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    • Graphis a genus of lichens, remarkable for the resemblance which the fructification assumes to the forms of the letters of Oriental alphabets
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. graphē, a writing—graphein, to write.


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Over the past few years, transoesophageal echocardio-graphy (TEE) has become an integral part of the assessment of the patient at the time of cardiac surgery, after the patient has been anaesthetised.

In science:

Notice that a given multigraph M is a graph—i.e., it has no loops and no multiple edges—if and only if κ(M ) = 1.
The birth of the giant component
We would like to categorify the parity polynomials in an analogous manner to the original polynomials by adding an additional grading, similarly to the construction of the categorification of the arrow polynomial, based on the equivalence classes of graphified flat knot diagrams.
Parity, Skein Polynomials and Categorification
Figure 39 shows that both the parity bracket polynomial and parity arrow polynomial of the knot is the graphified version of the diagram as there are no graphical Reidemeister II moves or detour moves available.
Parity, Skein Polynomials and Categorification