• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Irrelative Not relative; without mutual relations; unconnected.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • irrelative Not relative; without mutual relations; unconnected.
    • irrelative In music, not having tones in common; not connected or related: as, irrelative chords, keys, etc. (that is, chords, keys, etc., that have few or no tones in common).
    • n irrelative That which is not relative or connected.
    • irrelative In biology, of or pertaining to the reduplication or repetition of like parts or organs without mutual relation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Irrelative ir-rel′a-tiv not relative
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In literature:

On the way up to her room, Miss Graham stood for some moments smiling at an irrelative picture of Westminster Abbey, hanging in the parlor.
"Stanford Stories" by Charles K. Field
After which he nacherally tosses him hither an' yon in the most irrel'vant way.
"Faro Nell and Her Friends" by Alfred Henry Lewis
Their incidents took shape and tumbled forth irrelated and inconsequent.
"The Crimson Gardenia and Other Tales of Adventure" by Rex Beach
Numerical units are therefore pre-eminently irrelative.
"The Reform of Education" by Giovanni Gentile
Then suddenly, as irrelatively perhaps as the cawing of the crows, the scene changed.
"Miss Stuart's Legacy" by Flora Annie Steel
He turned away from them as from something foreign and irrelative to him, and his calling.
"The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb" by Charles Lamb

In science:

Useless entries are “short-circuited ”, just like Algorithm 3 did for irrele vant entries.
Path Summaries and Path Partitioning in Modern XML Databases
If a set of parameters is irrele vant because their corresponding terms in y(x; c) are negligible, we should be free to include them or not in an analysis.
Precision charm physics, m_c and alpha_s from lattice QCD