• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Infare A house-warming; especially, a reception, party, or entertainment given by a newly married couple, or by the husband upon receiving the wife to his house.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • infare To go in; enter.
    • n infare An entertainment given to friends upon newly entering a house; a housewarming.
    • n infare A wedding reception; the housewarming entertainment given by a newly married couple.
    • n infare Also infair.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. infær, entrance


In literature:

Christ's rood made she on breastbone and him drew that he would rathe infare under her thatch.
"Ulysses" by James Joyce
She can not manage the "infare" unless Susan comes home and helps.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
O'Keefe was riding on that moonlit night at the gallop of bold dreams, and in his mind were visions of wedding and infare.
"A Pagan of the Hills" by Charles Neville Buck
But it was more a feature of infares, held commonly by daylight, than of wedding suppers.
"Dishes & Beverages of the Old South" by Martha McCulloch Williams
A wedd'n' is a wedd'n', a infare is a infare, a Chris'mus dinneh is a Chris'mus dinneh!
"John March, Southerner" by George W. Cable
The threat of lurking enemies had shadowed the celebration of wedding and infare.
"The Tempering" by Charles Neville Buck

In news:

Art historians in Italy think they have uncovered a tiny hidden self portrait of Caravaggio using an infared technique.
BAE Systems has been working on a technology that can make objects as large as tanks invisible to infared sensors.

In science:

Also, recent studies have discovered WTTs which show infared excesses indicative of circumstellar discs (Gregorio-Hetem & Hetem 2002).
Evidence for high accretion-rates in Weak-Line T Tauri stars?
The resulting infared limit has the Schwarszchild geometry as an exact solution, suggesting that the theory is likely compatible with the standard solar-system tests.
General Covariance in Gravity at a Lifshitz Point
Although VLBA images of these transient ejecta by Dhawan et al. (2000) have shown that they are in fact connical jets, the model first developed for AGN is a good first approximation, and allows to demonstrate that the infared flares that preceed the radio flares are synchrotron, rather than thermal emission.
Microquasars as sources of high energy phenomena
Strocchi, A non-perturbative approach to the infared problem in QED: Construction of charged states.
Indefinite metric
By combining optical data for locations with measured [S II]λ6731 over the range 3-5.9 (see Figure 1) together with a subset of near-infared data, we derived a representative median spectrum for this domain.
The Crab Nebula's Composition and Precursor Star Mass