Incandescent light


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Incandescent light (Elec) a kind of lamp in which the light is produced by a thin filament of conducting material, now usually tungsten, but originally carbon, contained in a vacuum or an atmosphere of inert gas within a glass bulb, and heated to incandescence by an electric current. It was inventerd by Thomas Edison, and was once called the Edison lamp; -- called also incandescence lamp, and glowlamp. This is one of the two most common sources of electric light, the other being the fluorescent light fluorescent lamp or fluorescent bulb.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Incandescent light a brilliant white light produced by a resisting conductor under an electric current, or by coal-gas burnt under a mantle or hood of the oxide of didymium and others of the alkaline earths
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—in, in, candescĕrecandēre, to glow.


In literature:

Light returned as the automatic emergency incandescent lights in the room, fed from an energy store coil, flashed on abruptly.
"Invaders from the Infinite" by John Wood Campbell
We were heading for a great arch of incandescent light.
"Europe After 8:15" by H. L. Mencken, George Jean Nathan and Willard Huntington Wright
There were five lights on each side of the boat and each light had five incandescent bulbs, making fifty lights in all.
"A Journey Through France in War Time" by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
Through the drawn shade of one of these came the rays of incandescent bulbs which lighted the room.
"Campfire Girls at Twin Lakes" by Stella M. Francis
This is made very hot by the flame and becomes incandescent, giving out light.
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
Edison had not then begun his experiments, and the incandescent light was not even dreamed of.
"Donahoe's Magazine, Volume 15, No. 1, January 1886" by Various
For lighting purposes there were 1450 miles of electric wire, 1200 poles, 35,000 incandescent lamps.
"Woodrow Wilson and the World War" by Charles Seymour
Mary Rose's face was an incandescent light as, with a good-by pat for the blackest pony, she ran back to them.
"Mary Rose of Mifflin" by Frances R. Sterrett
You can't turn his incandescent lights down low.
"The New Pun Book" by Thomas A. Brown and Thomas Joseph Carey
It is by such means that the mantles used in the Welsbach system of incandescent lighting are prepared.
"Researches on Cellulose" by C. F. Cross

In news:

Will my incandescent Christmas lights destroy the planet.
Is the GOP fiddling while incandescent lights--not to mention this great Republic — burn.
If you are looking to save some money for your law office and help the environment, then you need to turn off your dependency on standard incandescent light bulbs.
2 years after phasing out incandescent bulbs, Ikea plans to sell only LED lighting by 2016.
New technology overtaking incandescent light bulbs.
Lights out for 100-watt incandescent bulbs in California.
Incandescent light bulb phaseout begins Jan 1.
Don't Throw Out Your Incandescent Light Bulbs – They Will Not Be Banned.
Switching from traditional incandescent light bulb s to energy-efficient lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to save energy and money, according to Energy Trust of Oregon.
The incandescent light bulb is on it's way to being ' lights out'.
He says LED lights will burn for about 70,000 hours, compared to incandescent lights , which only burn for about 2,000.
Starting in June, the incandescent lights you're used to using will no longer be manufactured, and that means you're going to have to make the switch to LED or more energy-efficient lighting .
For King Air G1000 upgraders, a new option is replacement of the old-style incandescent-lighted caution warning panels with a Luma Technologies LED -based panel.
As you may (or may not) know, your incandescent light bulb will begin to go the way of VHS and vinyl records as of Jan 1.
A unit with special "warm white" fluorescent bulbs or incandescent lights is best.

In science:

The first problem concerns the possibility of replacing dome stic lightning, that was then provided by the burning of gases, by d.c. electricity combined with the novel (at the time) incandescent light bulb patented by Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) in 1880.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
The invention of the incandescent light bulb changes it all.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
Therefore, it is not reasonable to change the domestic lightning system from gas lamps to incandescent light bulbs powered by electricity.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
We present here a study of polarized light emission from individual incandescent MWCNTs, where the emitter peak temperatures are in excess of 2000 K.
Polarized light emission from individual incandescent carbon nanotubes
In conclusion, we have structurally characterized individual MWCNTs, brought them to incandescence, and measured their polarized light emission.
Polarized light emission from individual incandescent carbon nanotubes