Mangle rack


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Mangle rack (Mach) a contrivance for converting continuous circular motion into reciprocating rectilinear motion, by means of a rack and pinion, as in the mangle. The pinion is held to the rack by a groove in such a manner that it passes alternately from one side of the rack to the other, and thus gives motion to it in opposite directions, according to the side in which its teeth are engaged.
    • Mangle rack (Mach) See under Mangle. n.
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In literature:

Thou wilt be mangled, butcher'd, rack'd, impal'd.
"The Inflexible Captive" by Hannah More

In poetry:

Emma. Are there not poisons, racks, and flames, and swords,
That Emma thus must die by Henry's words;
Yet what could swords or poison, racks, or flame,
But mangle and disjoint this brittle frame! More fatal Henry's words, they murder Emma's fame.
"Henry And Emma. A Poem." by Matthew Prior

In news:

The scene at the corner of Chelten and Wissahickon avenues in Philadelphia said it all: A blue mountain bike, badly mangled and turned upside down, but still somehow tethered to a bicycle rack.