• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n. pl Gregarinæ (Zoöl) An order of Protozoa, allied to the Rhizopoda, and parasitic in other animals, as in the earthworm, lobster, etc. When adult, they have a small, wormlike body inclosing a nucleus, but without external organs; in one of the young stages, they are amœbiform; -- called also Gregarinida, and Gregarinaria.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
NL., fr. Gregarina, the typical genus, fr. L. gregarius,. See Gregarious


In literature:

For this reason he regards them as Gregarines rather than Coccidia.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5" by Various
These exceedingly small germ-cells afterwards develop into the very different, adult gregarine-cells.
"The Biological Problem of To-day" by Oscar Hertwig
F. Redi (1684) is said to have been the first to observe a Gregarine parasite, but his claim to this honour is by no means certain.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 5" by Various