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    • Log-rolling a combination for facilitating the collection of logs after the clearing of a piece of land, or for rolling logs into a stream: mutual aid given by politicians for carrying out individual schemes: a system of literary criticism conducted on the lines of mutual admiration or adulation
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. lág, a felled tree, liggja, to lie. Cf. Lie and Log.


In literature:

When a clearing was made, the log rolling followed.
"Quilts" by Marie D. Webster
Horace took the two poles and followed; but the moment he stepped on the log it rolled quite over, carrying Prudy under.
"Little Prudy" by Sophie May
The sail had steadied her more than we could have imagined; and now she rolled like a log in a mill-race.
"Up the River" by Oliver Optic
He thought that if the log were to roll in the least degree, the man would be rolled off into the water.
"Forests of Maine" by Jacob S. Abbott
Why, that is the worst Grizzly that ever rolled a log in the Big Horn Basin.
"The Biography of a Grizzly" by Ernest Thompson Seton
They could handle a plow and roll logs as well as any man.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
This is the place of the Rolling of Logs, and yourselves have heard it.
"HE" by Andrew Lang
Then she started the team, and the rest of the logs rolled off into the snow.
"Masters of the Wheat-Lands" by Harold Bindloss
It's easy as rolling off a log to manage a woman.
"The Gentle Art of Cooking Wives" by Elizabeth Strong Worthington
They used no horses in rolling up the logs.
"The Young Alaskans on the Missouri" by Emerson Hough

In poetry:

Across the sounding City’s fogs
There hurtled round her weary head
The thunder of the rolling logs;
“The Critics’ Carnival!” she said.
"A Ballad Of A Bun" by Sir Owen Seaman
O'er shining slides,
On my gloss'd tides,
The brown cribs close woven roll'd;
The stout logs sprung,
Their height among
My loud whirls of white and gold!
"The Ghosts Of The Trees" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
But the Log it rolled till it rolled him under
And the loud surf roared in his ears like thunder,
Battered and bruised him, whirled him round,
Smothered and choked him, all but drowned,
And tossed him up on the beach again . . .
"The First Ship" by Cicely Fox Smith
As the horses toil at the ends of trains,
And the ends of roads on the Blacksoil Plains.
And Ivan digs in the frozen clay,
And he rolls the logs a bed to lay
For a gun that’s five hundred miles away,
But as sure to come as the grey wolves grey.
"Grey Wolves Grey" by Henry Lawson

In news:

Roll the dough by hand into three logs of equal size, chill and then slice off rounds to create cookies.
Among the rich idioms of American Sign Language, there is a sign for "hearing" -- the right index finger, held parallel to the mouth, circling forward like a rolling log.
Great Lakes Lumberjack Show at the New York State Fair Chainsaw carving, saw racing, ax throwing and log rolling are all part of the Great Lakes Timber Show, near the Youth Activity Center at the New York State Fair.
The International Lumberjack Tournament in Mackinaw City is a weekend of competitions, including: axe throw, boom run, speed birling, log roll, pole climb, spring board and timed sawing events.
It was grazing time, a break from the heavy labor of rolling logs through the forest along the heavily mined Burmese border, and four huge elephants and a baby were lolling among the succulent bamboo.
If lardo is hard to find, substitute pancetta (cured pork belly rolled into a log).
The filled, rolled cake used to make a yule log is very similar to a jelly roll, except that it is rolled from the long end to make a more narrow, longer roll.
I-4 slow near Daytona Beach after log rolls off truck.
A logging truck rolled over on State Route 96 near Willow Creek Friday morning, blocking the road and spilling about 50 gallons of diesel fuel onto the shoulder, the California Highway Patrol reported.
0Greeting an elephant, like log rolling or riding a unicycle, is one of those skills that most of us will never have a chance to learn.
TERRE HAUTE — Tootsie Roll chimneys and logs of red licorice adorn homes built for charity inside the Indiana Theatre this week.
Forestry students from across the south compete in collegiate lumberjack competition which includes knife throwing, log rolling, and burling.
He became intrigued by the idea of transforming the often kitschy bûche de Noël , a traditional French Christmas dessert of sponge cake rolled into a cylinder, covered in icing and decorated to resemble a Yule log.
1 Voted best breakfast in North Lake Tahoe for dishes like crab cake eggs benedict and a french toast tower made out of cinnamon rolls, The Log Cabin Caffe (8692 North Lake Blvd, King's Beach, California.
Divide the mix into 4 equal parts and roll into flat 2-inch logs.

In science:

It is proposed to monitor the RF noise and to detect pulses by mounting the log-periodic antenna near the CASA central trailer site, just above the lightning protection grid. A digital storage scope will be used to register several microseconds of RF data on a rolling basis.
Detection of the RF Pulse Associated With Cosmic Ray Air Showers
Wikipedia keeps a rolling log of changes, so that filtered syndication can be delivered to interested Wikipedians.
A Wikipedia Literature Review
Fast roll approximation When the inflaton falls down to the plateau on the bottom of the potential that lies √6 log γ < φ < 0, its kinetic energy is much greater than the potential energy, which is typically of the order of bgδ .
Reheating after f(R) inflation