• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Hilary hil′ar-i a term or session of the High Court of Justice in England; also one of the university terms at Oxford and Dublin—from St Hilary of Poitiers (died 367), festival, Jan. 13.
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In literature:

Blind, maimed, paralysed, in motley garments, they were hilariously happy.
"Love Stories" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
The dinner was fully equal to Mr. Sage's best efforts, and the occasion was as hilarious and as pleasant as it could be.
"Across India" by Oliver Optic
That's why I'm hilarious.
"A Daughter of the Dons" by William MacLeod Raine
Nobody else found more than one and several of them found none at all, so Dicky, after all, was hilarious.
"Ethel Morton at Rose House" by Mabell S. C. Smith
The call of the two doctors at the house was positively hilarious.
"'Doc.' Gordon" by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman
They had been having a hilarious evening.
"The Christmas Angel" by Abbie Farwell Brown
Both horrid mouths now bellowed hilariously.
"The Poor Little Rich Girl" by Eleanor Gates
Delivered before the University of Oxford in Hilary Term.
"The Pleasures of England" by John Ruskin
Men and women, inclined to be hilarious, thronged the pavements under the strong lights.
"In Friendship's Guise" by Wm. Murray Graydon
I was as hilarious as they.
"Humphrey Bold" by Herbert Strang
On the boat he was greeted hilariously by Gillow the gunner and Sparkes the sapper, who invited him below to drink success to the voyage.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, January 21st, 1920" by Various
The Reverend Hilary Vireo, as I have told you, was the minister.
"The Other Girls" by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
For Hilary says, 'The sense, not the speech, makes the crime.
"Apologia pro Vita Sua" by John Henry Newman
Ordinarily, this was a household of hilarious temperament.
"The Ordeal" by Charles Egbert Craddock
The hilarious game, as Gard learned, was to obtain favors in exchange for nothing as far as possible.
"Villa Elsa" by Stuart Henry
But the owner was a very good fellow, and as Hilary said, 'There it is, you see.
"Round About a Great Estate" by Richard Jefferies
Tom didn't feel unduly hilarious, however.
"Left End Edwards" by Ralph Henry Barbour
With the mounting of their hastily swilled liquor the hilarious patrons of Peden's hall became more contemptuous of the city marshal.
"Trail's End" by George W. Ogden
From shop to shop they went, becoming more hilarious, more boisterous as they proceeded.
"Rabbi and Priest" by Milton Goldsmith
We were almost hilarious.
"Affinities and Other Stories" by Mary Roberts Rinehard

In poetry:

I also gave in fashion
Hilariously free,
The Girl and Horse Department
In charge of Ogilvie.
"A Vision Splendid" by Victor James Daley
Thou art stained with wine
Scattered from hilarious goblets,
As the leaves with the libations
Of Olympus.
"To An Old Danish Songbook" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
For late, with wild, hilarious glee,
Their reckless course had run,
And now, it seem'd as if they thought
Of all the ill they'd done.
"The Fisherman's Wife" by Thomas Frederick Young

In news:

Considering Ferrell is a comedic heavyweight, the promos for the episode are no less than hilarious.
Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel Henry Holt, 365 pp.
GALENA -Looking for a hilarious comedy full of mystery that will leave you guessing at every turn and laughing until your stomach hurts.
Granted, it's not what it sounds like, but it does make for a hilarious bit to play over and over and over.
A Sampling Of Hilarious Reactions To The Avril Lavigne-Chad Kroeger Engagement.
Students displayed their courtroom acumen on the Scripps stage as they portrayed the roles of judge, lawyers, clients, and jury in the hilariously funny rhyming play "The Trial of Goldilocks ".
Onion SportsDome This is hilarious.
A highlight reel for the SciFi/comedy features its stars dropping character and making some hilarious blunders.
With feathers and bug eyes, and they're hilarious.
'You've Got Hate Mail , the Key West Summer Stage's second offering of the season, is so totally, technologically over the top that it's bound to be both hilarious reassurance and a cautionary tale for anyone with an email account.
From a sister alt-weekly in Madison, WI came a link to this hilarious video.
After Fox Searchlight's Amelia spectacularly flamed out last October, the studio tries again to grab awards-season honors with another biopic starring and executive-produced by Hilary Swank.
This Saturday night, psychological illusionist Joshua Seth will be sure to entertain you with his jaw-dropping, mind-blowing and hilarious hypnosis show.
Hilary Feldmeier had 19 points and six digs as Magnolia topped John Marshall .
Stephen Adly Guirgis's controversially titled The Motherf** ker With the Hat, playing now at GableStage, is raw, darkly hilarious, and certainly one of the funniest plays you'll see this season.

In science:

The reason is that, for our intuition, the claims of civilizations much more advanced than us must necessarily sound ridiculous, hilarious, crazy, science fiction ideas.
Brane Worlds, the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture
Martin Davis and Hilary Putnam. A computing procedure for quantification theory.
Short Propositional Refutations for Dense Random 3CNF Formulas
As Hans Reichenbach (Hilary Putnam is perhaps his best-known student) found in the 1920s onwards, formalising definability in the real world comes into its own when we need to clarify and better understand the content of a hard-to-grasp description of reality, such as Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
Definability in the Real Universe
B¨uchi asked this question because a positive answer to it would imply a stronger form of the negative answer to Hilbert’s Tenth Problem solved in 1970 by Yuri Matiyasevich using results of Martin Davis, Hilary Putnam and Julia Robinson.
The analogue of B\"uchi's problem for function fields