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    • Love-feat the gallant act of a lover
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. lufu, love; Ger. liebe; cf. L. libet, lubet.


In literature:

They marched joyously for several leagues, singing and joking, and telling of a thousand feats of love and chase and war.
"Burlesques" by William Makepeace Thackeray
In the case of one we love or fear intensely, what feats of comparative anatomy will not the mind unconsciously perform?
"Uncle Silas" by J. S. LeFanu
Except Leander's, of old, we know of no such feat of love and gallantry in these degenerate days.
"Valentine M'Clutchy, The Irish Agent The Works of William Carleton, Volume Two" by William Carleton
Some are resolv'd, not to find out the cheat, But, cuckold-like, love them that do the feat.
"English Satires" by Various
From childhood, Bradamante had loved all feats of arms, and her chiefest joy was to mount the most fiery horses in her father's stable.
"The Red Romance Book" by Various
Had the feat been one of vengeance, and not of love, Tell had never hit the apple, sir.
"The Knight Of Gwynne, Vol. I (of II)" by Charles James Lever

In poetry:

His gallant feats, his looks, his love,
Soon won the willing fair,
And soon did Margaret become
The wife of Rudiger.
"Rudiger - A Ballad" by Robert Southey
I am named and known by that moment's feat;
There took my station and degree;
So grew my own small life complete,
As nature obtained her best of me—-
One born to love you, sweet!
"By The Fire-Side" by Robert Browning
And then, above all else, neglect not to recite
Thy proper feats, thou dragging thy simplicity
Wherever people love, wherever people fight,
In such a sad and foolish kind, in verity!
"What Sayest Thou, Traveller" by Paul Verlaine
Then the forgotten dead at midnight come
And throng their chieftain's tomb,
Murmuring the toils o'er which they toil'd, alive,
The feats of sword and love;
And all the air thrills like a summer hive.
"A Crusader's Tomb" by Francis Turner Palgrave

In news:

The hearts of people who perform the daring feat of fire walking beat in sync with loved ones watching them complete the ceremony.
"…Time loves a hero, but only time will tell if he's real…" — Little Feat And so it is with endodontic treatment planning.
Kinetics & One Love Song Premiere: 'In My Own World' Feat.
Woodworker 's labor of love is no small feat.
Kinetics & One Love Song Premiere: 'In My Own World' Feat.
Woodworker's labor of love is no small feat.
" Lotus Intro" "Army of Me" "Red Hot Kinda Love" "Make the World Move" feat.
Justin Bieber releases 'As Long As You Love Me' video feat.
In politics, vying for attention can be a difficult feat, what with all the scandalous love affairs, dishonest financial antics and hot-button social issues.
Finding your true love has always been a difficult feat, but female singles in Australia's busy metropolitan areas are facing an extreme case of the lonelies.