• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Griffe A person of mixed negro and American Indian blood.
    • Griffe The offspring of a mulatto woman and a negro; also, a mulatto.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n griffe In medieval architecture, from the eleventh to the fifteenth century, an ornament on the bases of pillars, connecting the torus with each angle of the plinth.
    • n griffe In wine-making, a deposit which forms within eight or ten days after new wines are bottled. It is removed, and the bottle filled up with liquor and recorked, and the process is repeated as many times as necessary until the wine remains perfectly clear.
    • n griffe See griff.
    • n griffe The part of a Jacquard loom which raises the warp-threads. Also called knife-box.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary


In literature:

Meanwhile within the van der Griff house all were agog with excitement in expectation of the arrival of the distinguished guest.
"A Parody Outline of History" by Donald Ogden Stewart
Take it easy, Griff; you're caught.
"The Eustace Diamonds" by Anthony Trollope
A few months after George Eliot's birth the family moved to another home, in the parish of Griff, where her childhood was largely passed.
"English Literature" by William J. Long
What would old Griff, the miser, say to those diamonds?
"Gladys, the Reaper" by Anne Beale
Aunt Tama had done gone to Glory a long time when Uncle Griff died.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Bowman intended to do the boy no harm when he seized hold of him; and poor Griff thought he intended to kill him.
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
Water colour of Griff Hollows, "The Red Deeps," 1876, by Miss Patty Townsend.
"George Eliot Centenary, November 1919" by Coventry Libraries Committee
Seven or eight cases in hospital; Griff down with boils.
"An Artilleryman's Diary" by Jenkin Lloyd Jones
We could not endure him, could we, Griff?
"The Alpine Fay" by Elisabeth Buerstenbinder (AKA E. Werner)
The first mine-engine, erected in 1712 at Griff, was 22 inches in diameter, and the second and third engines were of similar size.
"A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine" by Robert H. Thurston
In a few minutes there passed by us three tall men, griffe in shade.
"Latitude 19 degree" by Mrs. Schuyler Crowninshield
Her father moved in 1841 from Griff, near Nuneaton, to Coventry.
"The Age of Tennyson" by Hugh Walker
In the kitchen at Griff House may still be seen a beautifully-fashioned oaken press, a sample of his workmanship.
"George Eliot" by Mathilde Blind
Soon Griff was through with the man he was waiting on and came to Jess.
"The Girls of Central High on the Stage" by Gertrude W. Morrison
Griff sat down placidly, and began to talk to Aunt Octavia.
"The Front Yard" by Constance Fenimore Woolson
I bought meat and vegetables and invited Griff to dinner.
"A Woman of Genius" by Mary Austin
The death of her mother, Mrs. Hackit of "Barton," made Mary Ann mistress of Griff at sixteen.
"A Literary Pilgrimage Among the Haunts of Famous British Authors" by Theodore F. (Theodore Frelinghuysen) Wolfe
For the tall fellow, Griff, I must confess I felt a strange sympathy.
"Crusoe's Island: A Ramble in the Footsteps of Alexander Selkirk" by John Ross Browne
Three or four months later he removed to Griff, an old brick farmhouse standing at a little distance from the park, on the highroad.
"From Gretna Green to Land's End" by Katharine Lee Bates
Embrayage a griffes Dog clutch.
"English-French and French-English dictionary of the motor car, cycle, and boat" by Frederick Lucas

In news:

Martin Griff / The Times of Trenton FILE PHOTO: Trenton Mayor Tony Mack speaks to City Council in their chambers on Tuesday, April 3, 2012.
Enlarge Martin Griff / The Times The 55,000 square foot Red Tail Lodge under construction at the Vernon Base area of Mountain Creek in Vernon, N.J. On Thanksgiving, November 24, 2011.
Martin Griff / The Times of Trenton Living large in Rutland , Vermont.
View full size Martin Griff / The Times of Trenton A little slice of N.J.
Martin Griff / The Times New Jersey based editor and publisher of SnowEast Magazine Bill Jones hikes up to Saddleback's Snowfields.
Martin Griff / The Times A grooming machine doubles as a moving van at Saddleback, Maine.
Enlarge Martin Griff / The Times Local and state police scour the West Ward looking for tips on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 as they hunt down a suspect a the shooting that targeted a Trenton police car.
Enlarge Martin Griff / The Times Steinert players head back to their dugout after congratulating Manalapan on winning the Central Jersey Group IV Championship game 7-6 in 8 innings at Steinert in Hamilton on Friday, June 1, 2012.
Martin Griff / The Times of Trenton FILE PHOTO: Princeton University president Shirley M Tilghman delivers the commencement address at the University's 264th commencement exercises on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
Dunkmeister Griff Jenkins of 34th Street congratulates Claire McQueen.
Martin Griff / The Times of Trenton It wasn't a pretty, but the snow was additive at Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, N.Y. On Thursday, December 15, 2011.
The Washington Post's Griff Witte reports from Rawalpindi on the chaotic aftermath following the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
Martin Griff / The Times Sign at the top of Hunter Mountain.
Enlarge Martin Griff / The Times Trenton Thunder players listen to the National Anthem before playing the Altoona Curve at Waterfront Park in Trenton on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.
Martin Griff/The Times The Trenton Water Works headquarters on Cortland Street in Trenton.

In science:

Theorem 1.1 ([G]) Let X ⊂ P4 be a general quintic threefold, the Griffiths group Griff 2 (X ) is nontrivial, even modulo torsion.
Generalized Abel-Jacobi map on Lawson homology
Remark 1.1 Clemens has obtained further results: Under the same assumption as those in Theorem 1.1, Griff 2 (X ) ⊗ Q is an infinitely generated Q-vector space [Cl].
Generalized Abel-Jacobi map on Lawson homology
Remark 3.2 This map (6) defined above is exactly the usual Abel-Jacobi map on Griffiths ∼= Griff p (X ) (cf. group when k = 0 since there is a natural isomorphism LpH2p (X )hom [F1]).
Generalized Abel-Jacobi map on Lawson homology
When X is smooth projective over C, the alg (X ) is finitely generated if and only if the Griffiths group Griff ∗ (X ) is L∗ -module Ω∗ finitely generated.
Algebraic cobordism theory attached to algebraic equivalence
Recall that for a smooth pro jective complex scheme X , the Griffiths group Griff r (X ) of X is the group of codimension r homologically trivial cycles modulo algebraic equivalence.
Algebraic cobordism theory attached to algebraic equivalence
If X is a smooth projective complex variety, then the fol lowing statement is also equivalent to the above two: (3) The Griffiths group Griff ∗ (X ) is finitely generated.
Algebraic cobordism theory attached to algebraic equivalence
Clemens later showed that Griff 2 (X ) is not finitely generated for a general quintic threefold X .
Algebraic cobordism theory attached to algebraic equivalence