• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Intra- A prefix signifying in within interior; as, intraocular, within the eyeball; intramarginal.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n intra- A Latin preposition and adverb, meaning ‘within,’ used in some phrases occasionally met in English.
    • n intra- A prefix in many words from the Latin, meaning ‘within.’ In the following etymologies it is treated much like inter-.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. intra, prep., within, on the inside; akin to inter,. See Inter-


In literature:

Here lived burgesses who daily walked the fallow; shepherds in an intra-mural squeeze.
"The Mayor of Casterbridge" by Thomas Hardy
Ex sanguine adusto, intra vel extra caput.
"The Anatomy of Melancholy" by Democritus Junior
A similar form is shown in the brief on inter-and intra-high-school contests in refuting the experience of Shortridge High School.
"Elements of Debating" by Leverett S. Lyon
In the intra-uterine period and at the very threshold of life the mortality of males is still greater.
"Sex and Society" by William I. Thomas
In this type the relation of intra-group to inter-group interval remains unchanged.
"Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1" by Various
Nectaria 5. trifida, intra corollam.
"The Botanical Magazine, Vol. I" by William Curtis
It was a play of intra-mental rhymes.
"Winds Of Doctrine" by George Santayana
The intra-thecal injection of 10 c.c.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
M. Intra, the proprietor, lays himself out to attract the English.
"The Gourmet's Guide to Europe" by Algernon Bastard
A negative opinion may be formed when evidence is found of the child having undergone intra-uterine maceration.
"Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology" by W. G. Aitchison Robertson
For a time neither of these inventions was applied to the needs of intra-urban transit at all.
"Anticipations" by Herbert George Wells
Again, selection operates both in an inter-group competition and an intra-group competition.
"Applied Eugenics" by Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson
The intra-ocular tension is markedly lowered.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
Those radiations originate we know not where, probably as a result of intra-atomic reactions.
"Spacehounds of IPC" by Edward Elmer Smith
Intra-galactic tapes will be just as good.
"The Galaxy Primes" by Edward Elmer Smith
It is also evident that they have solved the secret of intra-atomic energy.
"Skylark Three" by Edward Elmer Smith
They are of two kinds, namely, forced forms of migration, and internal or intra-state migration of peoples.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 6, 1921" by Various
Like fire, only worse, intra-atomic energy was a good servant, but a terrible master.
"The Vortex Blaster" by Edward Elmer Smith
AB INTRA (L.), from within.
"Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 4 of 4: S-Z and supplements)" by Various
The most frequent form of death from intra-cranial causes is apoplexy.
"Essays In Pastoral Medicine" by Austin ÓMalley

In news:

Two Ramona Intra soccer teams have united under the direction of professional coach Justin "JJ" Jordan and high school coach Deena Vizcarra.
Pennsylvania Primary Shows How Tough Intra -Party Politics Can Get.
China Leaders Mull Intra- Party Democratic Reform: Reuters.
Intra- county matchups highlight weekend.
Top 5 intra- city games.
And an intra- party GOP fight.
Intra-day platform choice could delay EU electricity market integration by 2014.
Even more important, intra-company transfers, which brought in another 22,000 migrants in 2009, are exempt from the cap .
Fresh off an electoral shellacking on a number of levels, Republicans are indicating intra-party soul-searching, suggesting it's time to reexamine stances and look at widening the tent to woo traditionally Democratic demographics .
Click on the Intra-County Schools of Choice application for Talented and Gifted link under Resources.
Emirates Shipping Line plans to expand its intra-Asia service network by buying slots on the Pacific South & Gulf Service (PSG) operated by Hanjin Shipping, effective in early September.
Transplace, a provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, announced it has acquired Torus Freight Systems, a Canadian-based logistics services company focused on Canadian cross-border and intra-Canada freight .
Fans will flock to Woodside High on Friday night to watch Menlo School-Atherton and Sacred Heart Prep-Atherton play a intra-divisional football game at 7 pm This is the 10th annual Valparaiso Bowl between these geographical rivals.
FDA Develops Regulations for Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps 40 Years After Their Introduction .
View Slideshow View of Kate Levant's mixed-medium installation 'eyenter integra intra' impression, 2012.

In science:

Left panel: PDD sequence. (Black) Curve: data acquired at intra-cycle times, tn = n∆t/5; (red) crosses: data at Tn = 4n∆t.
Advantages of Randomization in Coherent Quantum Dynamical Control
The model is characterized by short-range intra-cell broadcasting.
On Information Rates of the Fading Wyner Cellular Model via the Thouless Formula for the Strip
The value q/p = 1, which corresponds to equal strength of inter and intra-community connections, yields complete random network.
Spectral analysis of deformed random networks
Fig. 1(c) shows the connection matrix for q = 0.005; for this value of q , the inter-community strength is 50% (q/p = 0.5) of the intra- community strength.
Spectral analysis of deformed random networks
For q = 0.005 (q/p = 0.5) (see Fig. 1), where the strength of inter-community is as large as ∼ 50% of the intra-community connections strength, the ∆3 statistics correctly reflects the deviation from complete random matrices, suggesting the existence of communities in the network.
Spectral analysis of deformed random networks
There is also a significant component of intra-cluster stars of up to 50% which lies at the upper end of the observational estimates (see e.g.
Simulations of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters and groups: impact on gas fractions and the Lx-T scaling relation
Including the sequence in stacking interactions W is necessarily more difficult than for the intra-pair potential V because while V can only have two forms, for the AT and GC pairs, there are many more possibilities for the stacking interactions.
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
The value δ = 0.8 was chosen because it leads to a drop the factor exp(−δy ), to 1 5 of its original value for a stretching y ≈ 2 ˚A of a base pair, corresponding to overcoming the barrier in the intra-pair potential V .
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
The intra-pair potential is inspired from the results fitted for the PBD model , but, as explained above the relative difference between AT and GC pairs has been reduced.
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
Adding a barrier for closing to the intra-pair potential V is essential to get correct time scales for the lifetime of the open states.
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
The second evolution of the model was to introduce the sequence in the stacking interactions because these ineractions depend even more drastically from the sequence than the intra-base potential.
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
With pure strategies, we derive the optimal power control functions for both intra-frame and inter-frame power allocation.
Jamming in Fixed-Rate Wireless Systems with Power Constraints - Part I: Fast Fading Channels
In addition we provide alternative perspectives in obtaining the optimal intra-frame power control functions under the long-term power constraints.
Jamming in Fixed-Rate Wireless Systems with Power Constraints - Part I: Fast Fading Channels
Solution of Problem 2 To solve the minimax intra-frame power allocation problem by using the same techniques as in Problem 1 turns out to be more difficult.
Jamming in Fixed-Rate Wireless Systems with Power Constraints - Part I: Fast Fading Channels
Generally the magnetization of each cluster will fluctuate and change the direction with respect to each other in a certain time scale, which is larger than the intra cluster fluctuation.
Selective substitution in orbital domains of a low doped manganite : an investigation from Griffiths phenomenon and modification of glassy features