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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. reverer (Fr. révérer)—L. reverērire-, inten., verēri, to feel awe.


In literature:

Young was a poet: poets, with reverence be it spoken, do not make the best parents.
"The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. in Nine Volumes" by Samuel Johnson
UNDERTAKEN and executed in a reverent and loving spirit, the work of Dr. Bence Jones makes Faraday the virtual writer of his own life.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall
Make your reverence, sirrah!
"The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous, Vol. 2 of 3" by George Augustus Sala
Your daring and ability should always make your name one to be revered by those Britishers who follow the sea.
"Famous Privateersmen and Adventurers of the Sea" by Charles H. L. Johnston
Wherefore did his Grace (saving the reverence due) not likewise make me Duke of Truro or Marquis of Bodmin?
"Robin Tremayne" by Emily Sarah Holt
With a feeling of reverence for ourselves we now take up the subject of special physiology to learn what makes us women.
"What a Young Woman Ought to Know" by Mary Wood-Allen
Now," bowing her head reverently, "For what we are about to receive, O Lord make us truly thankful.
"The Carroll Girls" by Mabel Quiller-Couch
But of the loved, revered, and honoured head, thou canst not turn one hair to thy dread purposes, or make one feature odious.
"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens
Then beware and make thyself all reverence and fear.
"Life and Literature" by J. Purver Richardson
Then he arose and went out of the grotto softly, making the three-fold sign of reverence; and the eyes of Mary followed him with kind looks.
"The Unknown Quantity" by Henry van Dyke
Your pure, true heart makes pure hands, and as such I reverently salute them.
"Vashti" by Augusta J. Evans Wilson
Show me the man that makes me take up my tools in reverence and sobriety, because good work is good religion.
"Rose MacLeod" by Alice Brown
I ask your reverence if, under such conditions, you could make your way here at midnight?
"Black Diamonds" by Mór Jókai
The first commandment directs us to make the Creator the object of our supreme love and reverence.
"Weighed and Wanting" by Dwight Moody
There is nothing in a shadow that makes a man bow his head in reverence.
"A Yankee from the West" by Opie Read
They make their hours those of exceeding beauty and reverent silence.
"Campobello" by Kate Gannett Wells
Probably nothing has a greater effect in making a man humble and reverent than a thorough knowledge of science.
"The Scientific Basis of National Progress" by George Gore
What is more natural than to revere the invisible power which makes the sun and stars shine to our eyes?
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 6 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
He must be adored and revered, and yet he does not make himself known to man.
"Watson Refuted" by Samuel Francis
May I suggest that just as he steps across that white line which you see marked upon the ground, you make him a deep reverence?
"The King of Gee-Whiz" by Emerson Hough

In poetry:

Those sacred Virgins whom the Bards revere,
Tun'd all her Voice, and shed a Sweetness there,
To make her Sense with double Charms abound,
Or make her lively Nonsense please by Sound.
"Hesiod: Or, The Rise Of Woman" by Thomas Parnell
One and universal Father!
Here in reverent thought we gather,
Seeking light in honouring Thee;
Free our souls from error's fetter;
Make us wiser—make us better;
Be our guide—our guardian be!
"Aspiration after higher Truth" by John Bowring
A faithful, zealous noble band,
The salt and savors of our land,
Whose meritorious deeds should blaze
In letters of undying praise.
But while we thus them all revere,
Of two we'd fain make mention here.
"The Triumph Of Liberty" by James Madison Bell
Eg. My deare Poneria, I am truly thine.
But tell me, I prethe, what grave Sr. is this
That lookes like one of Greeces Sages;
His reverent Countenance makes me surmise
That he's a man of sublime qualities.
"Rhodon And Iris. Act II" by Ralph Knevet
If you should cease to love me, let us part,
As friends who part for all eternity;
Let us make grave the reverent obsequy
For what was once our very soul and heart —
If you should cease to love me, let us part!
""If you should cease to love me"" by Corrine Roosevelt Robinson
They raised thee not, but rose to thee,
Their fickle wreaths about thee flinging;
So on some marble Phoebus the swol'n sea
Might leave his worthless seaweed clinging,
But pious hands, with reverent care,
Make the pure limbs once more sublimely bare.
"To Lamartine" by James Russell Lowell

In news:

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Making a film about an iconic politician like Britain's Margaret Thatcher is akin to walking into a movie minefield, and casting an American -- even one as revered as Meryl Streep -- is asking for more trouble.
His brother may be buried thousands of miles away, but it hasn't kept Revere's Frank Famiglietti from making the journey to Italy to visit his brother's grave on Memorial Day.
The American Constitution has been the subject, just as Thomas Jefferson predicted, of a great deal of "sanctimonious reverence," especially from American politicians who make comments demonstrating they know little about it.
A look at the final score in each of the Revere Patriots last two games, might make you believe that Revere is just two-points away from a 5-0 record.
I often daydream about wordsmithing my way into the dictionary someday, creating whole - isms , and being revered for my quirky and creative diction ISM magazine didn't just make up words.
Some of the most highly revered travel spots in the nation make up this year's annual Travel and Leisure America's Dirtiest Cities.
Revere's Tommy Portrait makes his way through to score a touchdown.
Curator Jake Homiak (right) and adviser Ras Maurice Clarke make the sign of the trinity, a Rastafarian symbol of reverence.
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Today will be a big day in Southern Erie County as one of the most reverent pieces of American history will make its way into Eden.

In science:

This makes rever beration mapping effectively a “secondary ” mass indicator.
Coevolution of Black Holes and Galaxies: Conference Summary