• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Infra-red affected by infrared radiation; as, infrared detector; infrared film.
    • Infra-red (Physics) Lying outside the visible spectrum at its red end; -- said of rays having a longer wavelength (and thus less refrangible) than the extreme red rays, specifically those electromagnetic waves having a wavelength of between 700 nanometers and 1 millimeter.
    • Infra-red relating to, using, or producing infrared radiation.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Infra-, + red,


In literature:

This absorbed radiation is chiefly known as infra-red energy, which does not arouse the sensation of light.
"Artificial Light" by M. Luckiesh
The monochrome view, transformed from infra red, rotated as the snooper circled and changed course.
"Naudsonce" by H. Beam Piper
Infra-red circuits took over from standard scan at dark.
"Code Three" by Rick Raphael
Jupiter's atmosphere is one mass of fog, and we couldn't see, since we haven't got an infra-red transformer.
"Spacehounds of IPC" by Edward Elmer Smith
I'll cut out the visible spectrum before the flash, and convert and reconvert the infra-red.
"Skylark Three" by Edward Elmer Smith
A white-speckled grey filled the infra-red screen, radiation from the still warm sand and stone.
"Planet of the Damned" by Harry Harrison
The men now hunting him knew their way through the tunnels, probably with the aid of markings that fluoresced under infra-red light.
"A World is Born" by Leigh Douglass Brackett
Captain Greer surveyed the hallways with his infra-red binoculars.
"Anything You Can Do ..." by Gordon Randall Garrett
The infra-red part of the spectrum, investigated by Langley, Abney, and Knut Angstrom, reaches perhaps no definite end.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
Probably infra-red telenses too, so they can see what we do.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl

In news:

Infra -red search and track.
Fox to use infra -red technology in World Series coverage.
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory MkIV interferometer is a high resolution Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) spectrometer, designed to remotely sense the atmospheric composition.
Danish thermoformer Faerch Plast A/S is developing a type of crystalline PET that can be detected by infra red technology in recycling streams, meaning the material can be separated from mixed plastics waste.
A.S.C is simple, consisting of a circle of infra-red LEDs mounted on a headband.
Infra-red search and track.
Fox to use infra-red technology in World Series coverage.
The NuWave says it uses conduction, convection, and infra-red technology.
The fun part is the quad -copter dog fighting using infra-red sensors, Pedersen said.

In science:

Also, as αs reduces so real emission is less likely and the Sudakov suppression is less effective in steering QT away from the infra-red.
Diffractive Higgs production: theory
Discussion of the infra-red sensitivity would not be complete without returning to the issue of the unintegrated gluon density.
Diffractive Higgs production: theory
Since BL are not interested in suppressing radiation, they do have a problem with the infra-red since there is no Sudakov factor.
Diffractive Higgs production: theory
The underlying theory has been explained and the various sources of uncertainty highlighted with particular emphasis on the sensitivity of the predictions to gluon dynamics in the infra-red region.
Diffractive Higgs production: theory
Knox et al. 2004) have been carried out testing how well one can hope to extract vpec via the kSZ effect, including the effects of known systematic errors and noise sources, e.g., interstellar dust emission, infra-red (IR) galaxies, radio sources, imperfect bulk velocity, etc.
A potentially pure test of cosmic geometry: galaxy clusters and the real space Alcock-Paczynski test