• A 17th-century lime kiln excavated at Jamestown. In it oyster shells from the James River were burned for making lime. The iron hoops which supported the arched top of the kiln buckled from the intense heat
    A 17th-century lime kiln excavated at Jamestown. In it oyster shells from the James River were burned for making lime. The iron hoops which supported the arched top of the kiln buckled from the intense heat
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    • n Intensation The act or process of intensifying; intensification; climax.
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Intensity magnet Intensity magnet

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  • Interesting fact: Cotton crops can be sprayed up to 40 times a year making it the most chemical-intensive crop in the world
    • n intensation The act of intensating; elevation to a higher degree of intensity.
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  • William Butler Yeats
    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”
  • John Mcdonald
    John Mcdonald
    “The intensity of your desire governs the power with which the force is directed.”
  • Susan Sontag
    “Existence is no more than the precarious attainment of relevance in an intensely mobile flux of past, present, and future.”
  • Elizabeth Drew
    Elizabeth Drew
    “The test of literature is, I suppose, whether we ourselves live more intensely for the reading of it.”
  • Arthur Schnitzler
    Arthur Schnitzler
    “Martyrdom has always been a proof of the intensity, never of the correctness of a belief.”
  • Octave Mirbeau
    Octave Mirbeau
    “Murder is born of love, and love attains the greatest intensity in murder.”


In literature:

There is a searchlight whiter, intenser, more keenly piercing than any other.
"Quiet Talks on Power" by S.D. Gordon
National life, in order to maintain its integrity, must move upon a plane of intense feeling.
"The Psychology of Nations" by G.E. Partridge
The intensity of the heat may be shown by bringing into the flame pieces of metal such as iron wire or zinc.
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
The darkness was intense, but we could easily make out the fact that our boat was stuck fast.
"By Canoe and Dog-Train" by Egerton Ryerson Young
And its respectability was intense, and at the same time broad-minded.
"Clayhanger" by Arnold Bennett
I watched them with intense interest.
"Dick Onslow" by W.H.G. Kingston
I had a good natural colour, the intensity of which ebbed and flowed with every passing emotion.
"Rattlin the Reefer" by Edward Howard
The scenes around the Cataract were intensely interesting to him.
"The Wonder Island Boys: Conquest of the Savages" by Roger Thompson Finlay
The cause of the intensity of competition in railway traffic is now evident.
"Monopolies and the People" by Charles Whiting Baker
The regiment was formed at ten o'clock at night; thick darkness, darkness of the blackest and most intense degree, prevailed.
"Three Years in the Sixth Corps" by George T. Stevens
Behind the stateroom door there followed a silence, grimly intense; then a dull pounding; then the same savage undertone.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
With the intense heat of Teheran, this became a very bad sore, and I was unable to stand up for several days.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
The trepidation on our side was intense.
"In the Forbidden Land" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
It was green in color, and intensely bitter, but it cured the cold.
"The Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War, 1861-1865" by Leander Stillwell
The cold was intense.
"An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet" by A. Henry Savage Landor
But it is an intense and very vivid life; and to the Bengali, on that account, more preferable.
"The Heart of Nature" by Francis Younghusband
To a generous nature like hers the shock of this discovery was intensely painful.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
Very intense sensations of any kind are likely to be unpleasant.
"Psychology" by Robert S. Woodworth
The gun was lowered, and the intense face of Nick scowled at the author of the interruption.
"In the Brooding Wild" by Ridgwell Cullum
He was intensely interested in what she did and said.
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser

In poetry:

All that may pass, and all that must endure,
Song speaks not, painting shews not: more intense
And keen than these, art wakes with music's lure
Soul within sense.
"Plus Intra" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
From the intense, clear, star-sown vault of heaven,
Over the lit sea's unquiet way,
In the rustling night-air came the answer:
"Wouldst thou be as these are? Live as they.
"Self-Dependence" by Matthew Arnold
Come soon, my Lord, come soon, I almost fear
My heart may fail me in this keen suspense,
Break with delight, at last, to know you near.
Pleasure is one with Pain, if too intense.
"There Is No Breeze To Cool The Heat Of Love" by Laurence Hope
'Tis night! Oh, now come forth to gaze
Upon the heavens, intense and bright!
Look on yon myriad worlds, and say,
Though beauty dwelleth with the day,
Is not God manifest by night?
"Religious Reflections On Winter: The Creator To Be Praised For All Things" by Mary Botham Howitt
As I strive to lift the burden,
When intense becomes the strife,
If you are friendly, brother,
While the tumult is rife,
Is the time above all others,
For the helping hand in life.
"My Wish" by Samuel Alfred Beadle
Yet, make it not too long, nor too intense
My thirst; lest I should break beneath the strain,
And the worn nerves, and over-wearied sense,
Enjoy not what they spent themselves to gain.
"The Temple Dancing Girl" by Laurence Hope

In news:

The Corrective Exercise Continuum INTENSIVE.
'English Don' Cornwallis joins Intensity Cycles in Indy.
Custom builder "English Don," Cornwallis , 52, has joined the crew at Intensity Cycles in Indianapolis.
Occupy Intensity, Conservative Cowardice , and a May Day to Remember.
All Blogs Phlog M1GS Dispatch from NYC: Occupy Intensity, Conservative Cowardice , and a May Day to Remember.
The turbines—part of the crematorium 's £2.3 million (US $3,611,920) furnace replacement project—would run on the steam that comes from cooling the intensely hot gasses used for cremation .
Lexey Swall/Staff Darlene Crete , the intensive reading teacher Lorenzo Walker Technical High School, talks to a student outside of her classroom Thursday morning.
Lexey Swall/Staff Darlene Crete , the intensive reading teacher Lorenzo Walker Technical High School, conducts her morning class where the students hold a mock trial based on the short story The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.
Varying the intensity and type of exercise you do not only trains different muscles but also keeps you from losing interest in exercising.
Jay Farbman / Special to The Oregonian Within months of a disabling spine injury, Rob Summers began intensive training as shown in this 2006 photograph.
Among all liberals, nearly as many strongly disapprove as intensely approve of Obama's performance on jobs.
On the eve of adolescence, intense likes and dislikes thrash around middle-level students.
A Doppler Radar detects precipitation intensity, wind direction and speed, and provides estimates of hail size and rainfall amounts.
In this memoir of high-octane intensity, L.A.
Campaigning has been especially intense in the city of Volgograd.

In science:

Intensities and intensity ratios of H2 and CO lines at the emission peak.
Density structure of the Horsehead nebula photo-dissociation region
In Table 1, we give the corresponding intensities and intensity ratios.
Density structure of the Horsehead nebula photo-dissociation region
From comparison with PDR model calculations, we show that a constant-pressure PDR model with P ∼4 106 K cm−3 best fits the global spatial stratification observed, as well as, the absolute intensities and intensity ratios of the different molecular lines and dust emissions.
Density structure of the Horsehead nebula photo-dissociation region
The intensity collected in the experiment is the sum of various such intensities - the additive gain.
Levy statistical fluctuations from a Random Amplifying Medium
The children of a particle of type x are given by a Poisson process with intensity κ(x, y) dµ(y) = Pn ∆κn (x, y) dµ(y), which can be represented as the sum of independent Poisson processes with intensities ∆κn (x, y) dµ(y).
The phase transition in inhomogeneous random graphs
The intensities were normalized to the sum of intensities at 300 K.
Static and dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in the alkali metal fulleride salts A4C60 (A = K, Rb, Cs)
Consider a single vibrational level in a molecule at temperature T . A laser with intensity IL [W/cm2 ] creates occupation of the level through pumping with a rate proportional to both the Raman-Stokes cross section σS [cm2 ] and the intensity.
A conclusive demonstration of vibrational pumping and determination of SERS cross sections
As a consequence the losses of intensity can depend nonlinearly on the intensity.
Generalized models as a universal approach to the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems
Thus we see that the intensity of zeros of F is d times the intensity of zeroes of f .
Zeros of Random Analytic Functions
As in almost all probabilistic models in the literature, we shall assume that the birth process is a time-homogeneous Poisson process of constant intensity, say, intensity 1.
Percolation on random Johnson-Mehl tessellations and related models
To construct our coupled Poisson processes, we start with three independent Poisson processes, a process P of intensity 1 on T(s) × [δ, s], and two processes on T(s) × [0, δ ], a process Pδ of intensity 1 and a process D ′ of (much higher) intensity δ−1/2 .
Percolation on random Johnson-Mehl tessellations and related models
Notice that ξ λ is a Poisson point process whose intensity is the product of the Lebesgue measure on Rd by ν ([λ, +∞))δ1 . if eξ is a Poisson point process on Rd × (0, +∞) Then, we use the scaling property: whose intensity is the product of the Lebesgue measure on Rd by δ1 , then ES (ξ λ ) = ν ([λ, +∞))1/dES ( eξ ).
Continuous first-passage percolation and continuous greedy paths model: linear growth
The maximum intensity result slowly approaches the Gumbel distribution even though the variables are bounded, whereas the minimum intensity result rapidly approaches the Weibull distribution.
Extreme statistics of complex random and quantum chaotic states
We will distinguish between a ‘low intensity’ (ℓ < ℓcr ) and a ‘high intensity’ (ℓ > ℓcr ) regime.
Branching diffusions, superdiffusions and random media
In fact, the analysis shows that the optimal strategy is more extreme: in the low intensity regime I (ℓ, β , d) grows linearly with ℓ and reaches the value β , while in the high intensity regime it is always β (see Fig. 1).
Branching diffusions, superdiffusions and random media