• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Joltingly In a jolting manner.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In ancient Egypt, doctors used jolts from the electric catfish to reduce the pain of arthritis
    • joltingly In a jolting manner; so as to jolt or shake.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adv Joltingly in a jolting manner
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  • Irvin S. Cobb
    Irvin S. Cobb
    “A sudden violent jolt of it has been known to stop the victim's watch, snap his suspenders and crack his glass eye right across.”
  • Charles Swindoll
    Charles Swindoll
    “The swift wind of compromise is a lot more devastating than the sudden jolt of misfortune.”
  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs-jolted by every pebble in the road.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Old form joll, prob. conn. with jowl.


In literature:

However, a more violent jolt of the carriage drew a cry of pain from the girl.
"The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris" by Emile Zola
Time and again he landed terrific short arm jolts over heart and kidneys.
"The Cruise of the Dry Dock" by T. S. Stribling
But I don't know if the jolting platform is very safe.
"Lister's Great Adventure" by Harold Bindloss
And I've had several jolts too.
"John Wesley, Jr." by Dan B. Brummitt
Pressing on at a rapid jolting trot, we dashed after him in hot pursuit.
"Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier" by James Inglis
The two cars came together with a fearful jolt.
"The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly" by Margaret Burnham
And then, all at once, the jolting motion of the start ceased.
"The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise" by Margaret Burnham
That is how quite a lot of people seem to imagine national bankruptcy: as a catastrophic jolt.
"What is Coming?" by H. G. Wells
We jolted over rough roads, halting frequently because the long train filled the road ahead.
"Who Goes There?" by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
It was a long and tiresome journey; the jolting stage-coach shook me very much.
"A Roman Singer" by F. Marion Crawford

In poetry:

Her hair was so golden, her eyes were so blue,
Her face was so fair and her words seemed so true—
So green in the ways of sweet women was he
That she jolted the heart of O’Hara, J P.
"O'Hara, J.P." by Henry Lawson
He never used no matches - left em layin' on the shelf,
Just some kerosene and cussin' and the kindlin' lit itself.
And, pardner, I'm allowin' it would give a man a jolt
To see him stir frijoles with the barrel of his Colt.
"Boomer Johnson" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
How the cages jolted past, with each wagon battened fast,
And the mystery within it only hinted of at last
From the little grated square in the rear, and nosing there
The snout of some strange animal that sniffed the outer air!
"The Circus-Day Parade" by James Whitcomb Riley
I joy in my hart jest to hear that rippin' sound
When you split one down the back and jolt the halves
in two,
And the friends you love the best is gethered all around--
And you says unto your sweethart, "Oh, here's the
core fer you!"
"Wortermelon Time" by James Whitcomb Riley
Cows in the stall and sheep in the fold;
Clouds in the west, deep crimson and gold;
A heron's far flight to a roost somewhere;
The twitter of killdees keen in the air;
The noise of a wagon that jolts through the gloam
On the last load home.
"Harvest" by John Charles McNeill
Now, Poole deserves it, an' I'm pleased the lad give 'im that jolt.
'E goes fair mad in argument when once 'e gets a holt.
"Yeh make me sad," sez Digger Smith; "the both uv you," sez 'e.
"The both uv us! Gawstruth!" sez I. "You ain't includin' me?"
"Over the Fence" by C J Dennis

In news:

In the first Morning Jolt of November 2011.
Light-rail passengers experienced a jolt when a train and a semi truck carrying almonds were involved in a wreck Saturday evening.
Need a jolt of happiness.
Downtown barcade Spacebar has gotten Boise's nerds buzzing with its promise of old-school video games and drinks stiffer than Jolt Cola.
One item in today's Jolt is the reaction to the nuptials of a former First Daughter.
As the residents of Danversport piece their lives and homes back together, people say that while they feel safe, they're still haunted by the fiery explosion that jolted them out of sleep on Thanksgiving Eve.
Gives Stately Duke an Undignified Jolt.
Following a slew of conflicting court rulings, a federal appeals court has blocked the scheduled execution of a mass killer convicted of eight killings that jolted South Florida in the 1970s.
(AP) — Following a slew of conflicting court rulings, a federal appeals court Tuesday night blocked the scheduled execution of a mass killer convicted of eight slayings that jolted South Florida in the 1970s.
A federal appeals court on Tuesday night blocked the scheduled execution of a mass killer convicted of eight slayings that jolted South Florida in the 1970s.
An Electrical Jolt for Paralysis Research.
Finance Chief Callan Brings Cool Jolt of Confidence To Credit-Rattled Street.
To Cut Blood Pressure, Nerves Get a Jolt.
Yanks Jolt Mets Early and Subdue Them Late.
Miller joins Suns' power company to help jolt Legends.

In science:

If, by some mechanism, the shock were to be jolted suddenly to larger radii, the consequently lower matter temperatures would transiently result in a much lower integrated neutrino cooling rate behind the shock, while the larger radius of the shock would result in a larger gain region.
Perspectives on Core-Collapse Supernova Theory
As a result the third mass is jolted down with high velocity while the binary starts separating and loses significantly its braking effect on m.
Zeno meets modern science
Each point in space will feel a non-equilibrium jolt as a bubble wall sweeps by converting it from the symmetric phase (φ=0) to the asymmetric phase (φ 6= 0), and so baryogenesis in these scenarios takes place on (or near) the bubble walls.
The Electroweak Phase Transition, Part 1: Review of Perturbative Methods