Kitty Litter


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Kitty Litter granulated clay; placed in a container where it absorbs the waste products of a cat or dog
    • ***


In news:

Kitty litter, gunfire make bad combo in Fort Pierce.
Claims over Clorox Kitty Litter Ads Pass Judge's Smell Test.
Can I recycle kitty litter in the grass or non-food areas.
Although tossing your kitty litter into the grass a couple of times probably wouldn't do much damage, I would advise against it, especially long-term, even in non-food areas of the yard.
Neighbor raised a stink after convicted felon fired pistol into kitty litter .
Why Kitty Litter Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine.
KITTY LITTER Clay, silica, and plant-derived alternatives compete to keep your cat's box clean.
Kitty Litter 's Fans Victorious.
Now it's Kitty Litter 's turn.
Kitty litter increases risk of suicide.
Dread disposing of the kitty litter.
When you think of shipping radioactive material s, do you think of shipping kitty litter.
'Kitty litter' parasite seems to trigger immune reaction linked to mental health problems in people.
There's bacon ice cream, bacon vodka, even cat litter that emits a bacon smell when your kitty uses the potty.
Kitty litter absorbs garbage leakage.