “The difficulties which I meet with in order to realize my existence are precisely what awaken and mobilize my activities, my capacities.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. métan, to meet—mót, ge-mót, a meeting.


In literature:

As a rule, they meet with the vilest abuse, and are driven away with curses, but sometimes they are successful.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
Did one ever meet with such barefaced ingratitude?
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
They came to the meeting with her.
"Moody's Anecdotes And Illustrations" by Dwight L. Moody
The British suffered very heavily (p. 046) and did not meet with the success which they had hoped for.
"The Great War As I Saw It" by Frederick George Scott
With a view to meet a particular friend in Boston, I was induced to visit that city next.
"A Narrative of The Life of Rev. Noah Davis, A Colored Man." by Noah Davis
And,' he added, solemnly, 'however severely he treats you it won't be half so bad as what you would meet with if I let you go your own way.
"Chatterbox, 1905." by Various
She went down to breakfast dreading the meeting with him; but Dr. Hunter said good-morning as usual, just as if nothing had happened.
"Hunter's Marjory" by Margaret Bruce Clarke
A man came in, the woman turning with a quick glad lighting of the face to meet him.
"Trail's End" by George W. Ogden
One thing is certain: that if we fall into the hands of the Malays, we shall meet with little mercy.
"At the Point of the Bayonet" by G. A. Henty
A man with a good coat upon his back meets with a better reception than he who has a bad one.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden

In poetry:

Q. But where is Christ himself, O where
With promises so sweet?
A. Christ's in the promises, and there
Thy faith and he may meet.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. I." by Ralph Erskine
O rare, glad time when youth was sweet
With all its pulses beating,
When music led thy gentle feet,
And a rainbow was o'er our meeting.
"The Time Of The Rose Is Over" by Alexander Anderson
Let us with thoughtful vision scan
Each step we take, each act we do,
That we may meet our brother man,
With no unrighteous thing to rue.
"New Year's Day" by Thomas Frederick Young
Yet meet him in his cabin rude,
Or dancing with his dark-haired Mary,
You'd swear they knew no other mood
But Mirth and Love in Tipperary!
"Tipperary" by Thomas Osborne Davis
I love the dead!
The precious spirits gone before,
And waiting on that peaceful shore
To meet with welcome looks
and kiss me yet once more.
"The Dead" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Young people not meet it in sorrow,
For their hearts are blithesome and gay,
Trouble will come with to-morrow,
So let them be happy to- day.
"New Year" by Julia A Moore

In news:

Rockets plan to begin free agency with a meeting with Omer Asik.
Negotiating teams with the Society for Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace ( SPEEA ) have been meeting with Boeing after union members overwhelmingly rejected the US manufacturer's latest pay offer late on October 1.
MARQUETTE, MI – ( Great Lakes Radio News ) – State Senator Tom Casperson is hosting a roundtable meeting for business owners to meet with their state senator to learn about and request regulatory reform this afternoon in Marquette.
The White House is planning separate meetings with House Republicans and Democrats next week, two sources with knowledge of the talks said Friday.
The White House is planning separate meetings with House Republicans and Democrats next week to discuss the federal budget, a source with knowledge of the talks said Friday.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. Left, is seen with House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio as they meet with reporters outside the White House.
The Granbury High swim team began its season with a convincing victory in a dual meet with Crowley last Saturday at the Dana Vollmer Municipal Swim Center.
In an action that seems to be commonplace at recent Metropolis City Council meetings, the question of money spent on advice from outside sources arose again as the council wound down its Aug 22 meeting with the financial report.
The New York Times illustrated its story on the meeting with a front-page photograph of Chávez in smiling, relaxed conversation with President Barack Obama.
The Obamas Meet The Royals US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama meet with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace.
Representatives of the New Orleans delegation recently returned from a meeting with NFL officials here at the Ritz-Carlton, site of the NFL owners meeting.
The South West Neighborhood Association will meet at 6 pm Tuesday at Tod 's Crossing Senior Apartments, Tod Avenue, for a combined meeting with SWNA, Tod 's Crossing and Palmyra Heights Neighborhood group.
If I'm going to meet with artists, I'll try to be in jeans so that they feel that they can relate to me and that they're more comfortable with me.
If you are smart, eager to train and seeking a long-term future with a fast growing company, we want to meet with you.
Governor Andrew M Cuomo speaks with reporters after a meeting with Appropriations Committee Chairman and VicePresident Senator Daniel Inouye and Senator Thad Cochran.

In science:

First we consider the case that C meets σ |(0,1) with total multiplicity six.
Sextactic points on a simple closed curve
We define f • with which ˆσ and C • p,q meet.
Sextactic points on a simple closed curve
We review that Q(−ℓp) is the space of divisors in Q that meet γ in p with multiplicity ℓ at least.
Sextactic points on a simple closed curve
Now let us assume that p is an inflection point of γ in which the tangent line at γ and γ meet with multiplicity µ.
Sextactic points on a simple closed curve
Suppose that eΓ meets Fa at a point u 6= ra with multiplicity k .
A Simple Proof that Rational Curves on K3 are Nodal