Magnetic compensator


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Magnetic compensator a contrivance connected with a ship's compass for compensating or neutralizing the effect of the iron of the ship upon the needle.
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In literature:

The idea of employing a magnet as compensator in a magnetic balance is not new, this disposition having been used by Prof.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 430, March 29, 1884" by Various
The investigations on magnetism led to the important practical discovery of a means of rectifying or compensating compass errors in ships.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
She had expected personality, magnetism, as a compensation for nature's external economies.
"Ancestors" by Gertrude Atherton

In news:

Compasses can be compensated (historically using obvious compensating balls) for the hull magnetism, and must be adjusted periodically if accuracy is important.
Integrated circuits compensate magnetic drifts and enable stable performance over temperature and lifetime.

In science:

To compensate for possible left-right detector asymmetries, the polarity of the dipole magnet used to measure the pion momenta was frequently changed.
Kaons: Review and Outlook
The final section of the beam comprises several additional bending and quadrupole magnets that fine-steer the beam on the target and, during transverse polarisation data taking, compensate for the horizontal deflection induced by the 0.5 T transverse dipole field of the polarised target.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
Although the compensating magnets had to be removed when the focusing magnets were installed for the luminosity upgrade, HERA still achieved longitudinal e± beam polarisations with luminosity weighted means of typically 30% and maximum values of up to 40 − 50 %.
Collider Physics at HERA
In the extraction line, corrector magnets are needed to successfully compensate possible deflections resulting from misaligned beam and detector solenoid axes.
Executive Summary of the Workshop on Polarisation and Beam Energy Measurements at the ILC
The cycle is continued until all the three orthogonal magnetic field vectors are compensated to zero. The uncertainty of the compensation is decided by the resolution and bandwidth of the measurement system which is shown by the value of deltaBx, deltaBy and deltaBz after converging.
Atomic-signal-based zero field finding technique for unshielded laser-pumped atomic magnetometer
Short-term variability is usually more difficult to account for in hadronic models because of longer cooling timescales, but strong magnetic fields (for proton synchrotron, e.g. [142]) or high target matter densities (pp-interactions triggered by jet-star interactions, e.g. [143]) may partly compensate.
TeV Astronomy
However, this increase of the cross section due to the anomalous magnetic moment is largely compensated by the effect of the polarizabilities and the π pole term (Wess-Zumino-Witten term, anomaly).
Hadron Polarizabilities and Form Factors
Model calculations have shown (Breitschwerdt 1994), that such a behaviour is naturally explained by an accelerating galactic wind flow, that compensates for losses increasing with vertical distance from the disk in a constant halo magnetic field.
The dynamical signature of the ISM in soft X-rays -- I. Diffuse soft X-rays from galaxies
For the adiabatic motion of atoms confined in a trap, this force is not as significant since it can always be easily compensated by an additional gradient magnetic field.
Formation of Directed Beams from Atom Lasers
To compensate the gravitational force, an auxiliary gradient magnetic field is to be superimposed.
Formation of Directed Beams from Atom Lasers
Scalar perturbations: Since we assume that the background spacetime is unperturbed and linear order perturbations arise only from the magnetic field, the stress energy of the magnetic field is not compensated by anisotropic stress of the plasma and we have non-zero initial conditions for gravitational potentials.
CMB Signatures of a Primordial Magnetic Field
We limit the spectral index of the magnetic field to n < 2 ; the case n > 2 corresponds to causally generated fields, which also must be compensated.
CMB Signatures of a Primordial Magnetic Field
Since the concentration of magnetic impurities is much larger than the hole concentration , most likely due to compensation by As antisite defects, a bound magnetic polaron consists of one localized hole, and a large number of magnetic impurities around the hole localization center.
Polaron percolation in diluted magnetic semiconductors
We also assume, as it is the case in Ga1−xMnxAs and many other DMS, that the system is very heavily compensated, nh ≪ ni , with many more magnetic impurities that charge carriers present in the system.
Magnetic and transport percolation in diluted magnetic semiconductors
Compare Eq. 6 and 7, we see that in any volume the bulk energy magnetization currents are compensated by the surface energy magnetization currents.
Comment on "Giant Nernst Effect due to Fluctuating Cooper Pairs in Superconductors" by M.N. Serbyn, M.A. Skvortsov, A.A. Varlamov, and V. Galitski