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    • ns Heart-cam a form of cam-wheel used for converting uniform rotary motion into uniform reciprocating motion
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. heorte; Dut. hart, Ger. herz; cog. with L. cor, cordis, Gr. kardia.


In literature:

Heart cam, to draw, 75, 76.
"Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught" by Joshua Rose
How cam'st thou hither (then amaine he cries) To kil my heart?
"Seven Minor Epics of the English Renaissance (1596-1624)" by Dunstan Gale
He knew why tender-hearted Cam had fled from a good-bye scene.
"The Price of the Prairie" by Margaret Hill McCarter

In poetry:

But there is ane, when I had naething,
A' his heart he gied to me;
And sair he toiled, to mak' a wee thing,
To gi'e me when he cam frae sea.
"The Heiress" by Carolina Oliphant
First when he cam' to view our land,
The gracefu' looks o' the princely laddie
Made a' our true Scots hearts to warm,
And blythe to wear the tartan plaidie.
"My Bonnie Hieland Laddie" by Carolina Oliphant
All was gloom; and in vain had I striven,
For hope ceased a ray to impart;
When thou cam'st, like a meteor from heaven,
And gave peace to my desolate heart!
"Constancy, To----" by Thomas Gent
But they never cam' oot wi' his name, I trow,
Though it lay in their heart an' heid;
"It will sune be seen, for the curse," they said,
"Canna pass by siccan a deed."
"The Weary Weird" by Alexander Anderson
"I'm brint, I'm brint, how cam' it this way?
I fear I'll no ride for mony a day, —
Send aff the men, and to Prince Charlie say,
My heart is wi' him, but I'm tied by the tae."
"Ye'll Mount, Gudeman" by Carolina Oliphant
Whan I first saw this bairnie the nicht she cam' hame,
I said in my heart, to my sin an' my shame,
Whan the cravin' wee mouthie it open'd to greet,
Anither mouth sent me, but whaur is the meat?
"Grannie's Tale: A Ballad o'Memorie" by Janet Hamilton

In news:

Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes: The Canes control their playoff destiny, and it's no surprise that netminder Cam Ward, a former playoff MVP, has been at the heart of the squad's unlikely late-season surge.
So it is with a glad heart that I direct your attention to this life-affirming video of Hanks and Wilson smooching on a Kiss Cam at a recent L.A. Kings hockey game.