Head reach


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Head reach the distance to windward traversed by a vessel while tacking
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. rǽcan; Ger. reichen, to reach.


In literature:

Winton was among the first to reach the head of the long train.
"A Fool For Love" by Francis Lynde
Reaching forward she took his head between her hands, and arranged his black curls about his brow in a way to suit her.
"The History of David Grieve" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
The exultation reached its highest point when the first temporary government, with Prince Lvov at the head, was announced.
"The Russian Revolution; The Jugo-Slav Movement" by Alexander Petrunkevitch, Samuel Northrup Harper, Frank Alfred Golder, Robert Joseph Kerner
It rose above my head farther than I could reach.
"Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood" by George MacDonald
There was a band of gold round her head, and her fine brown hair reached down to her waist on both sides.
"Olaf the Glorious" by Robert Leighton
Before she had reached the edge of the woods I had overtaken her, my traps under my arm, my white umbrella over my head.
"The Underdog" by F. Hopkinson Smith
He reached the edge, shoved the board into it, and dropped gently into the water beside it, submerged to the head.
"The Rock of Chickamauga" by Joseph A. Altsheler
If not, I will head a party into the tops, from which I will undertake to drive them out of the reach of our muskets in five minutes.
"Homeward Bound" by James Fenimore Cooper
It is at the head of a rocky gully; it is very rough to reach, and no feed within a mile and a half of it.
"Explorations in Australia" by John Forrest
We reached the head of Madison Valley Feb. 19, north of Red Bank Canyon, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds.
"The Spenders" by Harry Leon Wilson

In poetry:

Troops will then reform and march away
To the thud of hoofs and heavy tread,
And the cross will reach towards the sky
Like a water-spout above our heads.
"Mary Magdalene II" by Boris Pasternak
He saw how England, resting on her past,
Among the faded garlands of her dead,
Woke; for a whisper reached her heart at last,
And once again she raised her steel-clad head.
"The Phantom Fleet" by Alfred Noyes
Is eloquence?—Her spell is thine that reaches
The heart, and makes the wisest head its sport;
And there's one rare, strange virtue in thy speeches,
The secret of their mastery,—they are short.
"Red Jacket" by Fitz-Greene Halleck
He was afraid, yet awful gladness reached
His soul: the testimony of the lost
Upbraided him; but while he trembled yet,
The heavenly child had lifted up its head
And left his arms, and on the marble floor
Stood beckoning.
"The Monitions of the Unseen" by Jean Ingelow
You have never done that: I do not know
Why I stood staring at your bed
And heard you, though you spoke so low,
But could not reach your hands, your little head;
There was nothing we could not do, you said,
And you went, and I let you go!
"In Nunhead Cemetery" by Charlotte Mary Mew
We reached a hundred and twenty once in the Court at noon,
(I've mentioned Pagett was portly) Pagett, went off in a swoon.
That was an end to the business; Pagett, the perjured, fled
With a practical, working knowledge of "Solar Myths" in his head.
"Pagett, M.P." by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

After stowing away on a ship from Europe, WB reached America and headed west with little more than a horse and a gun to seek his fortune.
D'Antoni has never won an NBA title as a head coach, but his Suns team did reach the conference finals twice.
Green head coach Mike Lazor said this year's swim team has reached a milestone.
Pet toothbrushes often are shaped to fit over one finger so that you can hold your pet's head still and gently lift his or her lip in order to reach the gums .
Seven local girls' volleyball team will begin play in the Central Coast Section playoffs this week, but only five have a chance of reaching the finals as head-to-head matchups will limit the potential finalists.
The Scotties reached the Regional Final last season and return many key contributors, along with a proven head coach in Justin Buttermoore.
The American antivirus pioneer sent me an essay this morning in which he offers his perspective on Belize's history and politics, and his conflicts with the government — conflicts that have now reached a head.
If you like to keep life interesting like our family does, then pile in the car and head south on Ind 37 until you reach Paoli and make a right turn to French Lick .
A source reportedly told the newspaper that the family has reached out to several media outlets in recent days… The "head of the Kardashian Clan," Kris Jenner, would not be the editor of the publications .
As he roams from station to station at his youth fitness clinic on a Saturday morning in June, he's constantly reaching out—patting one boy's back, rubbing another's head, gently tugging a little girl's ear.
It was a lumbering, wide-headed creature with tiny, close-set eyes, and it likely had to wait on a stream bottom for its prey to swim within reach.
Janice Tisdale says she had just finished showing the man the upscale northwest side home and was reaching for the front door's lock when he struck her head with a pole from inside the house.
Smoke Shack 's barbecue is headed down the right path, but only some of it reached that summit of glory, like the chicken (antibiotic- and hormone-free).
Skillet have reached mainstream success with their 2009 album, Awake, but it definitely hasn't gone to lead singer John Cooper's head.
Lawyers for former IMF head Dominique Strauss -Kahn have denied reaching a settlement with Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel maid who accused him of attempted rape.

In science:

The ith flip being heads means in the breadth-first stage that if the ith stage is reached and j has not yet entered the queue, then j is adjacent to the “popped” vertex.
Counting Connected Graphs Asymptotically
Now suppose g′ is a configuration that can be reached from g without changing the direction of any head.
Randomized Computations on Large Data Sets: Tight Lower Bounds
Then g′ is reached from g with at most ℓ − t head movements, because a head can move into the same direction for at most l−1 times on a list of length l.
Randomized Computations on Large Data Sets: Tight Lower Bounds
Then the cell size of all configurations that can be reached from g without changing the direction of any head is at most 1 + t · (2 + s) + 3 = 4 + t · (2 + s).
Randomized Computations on Large Data Sets: Tight Lower Bounds
In contrast, in the ‘head’ regime the ‘stationarity’ is reached from the beginning (Section 3.2).
Existence of an infinite particle limit of stochastic ranking process