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    • Ground-ice the ice formed at the bottom of a water first—also An′chor-ice
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. grund; most prob. grund-en, pa.p. of grindan, and orig. meaning 'earth ground small;' cog. with Ger. grund, Ice. grunnr.


In literature:

Snow on the ground and the water was muddy and all full of pieces of ice.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
I have already said it was cold; and, in addition, snow and ice covered the ground.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 101, March, 1866" by Various
Ice above us, ice on the ground, with here and there patches of snow.
"With Axe and Rifle" by W.H.G. Kingston
At last we bethought ourselves of cutting away the ground under the cradle, and of placing slips of ice for it to run on.
"Peter the Whaler" by W.H.G. Kingston
We never slept better or more warmly than we did in this hole which we had made on the ground, covered with ice and snow.
"Peter Simple" by Frederick Marryat
Arrived at the ground, he set off on foot over the ice until he found a seal's breathing-hole.
"Red Rooney" by R.M. Ballantyne
After some time, their own Esquimaux hinted that there was a ground-swell under the ice.
"The Ocean and its Wonders" by R.M. Ballantyne
These are driven, after he has cut away a good deal of ice from around the beaver-lodge, into the ground between it and the shore.
"Hudson Bay" by R.M. Ballantyne
The ground was frozen hard, and ice began running in the rivers.
"Strange Stories from History for Young People" by George Cary Eggleston
They ran uninterruptedly across newly formed ice-fields, and old, high ground-ices.
"The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II" by A.E. Nordenskieold
He was sniffing about there when he spied a door right in the ground near the ice roof of the river.
"Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends" by Roy J. Snell
There is good camping ground, and then we will go up the mountain by the side of the ice meer.
"The Crystal Hunters" by George Manville Fenn
The condition of the ground is something indescribable, from half-melted snow, running water, and sheets and blocks of ice.
"The Letters of Charles Dickens" by Charles Dickens
At Peking an enormous mat shed is erected to keep out the dust, while the ground inside is flooded daily so as to secure good ice.
"Life and sport in China" by Oliver G. Ready
On the clear, transparent ground sat the Ice Maiden.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
There are ice and snow on the ground for many months.
"Keep-Well Stories for Little Folks" by May Farinholt-Jones
On the ground and on the ice of pond and stream the snow shrank, settled, and assumed a grayish complexion.
"The Haunters of the Silences" by Charles G. D. Roberts
There was ice everywhere, rising to half the tower's height, sheathing the ground.
"Black Amazon of Mars" by Leigh Brackett
In the summer-time the ground caves in; in winter the ice is too slippery.
"Landolin" by Berthold Auerbach
About two hours after this occurrence, we heard the ground sea; and before night the ice broke, and freed our ship.
"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley

In poetry:

And now resistlessly they roll'd,
And frightful was the sound,
As cakes of ice, dash'd to and fro,
Against each other ground.
"The Fisherman's Wife" by Thomas Frederick Young
With two stout hearts he left the shore,
To reach the fishing "grounds,"
Undaunted by the freezing winds,
Or ice-floes crushing sounds.
"The Fisherman's Wife" by Thomas Frederick Young
Hoarse below, the winter water
Ground its ice-blocks o'er and o'er;
Jets of foam, like ghosts of dead waves,
Rose and fell along the shore.
"The Dole Of Jarl Thorkell" by John Greenleaf Whittier
The poor old guy plumb dead was found
And planted in the buryin’ ground,
Still graspin’ in his hand of ice
Them placards with this sad device:
"No beer, no work."
"No Beer, No Work" by Ellis Parker Butler
And on August week ends the cold of a personal ice age
Comes up through my bare feet
Which are trying to walk like a boy's again
So that nothing on earth can have changed
On the ground where I was raised.
"Pursuit From Under" by James Dickey

In news:

Right now — while the ground is covered with ice and snow — is the time to hie down to the workshop and whip out one of these simple outdoor chicken brooders .
Silvana Nardone, who writes Silvana's Kitchen, makes edible bowls out of finely ground, gluten-free sugar ice cream cones, butter and chocolate.
Only yesterday, in geologic terms, did mastodons, sabercats, giant ground sloths, and their charismatic Ice Age contemporaries roam North America.
"One line of evidence for snow is that the carbon-dioxide ice particles in the clouds are large enough to fall to the ground during the lifespan of the clouds," said co-author David Kass, also of JPL.
Even as snow or ice still covers the ground, skunk cabbage begins to grow.
Sleet is formed when rain drops fall through a layer of air that is colder than 32°F and freeze into ice pellets before reaching the ground.
Aviation officials look to ensure that ice won't ground more planes.
Minot airport officials want changes in ground-handling operations to avoid another de-icing snafu like the one that grounded planes last weeken.
Ground cayenne pepper ½ gallon vanilla ice cream or dulce de leche ice cream 1 to 1 ½ cups Spanish peanuts whipped cream (optional).
While the fourth installment of "Ice Age" may tread the same ground as its predecessors, there's no denying that the animated film is entertaining.
Aviation officials look to ensure that ice won't ground more planes.
Open rivers, thin ice and a lack of snow are holding up a ground search for a 31-year-old Wisconsin man overdue from a trip to northwest Alaska.
As Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller skated off the ice after being benched early in the second period, he threw his glove and slammed his helmet into the ground in frustration.
The ground we walk upon could have been the stomping grounds of ice-aged sloths, mammoths and other creatures that stopped roaming the earth thousands of years ago.
We had an ice storm the night before, so the ground had a coating of ice that was both beautiful and slippery.

In science:

The current ground based observations of the volatile composition of comets implies a close connection with the ices of interstellar dust.
Cosmic Dust in the 21st Century
Rev. B 75, 092202 (2007). This is in contrast to systems where nonzero ground state entropy is associated with frustration, including the Ising antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice, spin glasses, and spin ice materials such as pyrochlores. F. Y.
Lower Bounds on the Ground State Entropy of the Potts Antiferromagnet on Slabs of the Simple Cubic Lattice
It was a common opinion that fuel rods will necessarily melt everything under them and go through the ground into the subsoil waters as an iron goes through ice.
Thermo- and gas-dynamical processes in NPPs after accidents
Infrared spectroscopy from the ground and from Spitzer have revealed a rich spectrum of ices on dust grains before (Knez et al. 2005) and during (Boogert et al. 2008, Pontoppidan et al. 2008, ¨Oberg et al. 2008, Bottinelli et al. 2010) the infall phase.
Low-mass Star Formation: Observations
Neutralinos can also be captured by the Sun or Earth and then pair annihilate producing eventually high-energy neutrinos which can be detected in a growing number of under ground/water/ice detectors such as Kamiokande, MACRO, Dumand, Amanda, Nestor.
A survey of phenomenological constraints on supergravity models
In a recent paper, Castelnovo, Moessner and Sondhi have proposed that some exotic properties of Spin Ice can be explained by postulating that the elementary excitations above the ground state are in the form of monopole-antimonopole pairs.
Comment on Magnetic Monopole Excitations in Spin Ice
This arrangement of spins can be mapped into that of hydrogen atoms in watter ice, and therefore this ground state is often referred as spin ice.
Muon diffusion in diluted paramagnetic systems