Induction generator


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Induction generator A machine built as an induction motor and driven above synchronous speed, thus acting as an alternating-current generator; -- called also asynchronous generator. Below synchronism the machine takes in electrical energy and acts as an induction motor; at synchronism the power component of current becomes zero and changes sign, so that above synchronism the machine (driven for this purpose by mechanical power) gives out electrical energy as a generator.
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In news:

In quick review, an inductive sensor generates an electromagnetic wave at a specific tuned frequency.
Balluff Inc, Florence, KY, introduces its new generation of inductive ring sensors, designed to help whenever the in-feed of small metal parts must be monitored. New Generation of KitchenAid® Gas and Electric Ranges Includes an Induction Option.
BENTON HARBOR, Mich. KitchenAid, the brand recognized for offering professional performance for the home kitchen, has introduced a new generation of freestanding electric and gas ranges that includes its first-ever induction model.

In science:

Finitely generated virtually abelian groups are finite dimensional CAT(0)-groups and belong to B . A simple induction shows that this implies that all virtually nilpotent groups belong to B , compare the proof of [9, Lemma 1.13].
The Borel Conjecture for hyperbolic and CAT(0)-groups
By induction it is enough to prove that Ω(F ) is generated in degree 1.
Graded and Koszul categories
The theorem is proven by inductively constructing a set of generators of gn , n ∈ Z, consisting of g0 weight vectors, using the form (x, y )0 .
Borcherds' proof of the Conway-Norton conjecture
The first is to prove finite generation of strictly dlt rings (see below) by restriction to a boundary divisor using lifting lemmas and induction on dimension.
Finite generation of adjoint rings after Lazic: an introduction
I may by theorem 1.16 and induction on dimension—that the restricted rings RBj (X ; Λj ) are finitely generated, that the ring R(X ; Λ′) also is finitely generated, and then ultimately so is the ring R(X ; Λ).
Finite generation of adjoint rings after Lazic: an introduction
To prove our main result it suffices to show that if A ∈ Cn then A ∈ D , and this is done by induction on the number of generators of A.
Classification of some countable descendant-homogeneous digraphs
We use induction on the number of generators of A to show that A ∈ D .
Classification of some countable descendant-homogeneous digraphs
We prove by induction that r ′ = pd: Assume thus that p−rk(A) = d and let s′ = (q/p)b ∈ S (B ), a generator.
SNOQIT I: Growth of $\Lambda$-modules and Kummer theory
From this, a standard argument based an induction on the number of generators of a yields the result below; see [12, Proposition 2.11].
Representations of finite groups: Local cohomology and support
G) is in the subgroupoid G′ of G generated by A := AR by induction on L(g ).
Groupoids, root systems and weak order I
The proof is by induction again, and we start with the pentagon of 0th generation.
Periodic trajectories in the regular pentagon, II
Our algorithm in positive characteristic works by induction on the invariant “σ” based upon the notion of a leading generator system (cf. ).
Resolution of singularities of an idealistic filtration in dimension 3 after Benito-Villamayor
By induction there is a (cid:12)nitely generated extension of K such that Xi = Yi \ F is isomorphic to Yi .
Separation of Semialgebraic Sets
By the induction hypothesis there is a (cid:12)nitely generated extension k of kW with k (cid:26) kV and such that X = Y \ k is isomorphic to Y .
Separation of Semialgebraic Sets
So by induction on n we can assume that all vectors of weights 6= (1n ) are in the subspace generated by the images of ψ (r, m).
Two results on equations of nilpotent orbits