• WordNet 3.6
    • n IMU a terrorist group of Islamic militants formed in 1996; opposes Uzbekistan's secular regime and wants to establish an Islamic state in central Asia; is a conduit for drugs from Afghanistan to central Asian countries
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n imu In the Hawaiian Islands, a pit used for baking meat or vegetables by means of heated stones.
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In literature:

Calling them about her she commanded that an immense imu be dug in the top of Halai Hill.
"Legends of Wailuku" by Charlotte Hapai
Then came the days of digging out the hill and making a great imu or cooking oven and preparing it with stones and wood.
"Legends of Ma-ui--a demi god of Polynesia, and of his mother Hina" by W. D. Westervelt
He was baked alive in the imu prepared on his own land at Waikiki.
"Legends of Gods and Ghosts (Hawaiian Mythology)" by W. D. (William Drake) Westervelt

In news:

Analog Devices' New 10-Degrees-of-Freedom IMU at Sensors Expo 2011.
IMU LEADER CONFIRMED KILLED ISAF confirmed that during an operation that lead to the capture of an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Leader, a second one was killed.
New combo sensor detects angular rate and acceleration in all three spatial axes (6dof imu*).
Trimble has introduced the AP20-C, the latest addition to its AP Series of embedded GNSS-Inertial OEM boards plus Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).
Italy expects to raise about 21 billion euros ($26.3 billion) from the new property tax known as IMU.
The Lahainaluna High School Foundation is charging ahead with the next phase of " Redo the Imu," a grassroots effort to build a state-of-the-art stadium at the historic school.

In science:

F igure 1 . A scena r io o f in te l l igence repo r t s ( red ) in the sou th a rch ipe lago o f S tockho lm ( s imu la ted da ta ) .
Beslutst\"odssystemet Dezzy - en \"oversikt
I I I . S IMU LAT ION R E SU LT S A number of simulations have been carried out to check the performance of the proposed model along its two main goals: generating a power-law in the degree distribution and controlling the clustering coefficient5 .
Generating Scale-free Networks with Adjustable Clustering Coefficient Via Random Walks
NUM ER ICA L S IMU LAT ION S We consider a Bernoulli-Gaussian distribution p (cid:98)X = (1 − ε)δ0 + ε γC , where γC is the standard complex gaussian a random signal ((cid:98)x(ω))ω∈Ωn by sampling i.i.d. coordinates measure and δ0 is the delta function at 0.
Subsampling at Information Theoretically Optimal Rates
Adler R, Ewing J, Taylor P (2008) Joint Committee on Quantitative Assessment of Research: Citation Statistics (A report from the International Mathematical Union (IMU) in cooperation with the International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) and the Institute of Mathemat.
Deep Impact: Unintended consequences of journal rank
Taylor, “Citation statistics: A report from the International Mathematical Union (IMU), in cooperation with the International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS),” corrected ve rsion of June 12, 2008.
A view of mathematics research productivity at U.S. regional public universities
The initial replacement gg([−2eps], iMU?) → iMU starts the loop over the sum of all swaps in Equation (188).
Automated Evaluation of One-Loop Six-Point Processes for the LHC
Let h (u) be a function which (i) is analytic in the strip |Imu| ≤ 1/2 + δ, (ii) is even: h(u) = h (−u) , and (iii) declines sufficiently fast in the strip: |h (u)| = O (cid:16)(1 + |Reu|)−2−δ (cid:17).
Statistical properties of zeta functions' zeros