Krupp gun


  • Krupp's 15.6 Breech-loading Gun
    Krupp's 15.6 Breech-loading Gun
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Krupp gun A breech-loading steel cannon manufactured at the works of Friedrich Krupp, at Essen in Prussia. Guns of over eight-inch bore are made up of several concentric cylinders; those of a smaller size are forged solid.
    • Krupp gun a wrought steel breech-loading cannon, named after its German inventor, Herr Krupp.
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In literature:

The sighting arrangements of these Krupp anti-aircraft guns are carried out upon these lines.
"Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War" by Frederick A. Talbot
One 9-pound Krupp gun was the only trophy.
"The Great Boer War" by Arthur Conan Doyle
Krupp guns, machine guns, rifles, and a large supply of ammunition fell to the victorious Arabs.
"The River War" by Winston S. Churchill
The gun proper is at the left and its Krupp sliding breech can be plainly seen at the side.
"America's War for Humanity" by Thomas Herbert Russell
It appears, in fact, that Mr. Krupp is preparing to manufacture a gun of 171/2 inch caliber, weighing 330,000 pounds.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 598, June 18, 1887" by Various
On January 7 last we gave those of the new Krupp 119 ton gun.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 586, March 26, 1887" by Various
We never fancied, on that bright July morning, that Krupp of Essen's cannon and the needle-gun were soon to give laws to Paris.
"Delsarte System of Oratory" by Various
The Krupp gun cast its substance, as well as its shadow, before.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. XVII, No. 99, March, 1876" by Various
He set out from Omdurman on September 9, with 10,000 men, 4 Krupp guns and 16 light guns, 500 horses and 5500 camels.
"The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.)" by John Holland Rose
Tsing-tau was strongly fortified and had about 600 Krupp guns of various calibre.
"The Illustrated War News, Number 15, Nov. 18, 1914" by Various
Two hundred Krupp guns remaining as captures in the hands of the French!
"Dr. Dumany's Wife" by Mór Jókai
Our Krupps made good practice on the four English guns which had been stationed on the river bank to the south.
"Three Years' War" by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
And I'd rather be growing the bread that feeds the hungry than getting rich making cordite and Krupp guns!
"The Prairie Wife" by Arthur Stringer
Krupp guns (field) and 6.5 cm.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
Our French quick-firing and Krupp guns often demoralised the advancing troops.
"Through Shot and Flame" by J. D. Kestell
The failure of some of his solid-cast guns led Krupp, about 1865, to the adoption of the built-up principle.
"The Romance of Industry and Invention"
Egyptian officers showed us the Fort on a hill with two Krupp and two Maxim guns.
"Fifty-One Years of Victorian Life" by Margaret Elizabeth Leigh Child-Villiers, Countess of Jersey
The enemy shelled the bridge with Krupp guns with great vigour, and twenty men were wounded.
"South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. IV (of 6)" by Louis Creswicke
With those Krupp guns behind them, politeness looked like submission and fear.
"The Empire Makers" by Hume Nesbit
In Germany the operations of Krupp as a gun maker began to be notable about this period.
"The Progress of Invention in the Nineteenth Century." by Edward W. Byrn