Indicator card


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Indicator card the figure drawn by an engine indicator, by means of which the working of the engine can be investigated and its power calculated. The Illustration shows one form of indicator card, from a steam engine, together with scales by which the pressure of the steam above or below that of the atmosphere, corresponding to any position of the engine piston in its stroke, can be measured. Called also indicator diagram.
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In literature:

The places to be occupied by the guests were indicated by cards bearing their names.
"My Lady's Money" by Wilkie Collins
The men were playing cards, and a pile of paper money indicated that the stakes were high.
"The Girl From Keller's" by Harold Bindloss
The first indication we had that our cards had taken effect was the change in the soup.
"Three Times and Out" by Nellie L. McClung
Indicate the arrangement on cards by two numbers, in blue ink: the Classification number and the Author number.
"A Library Primer" by John Cotton Dana
An indication on the fingerprint card to the effect "fresh cut, bandaged" is not sufficient to file the fingerprint card.
"The Science of Fingerprints" by Federal Bureau of Investigation
But if influenced by like suit, it is a favorable card and indicates a pleasing Journey, or Meeting.
"The Square of Sevens" by E. Irenaeus Stevenson
In each hat was fixed a card, indicating the name of the owner.
"The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 28, April 1893" by Various
He noticed the visiting cards nailed to each press, indicating the owner.
"Messengers of Evil" by Pierre Souvestre
The card gave no indication of urgency.
"Dr. Sevier" by George W. Cable
A printed card in one of the lower front windows indicated that roomers were wanted.
"The Film of Fear" by Arnold Fredericks
Each drawer or compartment in which cards are filed is labelled on the outside, to indicate its contents.
"How Department Stores Are Carried On" by W. B. Phillips
It is only persistent card-leaving that is indicative of this latter.
"Book of Etiquette" by Lillian Eichler
The result is indicated by the diagram, which shows on what parts of the card the impressions fall.
"Finger Prints" by Francis Galton
"Bridge; its Principles and Rules of Play" by J.B. Elwell
The card was indicated; she played it.
"The Wolves of God" by Algernon Blackwood
Indicator cards are in themselves inadequate, and should be supplemented by the records of explosion-recorders.
"Gas-Engines and Producer-Gas Plants" by R. E. Mathot
This vane or card hangs just before the aperture in the indicator frame.
"Electric Bells and All About Them" by S. R. Bottone
The second lead of the same suit will in some cases indicate the number of cards in the suit, from which the original card was played.
"Hoyle's Games Modernized"
Guide cards are furnished in several colors to indicate divisions of the file, and these are plain, or with printed numbers and letters.
"Foods and Household Management" by Helen Kinne
I heard you tell him in French that that was the ugliest card in the pack: indicating death.
"Johnny Ludlow, Fifth Series" by Mrs. Henry Wood

In news:

A promotional card for Sanofi Aventis's Uroxatral omitted indication and risk information, and also used outdated product labeling, according to a DDMAC.
Assistant US Attorney Reed Brodsky showed jurors data about the card's use, which indicates that on March 12, 2007, someone using the card assigned to Gupta swiped into Galleon 's Madison Avenue office at 11:36 a.m.
Rockingham County Registrar Doug Geib says some new voter cards indicate a polling place at John C Myers Middle School.
Councilman indicates it's time to change intrusive process to obtain work card.
Recent reports indicate that the majority of the time when your credit card company calls you to inquire about potentially fraudulent activity on your account, it is not an attempt to sell you additional products and services.
Plug $6,700 -- the typical household credit card debt -- into the Payoff calculator and indicate an average rate on your existing card of 20 percent.
For instance, the Kiowa Guide card (pictured above) requires you to discard 1 from your hand, as indicated by the 1?
School 2011 Graduation Rate Attendance Rate Percentage Percentage of State Indicators Met Performance Index Adequate yearly progress Value Added Growth Preliminary report card rating.
Godsoe's 4-year-old son Taten had just received his provincial medicare card, which required his mother to indicate whether the boy would donate his organs if, for some reason, he died.
A Maryland nonprofit group indicates reports of child abuse increase at report card time, and they hope to help families in need.
Two-sided table cards that indicate whether diners want others to sit at their table have been introduced in the Hokie Grill on the campus of Virginia Tech University, reports the Collegiate Times.
You can indicate your desire to donate by signing a donor card.
A review of port officials' credit card receipts in recent years indicates that high-ticket golfing, liquor and massages are all part of the port 's business culture.
In an interview with WNBC's Jay DeDapper to be broadcast this Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Malcom Smith, D-Queens, gives the clearest indication yet that a government shutdown may be in the cards.
Meander named its new debut album, The Tower , after the tarot card indicating radical change, chaos, and an upheaval in the status quo.

In science:

The value of F is a natural number indicating the position of the next card to be turned over.
Independence Properties of Algorithmically Random Sequences
When a bug needs to move on, it may pick up any card from the site it’s on and move in the indicated direction, eating the card in the process.
Goldbug Variations
We introduce the two following indices which will be used regularly i0 = card N (−n, 0) and i1 = card N (−n, nν ).
On slowdown and speedup of transient random walks in random environment
For a finite set X ⊆ R2 and a point Y ∈ [0, 2π)card (X ) , we define indicator random variables hT (X , Y ) := 1[G(X ,Y ,1)∼=T ] and hn,T (X , Y ) := 1[G(X ,Y ,rn )∼=T ] .
Laws of Large Numbers of Subgraphs in Directed Random Geometric Networks
The whole detection chain, from the sensor, ASIC, PCB, interface card to the DAQ system were tested for a total of 1200 calorimetric cells. A calibration chain has been established and the preliminary analysis of the data indicates that the signal over noise ratio is better than that of the physics prototype.
Calorimetry for Lepton Collider Experiments - CALICE results and activities
Suppose thus that Ω is defined as in (3.1), with F an infinite class of functions F = (cid:8)fα : Rd → R, α ∈ A(cid:9) where A ⊆ R is a countable set of indices and card (F ) = card (A) = ∞.
An estimation method for the chi-square divergence with application to test of hypotheses
Before doing so, we indicate the importance of card shuffling in Lie theory and give some necessary background.
Counting semisimple orbits of finite Lie algebras by genus