Ground plane


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    • Ground plane the horizontal plane of projection in perspective drawing.
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In literature:

The next moment he slithered off the plane and fell to the ground, dragging the unseen Kashtanov with him.
"Raiders Invisible" by Desmond Winter Hall
The ground wheels of the plane struck something solid; rolled; stopped!
"The Floating Island of Madness" by Jason Kirby
At sunset the following day the plane swooped out of the sky and slid to rest on the broad grounds of the Blake estate at Great Neck.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930" by Various
The fast little plane's tail came up off the ground as she darted forward.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
In this the plane plunges toward the ground spinning round and round with the corner of one wing as a pivot.
"Aircraft and Submarines" by Willis J. Abbot
As he looked, ten more Slav planes came soaring up from the ground.
"Astounding Stories, February, 1931" by Various
Somewhere a fight was in progress about a grounded plane from Rahn.
"The Fifth-Dimension Tube" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Lower came the plane until it roared across the cavern less than a hundred feet above the ground.
"Astounding Stories, May, 1931" by Various
Every few minutes one of the planes would roll over the surface of the level ground in front of the long line of hangars.
"Air Service Boys Over The Enemy's Lines" by Charles Amory Beach
They increased in number but not in size, and the plane swung hugely to the left, and the lights on the ground formed a visible pattern.
"The Invaders" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
The plane roared in an arc, swooping low over the ground.
"The Variable Man" by Philip K. Dick
The fast-moving plane took up the slack and the bag of artifacts was jerked from the ground.
"The Golden Skull" by John Blaine
Stan saw rows of planes on the ground.
"A Yankee Flier with the R.A.F." by Rutherford G. Montgomery
For a long moment the wheels of the plane seemed to cling to the ground.
"Dave Dawson at Dunkirk" by Robert Sydney Bowen
They sent out a magnetic ray of such power that it stopped our plane in midair and brought it to the ground.
"Astounding Stories, August, 1931" by Various
In this state of things population would gradually recover ground, albeit on a low plane.
"The Evolution of States" by J. M. Robertson
While it will blow a hole of considerable size into the ground, still the effect in a horizontal plane is practically nil.
"Defenseless America" by Hudson Maxim
I saw old Peter with his ground plane, and I think I knew the trunk.
"Jane Allen: Center" by Edith Bancroft
British aviators raided the aviation grounds at Campo Maggiore on May 4 and brought down fourteen Austrian planes.
"Current History, Vol. VIII, No. 3, June 1918" by Various
Of a sudden he found himself lying on the ground beside the shattered plane, with his eyes wide open.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1930" by Victor Rousseau

In poetry:

With buttered toast he told his wife:
"My dear, you can't say I've been rash;
Three fortune tellers said my life
Would end up in an air-plane crash.
But see! I'm here so safe and sound:
By gad! I'll never leave the ground.
"Tea On The Lawn" by Robert W Service

In news:

Nobody was injured on the plane or on the ground in Flushing, where metal shrapnel, possibly from the engine, landed on a roof and car.
View full size The Oregonian A large plane tree to be transplanted to the Chelsea Flower Show grounds for an exhibit is sure to be controversial.
The Air Force is developing technology that takes control of planes from pilots to avoid crashing into the ground or other terrain.
The aircraft stole the show in the absence of aerobatic displays by the grounded Suryakiran planes and Sarang helicopter squad.
The small planes have been called into service after a number of larger, older tankers were grounded following two fatal crashes last year.
A state plane used to search for marijuana fields and inspect Ohio airport runways has been grounded for 16 months amid safety concerns raised by two pilots.
Officials say the planes that flipped were actually anchored to the ground.
Turkey's grounding of a Syrian plane allegedly carrying weapons from Moscow to Damascus has put Moscow and Ankara – which have been cooperating in recent years – at odds.
Flight attendants who have OSHA protections on the ground -- but lose them the minute they board a plane -- may soon retain those protections in the sky.
A California driver's license bearing the name of Jenni Rivera sits on the ground at the site where a plane allegedly carrying Rivera crashed near Iturbide, Mexico, Sunday Dec 9, 2012.
The plane remains grounded while the generator is replaced and the plane is checked further.
As about 10,000 people watched, a skydiver jumped from the plane and began floating to the ground.
Qantas planes could be flying again within hours after Australia's labor relations tribunal ruled n favor of the carrier over the labor dispute that's seen the company ground its entire fleet.
Designers of the Solar Impulse say sun-powered passenger planes are still a ways off, but the technology they're honing could bring dramatic energy savings on the ground.
It's believed to be the ground track for one of the three planes involved in a near miss at Washington's Reagan airport this week (courtesy

In science:

In these SC resonators, two ground planes are placed on the two sides of a central SC wire; this defines the CPW resonator (or transmission line resonator).
Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
In this proposal, the 87Rb atoms would be positioned slightly above the gap between the SC wire and the ground planes of the CPW resonator, where the magnetic field is strongest.
Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
Here the charge qubits are integrated on the ground plane at the antinode of the electric field, whereas flux qubits would be integrated in the resonator at the antinode of the magnetic field.
Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
The surveys operating small ground-based telescopes tend to point away from the Galactic plane, which introduces a bias towards intrinsically faint stars.
Homogeneous studies of transiting extrasolar planets. V. New results for 38 planets
We note that for a certain value of rx , the points which lie below the related curve in (p∗ , ry ) plane have disordered ground states for high H0 /J values.
Critical Behavior of the 3D anisotropic quantum Heisenberg model in a trimodal random field distribution
For a system with parameter values of (p, ry ) which lie above the related curve has an ordered ground state in high H0/J region, i.e. the phase diagram of the system in a (kB Tc/J, H0/J ) plane does not intersect the x-axis.
Critical Behavior of the 3D anisotropic quantum Heisenberg model in a trimodal random field distribution
We suppose the interactions are short ranged, screened by a ground plane.
Randomness at the Edge: Theory of Quantum Hall transport at filling $\nu=2/3$
The most wellknown application of such a model is perhaps the anti-ferromagnetic Ising model on the triangular lattice,(1) of which the ground state configurations are described by rhombus coverings of the plane.
The exact solution of an octagonal rectangle triangle random tiling
The validity of this classical Einstein gravity argument was questioned by the present author in on the grounds that curvature becomes large on the transverse collision plane at r ∼ RS , i.e. in a region relevant for BH horizon formation.
Tests of Classical Gravity Description for Microscopic Black Hole Production
Now we show that, when the system is in a broken symmetry ground state and the integral (28) is evaluated for a certain closed contour in h − M plane, that integral is non-vanishing.
Hysteretic phenomena in many-body physics
Yet at other fields, the ground state is a “striped phase” where the electron density is modulated in one direction and the electron transport in the plane becomes extremely anisotropic.
Flatland Electrons in High Magnetic Fields
Simply pro jecting distributions measured at the ground into this plane is a reasonable approach for near-vertical showers, but is not sufficient for inclined showers.
Phenomenology of cosmic ray air showers
Or, it could be a set of two coordinates on the focal plane of the instrument, as is the case for ground-based telescopes (e.g, Gatewood 1987; Dekany et al. 1994; Pravdo & Shaklan 1996).
Astrometric Methods and Instrumentation to Identify and Characterize Extrasolar Planets: A Review
The geometry of the event was determined by using the HiRes event-detector plane and timing information from the fluorescence detector and the MIA ground array.
Comparison of UHE Composition Measurements by Fly's Eye, HiRes-prototype/MIA and Stereo HiRes Experiments
The drive mass was glued on top of this ground plane.
Constraints on Yukawa-Type Deviations from Newtonian Gravity at 20 Microns